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Tanjung Tinggi Photo Gallery
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Tanjung Tinggi
   Updated: 5 May 2014 08:02 pm

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Welcome to Tanjung Tinggi, the most popular beach in Belitung. Our opinion, this beach is not only popular, but it is truly beautiful. In this page we want to share how special of this place. If you visit Belitung, never miss this place.

Here, you can find pictures of Tanjung Tinggi. To enlarge the picture, please click thumbnail photo on right side, main picture above will be change to the same picture as thumbnail. If your internet speed is slow, please wait for image transition since size of large picture is around 150 kb. Those pictures are taken with Nikon D70 and D80 digital camera.

Here are fact findings about Tanjung Tinggi:

  • Tanjung Tinggi is a beach placed among two peninsulas This is white sandy beach, and it is special because there are hundreds of granite boulders spreading mainly in both peninsula as well as in the beach and sea. The size of that granite starting from a meter cubic until several hundred meter cubic or bigger than a house. You can climb, walk and jump among the granites to see exclusive view from every angle from you stand. The shape of that boulders are also unique, some combination form a cave, the place for you to escape from small rain. They are placed on top of each other to form a nice object as you can clearly from the picture.

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  • Those boulders stand on white sands. As you can see from pictures, you can walk on white sands besides boulders and clear sea water. White sands is everywhere along the beach. Kids will really like to play there. Since wave is not big, water is clear and sandy underwater surface, kids will really like to play in the water. You don't need to afraid of shark attack, because it's never happen in Belitung. The only thing that you sometimes must watch out is jelly fish, especially the big one.

  • Tanjung Tinggi also named Pelabuhan Bilik. It was fishery port for people from nearest village Keciput or Tanjung Tinggi. There are at least twenty traditional seafood restaurant in a shack along the bay. It is place for you to stretch your leg, drink coffee or order you lunch. They favourite menu is seafood. But, please don't expect you will get similar service likes restaurant in the shopping mall. They are just a people from village that make a simple restaurant. However, most people in here are warm to their entireguest, just likes most Indonesian people.

  • Our suggestion, after you check-in in your hotel, let's come to Tanjung Tinggi. By doing so, you you will be able to enjoy the beach is a nice sunny weather, since it could be raining in the afternoon. If you arrive there, pick any traditional restaurant that you prefer. The menus in every restaurant are all the same, but I suggest to choose the one that already have guest to make sure the taste of the food is okay, in case you decide to take your lunch there. Otherwise, you just order drink or coconut fruit. The restaurant normally provides simple facility to take a shower and wash your body after swimming in the salt sea water.

  • Trust us, when you arrive there, you won't be able to wait to run into the beach and feel the soft of white sandy and waves that swap over the bay smoothly. You will walk along the beach, then due to your curiosity, you will approach granite boulders and start adventure to jump-in or walk away under the big one. The more you explore the angle of the beach, the more you can see beautiful panorama on this place. Total length of beach is approximately 1200m, but you can walk away far than that, because sands still white.

Well, this article may a bit too long for you to read about this place. But, After you comeback from there, you may spend more words than me to describe how beautiful this place. Tanjung Tinggi area is owned by Ranati group, an Indonesia company. It includes Lor In hotel for about 2km distance from central Tanjung Tinggi beach.

That's all about Tanjung Tinggi, please take a look the pictures and it is your "invitation latter". We can support you to arrange your trip to this place. If you are interested to come to Tanjung Tinggi, please check our Travel Package /td>

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Name :   giandhi
Date  :   23 Sep 2014 11:05 am
Comment  :   rasa nya mau k sana lagi rencana mau ajak kekasih

Name :   delvina
Date  :   12 Jun 2014 8:22 pm
Comment  :   hallo saya mau minta izin untuk mengambil beberapa foto dari website ini yang ada di galery untuk keperluan tugas kampus.. mohon izinnya yaa :)
reply from Admin, 13 Jun 2014 6:52 am
    Mba Devina, silahkan gunakan untuk keperluan tuga kampus, jangan lupa cantumkan sebagai sumber nya ya. Semoga sukses, salam.

Name :   mari
Date  :   4 Dec 2013 3:28 pm
Comment  :   wooow.. exited pantainyaa

Name :   santoso
Date  :   30 Mar 2013 1:39 pm
Comment  :   tanjung tinggi memang penuh dengan keindahan " pasir putih yg bersih air yg jernih dan batu-batuan yang tersusun laksana bangunan jaman purba mari...... kunjungi tanjung tinggi yg berada dipulau belitong
reply from Admin, 2 Jul 2013 3:00 am
    betul, lokasi ini adalah lokasi dimana seting film Laskar Pelangi dibuat, pemandangan batu-batu granit besar terlihat sangat indah di film itu. Laskar Pelangi ditonton onlah 6 juta penonton bioskop di Indonesia.

Name :   zee
Date  :   26 Mar 2013 9:38 am
Comment  :   Dulu nya kampong,, skrg dah mnjadi tmpat wisata yg terkenal.. amazing,, dulu kalo di bilang Tanjung pandan, respon org pasti "ha ?? dimana itu??" tapi sekarang berbeda mrk pasti blg "woo,, gila itu bagus banget tmpatnya " i proud with my hometown!!

Name :   Rendy
Date  :   22 May 2012 2:23 pm
Comment  :   Kangen kan belitong, ape agik kan pantai tanjongtinggi.. mudah2an pas balik ne dapat ke sanak kan kawan.. I Miss You

Name :   shendy
Date  :   2 May 2012 3:11 pm
Comment  :   bgs bnr owh,,,,,,,,,,,

Name :   andri \"agung\" kampit
Date  :   14 Apr 2012 9:49 am
Comment  :   klo ngeliat gambar2 belitong di tv/inet rase e gaok benar nak balik ke belitong (maklum la 6 tahun dak balik), biarpun skg diam di batam dekat juak kan pantai, tapi dak de nok dapat ngalahkan pantai2 di belitong....I miss U belitong..

Name :   Winda
Date  :   11 Mar 2012 12:13 am
Comment  :   pngen balik lagi ksana,, rasanya wktu 10 hari blm puas....

Name :   rival
Date  :   28 Feb 2012 12:35 pm
Comment  :   tempat ini emang keren, gw sendiri dah datang kesana..sangatlah cantik dan asik buat liburan.sayangnya waktuku cuma sebentar jadi rasanya belum puas..mudah2an ada kesempatan lagi kesini..hehehe

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What's visitor said ?

"The unique combination of huge granite boulders, pure white sand and smiling warm people can only be Belitung Island. We've returned 5 times and know the island from all points of the compass. It is clearly the most beautiful island. I've seen, and I've been to Bora-bora. In a word, "Unspoiled".

William C. McCabe, MD
Scottsdale, AZ, USA

What's visitor said ?
Terima kasih buat atas wisatanya, sungguh pengalaman yang berkesan, thx you pramesvhari for everything, Tepat dimana usia saya bertambah, saya mendapatkan kado wisata yg begitu indah dengan berwisata ke beitung bersama orang yang dicinta, alam yang indah. Kado terindah :)
Indonesia, Yogyakarta
Trip#P4100: 30 Oct 2011
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Boentara Prajitno Gallery

What's visitor said ?
nice Sunrise, gak menyesal dibangunin bang deden (guide) untuk di ajak ke Danau kaoline untuk menyaksikan Fajar menyingsing..
Indonesia, Yogyakarta
Trip#P4100: 30 Oct 2011
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What's visitor said ?

19-20 June, I and my friends 3 of us trying Budget Traveler program from When we arrived in Belitung and during the journey we were so amaze with the straight road less veer and road condition is perfect almost no traffic light. It's match to me who just leart driving motorcycle. Eventhough finally we got small crash 2nd day (sorry Mr.Dedeng "call him with A Radja's song Tune" :).

Experience in belitung is soo amazing...This is the most fun holiday, just stuck seeing the beaches and soo beautiful. The sands is white and smooth with really amazing panorama. For me this island like a paradise. Peaceful and no night life so it is a good place for retirement.

Jakarta, Indonesia
Trip#P09735: 19-21 Jun 2009