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   Updated: 17 Jun 2012 09:30 pm

Our dearest Visitor, we would like to invite you to Belitung !

We have spent 12 years, since January 2000 promoting Belitung in internet. Some of you may have visited Belitung based on information that I presented. But I believe majority of you still a bit "worry" to visit Belitung. So, we would like to give a real support for most of you that still "worry" to visit Belitung with interesting offers.

This part of this website will looks a bit commercial, sorry for that. Our purpose is just to prove what we are saying here, by arranging your trip to Belitung. We have provided our Tour Package Service since 2006 to companies, groups or individual, after 6 years running this website as social work for Belitung. Well, to start with, we will describe Travel Package that we are offering. This travel package is suitable for group travelers ideally starting from 6 up to 50 participants, but we can also arrange for individual or couple. Our program is perfect match for Corporate Outing (Team Building) program, Photography Journey, Adventure Club or Familiy Holiday. We have 3 travel packages, as described below:

Why taking Tour Package from BelitungIsland.COM ?

BelitungIsland.COM is the first Tour Operator in Belitung, with official license from local governmet. As you can see from real time counting number of visitor there has been thousands of visitors who taking our service. This number is real taken from online visitor reservation in our database. We had got a lot of trust from our guests since we are the tour operator who set the standard of top level tour service as well as with safety equipments, as following descriptions:

  • Our Tour Programs are described in detail, including itinerary and simulation of the program. It is clear for you what are inclusive and not inclusive oon the tour price, all explained in our website. If you want to add the scope or additional time, we also explain in detail the unit price on each of those items.
  • We provide safety equipment likes life vest that each of our guest must wear during island hopping trip with fishing boats. We keep using fishing boat for the island trip is beacuse part of our mission to involve local community in the tourism business in Belitung. The life vest is also used for snorkeling in case you are still beginner.
  • We apply the fair pricing system, where automatically the price will be discounted if the participants are increase. We also apply the same price level to anyone who make online reservation in our system, except for some of you who make a tailor made tour program and scope.
  • We provide beach fun stuff in order to maximize your beach holiday especially during island hopping trip, such as: rental of snorkelig sets and mini surf board, free beach tents, free cooler box for cold drink that you need it during sunny day at the beach.
  • Our tour guides are a well train and experience tour guides, they are not only car driver, but they will guide your trip to islands, including the photography hunting places for you who are coming to Belitung for photo hunting trip.
  • Credibility. Our corporate entity is clearly as Tour Operator Berau (BPW) under company name PT. Sashi Anugrah Raya established in Belitung and having official permit from local government. We are the BPW who only focus to provide Tour Service in Belitung, in term of experience and facilities, we are much better compare to BPW from outside Belitung.

Be Carefull, don't waste your valuable holiday time by taking risk buying cheap tour package from unkown reputation and no clear identity tour provider. We are The First tour operator in Belitung, and already have official local government permit. Our pricing, tour program and sistem has been copied by many new emerging tour operator who can easily copy from our website, but with minimum experience.

Tour Programs

We provide 3 tour programs as per below descriptions. But if you want to have a tailor made tour program for special purpose such as Corporate Outing, Hunting Photography or Honeymoon, we can create a specific itinerary for you.

1. Lighthouse Package

This package is aimed for group travelers with purpose of group or company outing / team building program or family recreation trip. It consist of fun and adventure activities. It is good for team building since all of you will always together for a whole 3 days 2 nights of this program visiting the superb beaches and islands in Belitung. For you who traveling with small group, you also can join. Let's find more detail description and activity, available schedule and estimated price.

2. Photographer Package

Belitung is a famous place for photographers, either professional, semi professional or even amateur. This place is heaven for your digital camera. We will bring you to 8 different places as a nice point to shoot Belitung panorama with your camera. The places are uniques, because you will take a picture from different angle compare to angle that visitors normally taken. However, for you who just want to enjoy the trip and panorama, this package will be fun for you also. Let's find more detail description and activity, available schedule and estimated price.

3. Rainbow Warrior Tour

We make a new Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warrior) tour in order to fulfill request from out guests who deeply impressed with a best seller novel, Laskar Pelagi (Rainbow Warrior), written by Andrea Hirata. They asked us to facilitate visiting places that written in the novel, in Gantung village in East Belitung. However, this package still organize recreation activities by visiting beaches and small islands likes Lighthouse or Fotografer package. Please check detail information and tour simulation of this Laskar Pelangi Tour.

4. Corporate Outing Package

Having holiday in Belitung as well as advendture along beaches and sea in Belitung together with friends from office has been done by many companies from Jakarta and some other cities. The places likes Bali, Bandung, Anyer or Jogja probably had been too often, while outing in Belitung will give different and more fun experience compare to those other places. BelitungIsland.COM is the first Tour Provider in Belitung who has the most experience among other providers to provide Corporate Outing Service to many companies from outside Belitung.

Our legal entity is clearly define under PT. Sashi Anugrah Raya, who is having official permit as Biro Perjalanan Wisata (BPW) from local government. We had experience in conducting Corporate Outing Program since 2006 for national and multinational companies, with references as you can see on this Corporate Outing Package.

5. Honeymoon Package

Not only for new married couple, even for the old couple, decided to celebrate their married anniversary in Belitung. Why Belitung ? Because Belitung has not yet as pack as other places, that makes your special holiday becoming more meaningful. Honeymoon Package is proviced for couple who want to celebrate their special moment in Belitung. This is not limited to only new married couple, old couple also welcome. Not likes other tour package, Honeymoon Package can only be provided for 2 participant as Private trip. Please check detail information and tour simulation of this upcoming Honeymoon Package.

Public Tour or Private Tour ?

We have 2 categories of tour which are Public Tour or reguler tour and Private Tour. The detaill program and itinerary of both tour categories are the same. The difference is aimed to enable tour participants to make their own tour for their own group only and freely define their own date dan program, instead of Public Tour who participants join the predefine trip together with new friends to achieve economical price level due to number of participants.

  • Public Trip is a predifine tour program with predefine date, anyone can join. This Public Trips are the trip that we are listed on the table below. This trip is suitable for you who only 2 persons to get affordable price, or in case some of you who want to make new friends.
  • Private Trip is a trip that anyone can create, define their own schedule and program for their group only. The Private Trip will not be listed in our trip list, except for you who create this private trip asking us to make it as public in order to allow other participants to also join later. The private trip number usually start with letter P. This private trip will not be combine with other trip, so you can enjoy your trip without needs to stricly tied up with the itinerary.
  • Customize Trip is a Private Trip where you have freedom to determine: date, duration, choosing the hotel, define itinerary, and define the scope of tour program. This package is suggested for a large group such as Corporate Outing. The price is a bit higher, but it is worthed with freedom to define your own program, making this trip becoming more fun for you.

What are you waiting for, let's take holiday to Belitung with us. The following are some selection of our Tour Package that we provide as join cooperation with the hotels in Belitung.

A. Tour Package Price - Private Tour

The price is based on Lighthouse Package tour program for 4 participants for 3D 2N duration. The price inclusives:

  • hotel standard room with aircon 2 persons per room
  • rental car Avanza/Xenia 5-7 seats, Microbus Elf 14 seats or similar
  • rental fishing boat rental for one island trip
  • full meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack
  • experience tour guide as itenary in the tour program
  • tiket for tourist destination places
The price in inclusive VAT valid for tour duration as per itinerary (end before 12.00 am of the last day).

Aston Belitung
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 2,058,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jl Patimura Air Saga Tanjung Pandan Belitung 33414
The Aston Belitung Hotel is Belitung leading hotel - a contemporary and chic 4 star Business and Conference Hotel with 174 refined rooms and suites and 5 spacious meeting rooms. The hotel also features a delightful Coffee Shop, a lobby lounge, a bar above the sea, a spectacular ocean view infinity edge swimming pool, a complete gym and well equipped spa.
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

Green Tropical Village
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,770,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jl. Ahmad Yani Tanjungpandan Belitung 33412
The classic wooden art of tropical houses in the middle of Tanjungpandan city where every guests will experience the ultimate comfort of tropical village. This is specially design hotel with high class wooden architecture in a hilly contour terrain with 3 large swimming pools, restaurant and bar, karaoke rooms and other facilities.
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

Grand Hatika
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,930,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jl.Kemuning No. A16 Tanjungpandan Belitung 33411
64 spacious airconditioned guest rooms and suites, satelite TV and minibar, swimming pool, restaurant and bar, conference hall. The first four star hotel located in front of Tanjung Pendam tourism beach Belitung adjacent to the city center Tanjungpandan, the place for business meeting and conference rooms equipped with ballroom, meeting rooms, lobby lounge and bar, and karaoke.
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

Maxone Belstar
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,670,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jl. Sriwijaya, Tanjung Pandan Belitung 33411 - Indonesia
Welcome to MaxOneHotels @ Belstar Belitung a brand new hotel with 90 rooms located at Jalan Sriwijaya of Tanjung Pandan, just 30 minutes away from Tanjung Tinggi beach which is very exotic paradise for local and outside tourists. The hotel has MaxBistro Restaurant serving combination of local culinary, western and favourite Indonesia food heritage.

With its modern pop architectural design, then hotel will provide a warm and special experiences. There 52 Happiness rooms and 3 Warmth rooms are available in this hotel.
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

Bahamas Resort
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,754,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jl. Patimura No.1 Air Saga Tanjung Pandan Belitung
78 spacious rooms consist of 1 president suite, 4 suite, 4 deluxe rooms, and 65 standard rooms, private shower, satellite TV and music channel, minibar, safe box, 3 private spa treatment, white pepper restaurant for daily breakfast and contemporary Island & asian cuisine, banquet and meeting facilities for up to 300 guests, wireless internet access, business center
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

Villa Lorin
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,768,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jl. Tanjung Tinggi Tanjung Kelayang Sijuk Belitung
6 Junior Suite cottages, 14 Superior cottages, restaurant & cafe, swimming pool, meeting room. Feel the ultimate comfort of your beach holiday where the torquise ocean and the white sands beach of Belitung displayed just in front of your hotel room. It just 300m from Laskar Pelangi rocks which is the famous beach in Belitung, take the island hopping tour right from the beach in front of your hotel room.
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,765,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jl. Depati Gegedek Tanjung Pandan - Belitung 33411
Billiton Hotel and Klub is situated in the most prestigious area in Belitung, boasting a warm and serene atmosphere in the heart of the city. Inspired by Dutch Colonial style building, it is presented as a unique establishment revealing a historical assemblance between three distinctive era and culture, the Chinese, Dutch and Indonesian.

Tracing back to the 18th century, it was initially built on the city most center point, as a temple complex for the Chinese descendants to pray. It consists of 9 Standard twin, 2 Standard double, 9 Deluxe double, 2 super deluxe double and 2 Suite room, all with aircon, shower bathroom hot and cold water, swimming pool, conference hall, meeting room, restaurant, free wifi
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

Grand Pelangi
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,535,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jl. Patimura Air Saga Tanjung Pandan Belitung
30 standard room, 2 deluxe room, 2 superior room, 6 suite room, swimming pool, karaoke room, meeting room, restaurant. The sunset beach view facing Air Saga beach, row of big trees along the beach just in front of the room.
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,355,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jalan Sriwijaya Tanjungpandan Belitung Indonesia
Simple and nice place to stay in Belitung placed in the main road of Tanjungpandan 33 deluxe and 6 family room with modern concept, very nice and comfort for you to stay.
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

Central City
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,370,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Jl.Veteran No.7 Tanjungpandan Belitung 33411
Central City is placed close to down town of Tanjung Pandan in Jalan Veteran, just several meters from Satam down town monument. There are 2 Central City hotels, the Central City 2 is places just near by one each other. Central City Hotel is a 10-minute walk to Tanjung Pendam Beach and is a 20 minutes drive to H.A.S Hanandjoeddin Airport.

Consist of 28 superior, 16 Deluxe room in the heart of Tanjungpandan city of Belitung. This is a simple hotel with affordable price tag that enable anyone to spend their valuable hotel in Belitung.
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night

Bukit Berahu
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,454,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Desa Tanjung Binga, Sijuk Tanjung Pandan - Belitung
This is the perfect place for a beach lover. They have a truly private beach placed in a gulf in between of stacks of granite boulders. It is a truly white sandy beach. The visitor must step down to the beach via 99 stairs where 5 wooden cottages are sitting.

The hotel is consist of 2 bungalows, 5 cottages one bed room, swimming pool, restaurant, on the hill of Tanjung Binga village facing open sea, white sand beach with granite rocks.
Fill below form for another number of participant and duration
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night
The price for different number of participants and duration or another altrnative tour programs Lighthouse, Fotografer, Laskar Pelangi, Honeymoon, please fill in below form and click Check Price.
Select Tour Program:
Departure date :
Tour duration :
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 night
4 days 3 night
Participants :
Kode Promo

The price do not include airline ticket. The airline ticket price of Sriwijaya Air and Batavia Air for Jakarta - Tanjungpandan (Belitung) is in between @ IDR 400.000 - IDR 700.000 per one way, normal season. We can provide airline ticket in addition to tour package, e-ticket sent to your email. Define your airline ticket option when you fill-in reservation form.

B. Tour Package Price - Reguler / Public Trip

If you are a group of 2 or 3 persons, we suggest to register into our Public / Reguler Tour program combine with other participants to make the price more affordable. The price list based on number of participant and preselected hotel on certain schedule are listed as per below table. The price will be lower if the more participants join and vice versa. Our price includes:

  • hotel standar star **/*** with aircon 2 persons per room
  • rental car vanza/xenia 5 seats, Microbus Elf 16 seats or similar
  • rental fishing boat rental for one island trip
  • full meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack
  • experience tour guide as itenary in the tour program
  • tiket for tourist destination places

Regular Tour Package Price - Without Airline Ticket Private Tour: create your own trip
Trip# Date Length Tour Program
[click program for details]
Reg. Status Listed Member Price*
P925327 Feb - 1 Mar 20153D 2NLighthouse PackageOpen251,370,000,-
P919422 Mar - 25 Mar 20154D 3NLighthouse PackageDone23,812,000,-
R15023 Apr - 5 Apr 20153D 2NFotografer PackageOpen71,781,000,-
R15031 May - 3 May 20153D 2NLighthouse PackageOpen51,744,000,-
P875214 May - 17 May 20154D 3NLighthouse PackageOpen62,248,000,-
R150414 May - 16 May 20153D 2NFotografer PackageOpen01,804,000,-
R150531 May - 2 Jun 20153D 2NLighthouse PackageOpen22,085,000,-
R150631 May - 2 Jun 20153D 2NLighthouse PackageCancel01,754,000,-

)* Price valid if all participants are at CONFIRM status, for itenary with morning return flight.

Minimum participant is 2 persons per registrant. You are allowed to be alone if there already existing member registered in the group. When you fill-in the form you still must fill-in 2 persons but on the remarks field you write a note that you are alone. The usage of one person one room is subject to extra charge based on part of hotel rate.

If you are interested to join our Reguler / Public Tour Package, please check the schedule to find available date and slot and number of existing participants. Check our F.A.Q to find information. If you want to register as Private Tour please click herea.

To register Public / Reguler Tour, click ->   

The following companies had been trusting us to organize their Club / Corporate Outing in Belitung:

IPC Singapore CIMB Niaga PT. Reindo Bank Exim Jasa Marga
Unilever Indonesia Indosat Bandung Kim Eng Securities Bank Muamalat Pertamina Jakarta
XL Axiata UOB Bank Mitsui Corp Telkom Toyota Astra
Ericsson Indonesia Bank Central Asia Telkomsel Microsoft Indonesia Bank Indonesia
Lintas Arta PT. NSI Ultra Sakti Alumni FE Unpad Ming Promo
PT Mitsindo Taisho Parmaceutical Alumni ITB IDI Tanggerang ID/X Partners
Bank Mandiri Bandung Karlez Petrolium QNine Tour PT SKF Indonesia Armindo Jaya Tour
Wisma Sarana AHP Lawfirm Dunamis Organization Monargo Kimia Samudra Indonesia
Tupperware PT Jamsostek PT Multi Bintang PT Tigaraksa Network 21
Sari Husada Worldbank Darwis Triadi School of Photography Price Waterhouse Coopers Matahari Department Store
Departemen Kesehatan RI Photography CLub MyInfrared Photography Majalah Jalan Jalan Galeri Photography Indonesia
Voith Paper Medco Photography Club Highscope Cork n Screw Visitek
Simbolon Law Firm Club Majalah Nova Jareku Club Melbourne The Photographer Philips

Jika anda tertarik, silahkan melakukan reservasi di sini dan kami akan mengirimi anda email berisi informasi lengkap untuk keseluruhan program tour. Jika ada pertanyaan silahkan kirimkan kepada kami di sini. Kami tidak melayani korespondensi melalui email, walaupun setiap pesan dari kami akan masuk ke email anda. Untuk referensi tanya jawab hal-hal seputar Paket Tour/Wisata dari kami silahkan cek Pertanyaan Umum Tentang Tour dari kami.

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Please come and join !
Tour Simulation
 Lighthouse Package
 Fotografer Package
 Honeymoon Package
 Laskar Pelangi Tour
Departure date
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3 Days 2 Night
4 Days 3 Night
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Green Tropical Village
3 days 2 nights package
IDR 1,770,000/person
for group of 4 persons
Stay 2 nights at Green Tropical Village hotel, inland Belitung beaches & island hopping tour, full meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack & drink), rental car and boat transport, experience tour guide.
For another number of group participant, please fill in below form
Burung Mandi

What's visitor said ?
the view is really good and the service was also really good. very recommended for having holiday in Belitung. thank u belitung island (i wist to come back someday)
moslem idrus salam
Indonesia, Jakarta
Trip#P4861: 12 Apr 2012
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F.A.Q - Tour Package

What's visitor said ?
As overall we satify with the service from and we were impressed with our visit to Belitung.

Thank you mr.Doni for the such a good service to us.

Suggestion: The porsion of the foods shall be increased likes in Berage. The foods were no 5 items as written in the itinerary.
Indonesia, Bandung
Trip#P6795: 17 Jun 2013
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Diving in Belitung ?

What's visitor said ?
we join Lighthouse lighthouse tour at 24-26 Januari 2013. Alhamdulillah during the tour the weather were friendly to us, especially during island hoping trip the weather was so bright even hot, that makes the trip fun and success. We would like to thank you to the crew of, especially to P Juli who we very patient becoming our guide
Restu Yuni Widayati
Indonesia, Jakarta
Trip#P6364: 24 Jan 2013
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Jeffry Surianto - Photo Gallery

What's visitor said ?
A very memorable holiday !! The white sand beach still clean, the clear sea water & okey foods! Unfortunately there have been graffiti on the boulders and some visitors just throw the trash anywehere they like, I hope all of us still can keep the beauty that God had given to us. If there is time, I will take another holiday in Belitung again. BelitungIsland.COM is very professional. Deden, our tour guide, very kind, humble and patient. Thanks a lot!!
pak Mul
Indonesia, Jakarta
Trip#P3418: 29 Jun 2011
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Joko SL Gallery

What's visitor said ?
Im still corious about the sunset and sunrise, I still do not get maximum pictures that I wish...I will be back...

Trip#R1122: 15 May 2011
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Tanjung Binga

Article: Belitung Island, still becoming heaven of Photography (Article in Bahasa Indonesia)
By: Sonny Soleman XNY
Since 2007, I have planned to do photo hunting in Belitung island. The initial idea because I saw many increadible photos from friend who was hunting in this island of Belitung. Then I made small study (via internet), to find how to reach Belitung island ? The complete information fortunately found in website With help from Mr.Rustam Effendie (founder of the, I can plan right date for hunting in this Belitung island.

Sonny Soleman XNY
Jakarta, Indonesia
Trip#34: 4-6 Jul 2008

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Heru Desanto Gallery

What visitor said ?

For us, the beaches in Belitung is the most beautiful in the world, soo peaceful and not crowded as beaches in Europe, truly make the soul health, by this reason we will no longer needs to visit Maldives (Maladewa or Seyelen island) which people said the best places for beach holiday, instead we will visit Belitung in case there will be futher chance to visit Indonesia.

Arifin Budiman &
Gabreielle Beker Budiman

Chemist, Germany
Holiday in Belitung, August 2006

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Boentara Prajitno Gallery

No Scope Comparison of Tour Program
Lighthouse Fotografer Laskar Pelangi Honeymoon
2D1N 3D2N 4D3N 2D1N 3D2N 4D3N 2D1N 3D2N 4D3N 2D1N 3D2N 4D3N

Tour Facilities
1 Airport pick-up
2 Hotel
3 Car or bus
4 Breakfast 1x 2x 3x 1x 2x 3x 1x 2x 3x 1x 2x 3x
5 Lunch 2x 2x 3x 2x 2x 3x 2x 2x 3x 2x 2x 3x
6 Dinner 1x 2x 3x 1x 2x 3x 1x 2x 3x - - -
7 Special dinner - - - - - - - - - 1x 2x 3x
8 Snack & drink 3x 4x 6x 3x 4x 6x 3x 4x 6x 3x 4x 6x
9 Tour guide
10 Fishing boat - -
11 Life vest & safety - -
12 Enterance fee
13 Sunrise hunting - - - - - - - - -
14 Sunset hunting - - - - - - - - -
15 Drop to airport 15.00 11.00 11.00 15.00 11.00 11.00 15.00 11.00 11.00 15.00 11.00 11.00

Note: We have watersport and games facilities such as: kayak/canoe, mountain bike, snorkeling, diving, outbond, fun games, fishing, etc. Those facilities do not included in the tour price but it can be ordered as additional item after you made tour reservation. We also provide airline ticket, you just need to do one time tour reservation, we will manage your airline ticket

Places to be visited
1 Tanjung Tinggi
2 Batu Laskar Pelangi
3 Tanjung Kelayang
4 Tanjung Binga - - - -
5 Pulau Pasir - -
6 Pulau Lengkuas - -
7 Batu Berlayar - -
8 Pulau Burung - -
9 Pulau Lutong - - - - - - - - -
11 Lsk. Pelangi school - - - - - -
12 Manggar, Serdang - - - - - -
13 Burung Mandi - - - - - -
14 Tanjungpandan tour - - - -
15 Souvenir shops

Note: Other tourist destination places such as: Surga Batu Fotografi, Membalong, Pantai Batu Lubang, Pulau Mendanau, Open Pit, Pulau Kepayang, Pantai Punai, Pantai Bukit Batu, Pulau Seliu, Tirta Marundang, Gunung Tajam, can be used as alternative destinations to above places, or as additional destination for tour duration more than 4D3N !