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Tanjung Kelayang Photo Gallery
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Tanjung Kelayang
   Updated: 5 May 2014 08:36 pm

Tanjung Kelayang is one of the most beautiful beach ini Belitung, this is the center of crowd as center of yearly Sail Indonesia event where hundreds of yacht from all over the world stop over. This is also the port used for famous island hopping tour of Belitung that becoming the most attractive activities for most of touris who visit Belitung. This beach is 27 km at the North of Tanjungpandan.

Tanjung Kelayang is famous with view from beach facing small islands made of granite boulders, about 300 meters from coast line. The shape of that boulders island are like head of a bird. That may cause this place named Tanjung Kelayang (tanjung = penisula, kelayang = a species of bird). The size of that island is about 50m square. It is beautiful as you can see from one of the picture in here. People of Belitung name bird look rock as Batu Garuda.

Paket Wisata - Lighthouse
Menyaksikan eksotisnya pantai pasir putih, bebatuan artistik dan laut biru di: Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, island hopping ke pulau-pulau
Tanjung Kelayang was very well known holiday destination for local people of Belitung and you can find nice combination of white sand beach, artistic granite boulders and small islands surrounding. In this page you can see photos of Tanjung Kelayang. Click the thumbnail above to enlarge. These photos can tell you the true story of how beautiful this place is taken from several different angle and time. If you want to do an island hopping let's rent a fishing boat that will just cost you $40 to explore more the beaches and island surrounding Tanjung Kelayang beach.

Here are the fact findings about Tanjung Kelayang:

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  • Tanjung Kelayang is a penisula facing to North. The boulder's island placed in East Coast, a white sand bay with several km long. It's actually all white sand bay until Tanjung Tinggi for about 4km distance from Tanjung Kelayang. East coast is a good place from swimming, since the under water surface is also clean white sands. It's also good, if you want to play in a wide bay. East cost is an entry point to Tanjung Kelayang, and here is only white sand bay, not boulders. From there people usually walk along a beach about 300m to North, while you can find group of granite boulders, spreading a long the edge of penisula and also in the sea. One of them is a bird looks island.

  • The West coast is totally different view. The beach is not as long as East Cost because there are more boulders in this side. The unique view of West coast is 3 small islands, about 300m distance from bay. Combined with boulders that spreading in the sea, the view to those islands event better, especially during sunset. The best place to view West coast panorama is from the top of big granite boulders in the edge of penisula.

  • The third area that nice to view is from a villa, about 500m distance from Tanjung Kelayang penisula. This place is likes hidden paradise, even though it is all combination of white sand beach and granite boulders like other beaches. However, the panorama is unique than other beaches.
  • If you are interest to visit small islands in front of Tanjung Kelayang beach, you can rent a fisherman boat that usually many of them parking a long Tanjung Kelayang beach. Since the distance is short, you can arrive in the island by just 10 minutes journey and you can walk along beach surrounding these no inhabitant islands since all islands surrounded by white sands. Don't forget to bring enough drinking water supply, because there are no any water supply in that islands.
  • In contrary to above nice story, you will find an unfinished resort construction project in centre of Tanjung Kelayang penisula. That project has been abandoned by owner since several years. This is main cause why Tanjung Kelayang has no longer as popular as Tanjung Tinggi even though its panorama better than Tanjung Tinggi.
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Name :   giandhi
Date  :   23 Sep 2014 11:01 am
Comment  :   pengen k 2 kali nya kesana wiken bersama pacr

Name :   D'nicha yuanlee
Date  :   30 Jul 2014 12:30 pm
Comment  :   Udh pngen cpet°°berangkat ke blitung...ktmu ma kluarga n jln°° ke tanjung tinggi n tanjung kelayang......

Name :   Rita
Date  :   23 May 2014 9:40 am
Comment  :   kangen k sana lagi....the next bulan madu yg ke 2

Name :   AndySurya
Date  :   15 Jul 2013 12:38 am
Comment  :   eksotic...mungkin kata itulah yg tepat untuknya(balikedua),ditambah warganya yg sngt ramah.kapan lg ya aq dapatkesana?skalian ya gan kirim salam sama LINDAbinSUPRAPTO.warga tg.tinggi. I MISS YOU.

Name :   muhammad yani
Date  :   6 Sep 2012 1:45 pm
Comment  :   aku ingin kesini lagi..seperti dulu.

Name :   Yanto
Date  :   27 Aug 2012 3:37 pm
Comment  :   baru 1 hari ninggaliin belitung rasanya pengen pulang lagi ke belitung
reply from Admin, 27 Aug 2012 5:20 pm
    @Yanto: yo'i Belitung memang bikin banyak pengunjung ketagihan, balik aja cuma 55 menit dari Jakarta :)
reply from yanto, 28 Aug 2012 10:35 am
    pengen nya sich begitu bro,tapi gua harus kerja di surabaya,jadi kalo pulang ke belitung tanjung kelayang ya cuma 1 tahun sekali.BELITUNG IS THE BEST

Name :   yanto
Date  :   27 Aug 2012 3:25 pm
Comment  :   belitung sekarang makin TOP apalagi kalo tanjung kelayang nya tambah SIP aja.

Name :   bistok manurung
Date  :   10 Jul 2012 4:11 pm
Comment  :   Ingin ke sana lagi, belum ke Pulau Babi lho abisnya keburu malem. belitung keren abis ....... pertahankan keasriannya.

Name :   meta manik
Date  :   10 Jul 2012 1:58 pm
Comment  :   keren banget, Bali pun kalah, natural dan murah, ga nyesel deh, aku harus ke Belitung lagi, tunggu aku ya,.........

Name :   Amelia
Date  :   4 Apr 2012 6:01 pm
Comment  :   pengeeeen banget ke belitung. moga kesampaian hehe..........

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What's visitor said ?
Dear all,

Teman-teman bener-bener keren abis...pantainya yang bersih, airnya yang jernih, seafood yang enak, langit yang biru, pemandangan yang indah, serta tour guide yang ramah dan humoris....sungguh membuat liburan kita asyik sekali....melihat indahnya bintang laut yang berdiameter 30-50 cm....bunga karang serta ikan yang berwarna warni, batu-batu yang indah....wiuuh...lupa de segalanya.... yang tersisanyalah sukacita dan senang hati...;)) thanks Pak Gito, he is best tourguide & photographer
Indonesia, Jakarta
Trip#P1711: 25 May 2010
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What's visitor said ?
Thank you for the hospitality ...
it was really fun to see direcly the paradise of Belitung ...
Full of foods and all were delicious ...
I will be back again someday ...
Thx Mr Vicky, excellent job...
Indonesia, Jakarta
Trip#P7139: 14 Sep 2013
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What's visitor said ?
Share 1 more, :)
Thank you

Regards :)
Lim Piu
Indonesia, Jakarta
Trip#R1130: 10 Jun 2011
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Thanks Team BelitungIsland, thanks bang Ito, thanks pak Rusdi and fam, kalian telah memberi kami sekeluarga a 'goldent moment'! Anak-anak bisa cerita banyak ke temen-temennya terutama karena 'sehari bersama Lintang Laskar Pelangi' bakalan sirik deh mereka! Belitung, mudah-mudahan kami bisa kembali berkunjung!!

Evlyn Naibaho
Padang Bulan, Medan
Trip#9010: 1-4 Jan 2009