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How do I travel to Belitung ?
   Updated: 4 Aug 2014 08:19 am

Paket Wisata - Lighthouse
Menyaksikan eksotisnya pantai pasir putih, bebatuan artistik dan laut biru di: Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, island hopping ke pulau-pulau
The easiest way is by airplane off course. There are several daily flights from Sukarno Hatta airport direct to Tanjungpandan. Flight will take approximately 45 minutes. The ticket price is between USD 40 until USD 80 one way, depending on available ticket class during the booking. You will arrive in Tanjungpandan at Hananjuddin Airport of Belitung. Another alternative is taking flight from Pangkalpinang Bangka to Tanjungpandan Belitung with ticket price approximately USD 40.

IMPORTANT !! Flight destination is Tanjungpandan (Tanjung Pandan) and DO NOT Pangkal Pinang (Bangka) neither Tanjung Pinang (Bintan). Belitung and Bangka is two different island, also different island than Bintan at Riau islands province.

If you need help to arrange your trip to Belitung, we are in partner with airlines can arrange your transportation to Belitung as part of our tour package. We can also provide airline ticket only, please contact us at +62 719 22 890 (hunting), or:

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Bahamas Resort
3 days 2 nights package IDR 1,889,000/person for group of 4 persons
Bahamas Resort @ pantai Air Saga. Stay 2 nights at Bahamas Resort hotel, inland Belitung beaches & island hopping tour, full meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack & drink), rental car and boat transport, experience tour guide.

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Below are the list of available flight schedule to Tanjungpandan Belitung. Please note you must arrive at the check-in counter more than one hour earlier. The queue is usually long especiallly for morning flight. The flight schedule usually change from time to time, please keep visiting this page for the updated schedule. The flight schedule can be seen from our tour package reservation form here.

The Airlines that fly to Belitung

For weekend traveller, we suggest you to leave on Saturday morning from Jakarta and return on Monday morning from Belitung. You will arrive in Jakarta around 9.00 and I think you can straight go to office from Sukarno Hatta airport after spending 2 full days in Belitung. Or else, you take the Friday off then you will have full 3 days 2 nights stay, coming back to Jakarta on Sunday afternoon.



-   05.55 Citilink QG 9533 Jakarta - Tanjungpandan
-   06.20 Sriwijaya Air SJ050 Jakarta - Tanjungpandan
-   06.50 Garuda Indonesia GA0282 Jakarta - Tanjungpandan
-   08.35 Sriwijaya Air SJ056 Jakarta - Tanjungpandan
-   10.10 Sriwijaya Air SJ054 Jakarta - Tanjungpandan
-   10.30 Garuda Indonesia GA0284 Jakarta - Tanjungpandan
-   11.10 Sriwijaya Air SJ550 Pangkal Pinang - Tanjungpandan
-   12.50 Sriwijaya Air SJ192 Jakarta - Tanjungpandan
-   12.55 Garuda Indonesia GA7126 Pangkal Pinang - Tanjung Pandan
-   13.05 Citilink QG 846 Jakarta - Tanjungpandan
-   14.00 Ekspres KM Bahari ship from Bangka - daily except Tuesday
-   14.25 Wings Air IW 2276 Pangkalpinang - Tanjungpandan
-   14.30 Sriwijaya Air SJ052 Jakarta - Tanjungpandan
-   07.00 Ekspres KM Bahari ship to Bangka - daily except Tuesday
-   07.30 Citilink QG 9534 Tanjungpandan - Jakarta
-   07.50 Sriwijaya Air SJ051 Tanjungpandan - Jakarta
-   08.40 Garuda Indonesia GA0283 Tanjungpandan - Jakarta
-   10.05 Sriwijaya Air SJ551 Tanjungpandan - Pangkal Pinang
-   11.40 Sriwijaya Air SJ055 Tanjungpandan - Jakarta
-   12.15 Sriwijaya Air SJ057 Tanjungpandan - Jakarta
-   12.20 Garuda Indonesia GA0285 Tanjungpandan - Jakarta
-   14.15 Garuda Indonesia GA7127 Tanjung Pandan - Pangkal Pinang
-   14.20 Sriwijaya Air SJ193 Tanjungpandan - Jakarta
-   14.45 Citilink QG 847 Tanjungpandan - Jakarta
-   15.15 Wings Air IW 2277 Tanjungpandan - Pangkalpinang
-   16.00 Sriwijaya Air SJ053 Tanjungpandan - Jakarta
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From airport in Tanjungpandan, you must take a rental car as we suggested before, or with taxi that available since July 2014 in Belitung. A Toyota Kijang van/minibus will cost you USD 45 per day including driver but excluding gasoline. You just need to spend another USD 15,- to buy gasoline, for 2 days stay in beach area, except if you want to travel around to other reqions likes Manggar, Gantung, Kelapa Kampit or Membalong. From airport, you will reach Tanjungpandan city (15km from airport) within 10 minutes and Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang or Tanjung Binga within 35 minutes journey (30km from airport). The road condition from airport to city and beaches are excellent. If you need more convenience transportation facility during your holiday in Belitung, we can provide micro bus transportation as per below picture as part of our Tour Package.

Micro Bus for Tour Package of BelitungIsland.COM

As alternative, you can travel by Sealine with PELNI passanger ship, or KM Tristar. The problem is they only travel to Belitung in every 2 weeks. The journey will take about 24 hours. This way of transportation will cost you less than USD 15,- one way. Another alternative is to visit Belitung via Bangka island by daily speed boat ship with 4 hours journey, called Bahari Ship. This is a convenience transportation equipped with air conditioner. It will cost you arround USD 17,- per one way trip. Bahari express leaving daily at 14.00 from Pangkal Pinang Bangka to Belitung, and leaving at 07.00 from Tanjungpandan Belitung to Pangkal Pinang.
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