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  • Margret Beck
    8 Jan 2020

    Hallo, we are a familiy with 4 kids and we would like to stay for a weekend at the Bukit Berahu Cottages. Can you offer us somes cottages at the beach and a island hopping tour?

  • Caesar
    17 Apr 2019

    Fotonya keren-keren Pak Jeffry, kalau ke Belitung lagi boleh dong ikutan hunting bareng GPI. Terus berkarya semoga foto-fotonya makin keren.

  • Keenan
    17 Dec 2018

    The art and culture of Belitung still need to develop and giving bigger chance to exist in the growing of tourism Industry in Belitung. In fact it will grow tourism industry even further. The potential is there, just need everyone to support the art and culture to go to the next level.

  • Alsa R
    15 Dec 2018

    Dari video nya pulau ini memang keren banget kayaknya, kebayang kayak Phiphi island di Phuket. Batu-batu nya juga unik ada yang nangkring tapi kagak jatuh. Kalau ke Belitung lagi pasti ke pulau ini.

  • Mike
    1 Dec 2018

    I love this restaurant, good and fresh seafood, cool and relax ambience. If you stay at Santika hotel, you must this this neighbor. I recommend squid and clamp grill, delicious.

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