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Ari Hans Simaela
Photo Contributor
18 May 2015

About Fotographer

At this photo contributor edition we would like to introduce Ari Hans Simaela. Ari Hans visited Belitung 6-9 November 2012, at the time where the rainy season start coming to Belitung, a risky decision for a photography trip. But it seems Belitung gave an exemption to Ari Hans, he got a quite friendly weather that made him possible to produce such nice photos in this gallery plus with advance photography skill that he has off course.

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More Info About Ari Hans Simaela

The photos of Ari Hans are rich with natural color with combination of smart selection to find the corret angle. This made us interested to request Ari Hans to become one of our photo contributor to His photo can be used as reference for other photographers who want to do photo trip to Belitung.

Among photographers community they usually quote "you are not yet a landscape photographer if you never tried to take photo hunting trip to Belitung". Below are couple of message from Ari Hans to the readers: First I would like to thank you to who provide very good services when I took the trip # P5702. Our tour guide Mr.Donne Skiny was really understood what we wanted to enjoy holiday in Belitung with my wife, but still to fulfill my photography's hobby.

I am working as an advocate in the area of Intelectual Property Rights (IPR) and this was my first visit to Belitung. Belitung is a truly heaven for a landscape photographers. I really enjoy every photo hunting trip accompanied by my wife Diana, and our tour guide, mr.Donne Skiny. I really hope to come back again to Belitung someday.

My advice to other photographers who want to take a photo trip to Belitung, please prepare your gears: camera, tripod, CPL filter and ND/GND please make sure none of those are forgotten. Please bring as many memory card as you can because there are so many good spot in Belitung that can drown your memory easily. So you do not need to regret of run our of memory in your first day of hunting in Belitung.

Regards from me from Surabaya

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  • client
    20 Mar 2013

    Belitung cuantik tenan rek :)

  • client
    10 Mar 2013

    Indahnya belitungku, kampung halamanku, tolong di jaga keindahannya

  • client
    10 Mar 2013

    Indahnya kampung halamanku. To long diagram agar tetap Indah

  • client
    R Ridwan
    6 Jan 2013

    Melihat foto ini sepertinya air lautnya segar untuk dimimum, pemandangan luar biasa, tolong jaga keindahan ini di Belitung :)