Belitung One Day Tour: Fun Diving

Belitung Island Tour Program
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Fun Diving Tour

We are partnering with most credible dive center in Belitung, with very experience personnels and dive guides who can take you to explore the best diving experience in Belitung. After picking you up form your hotel, here are the places that we will explore.

Itinerary: List of Destinations

4 pax

Tanjung Kelayang

Itinerary Day #1 - Destination #1
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4 pax

Pulau Lengkuas

Itinerary Day #1 - Destination #2
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4 pax

Tukong Island

Itinerary Day #1 - Destination #3
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4 pax

Malang Penyu

Itinerary Day #1 - Destination #4
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Unless you have experience diving in this are we strongly recommend you to take dive guide. The sea current in Belitung may unpredictable; taking someone with experience with the site will take an advantage for you. At Lengkuas island we recommend to stop by for lunch. The scenery of this island is very beautiful with formation of granite rocks all across the shore. We strongly recommend you take a chance to go up for 300 step of staircase to see the bird view of Belitung scenery from the top of Lighthouse. Please do not forget to bring your camera up. During you stop in Tukong island, please spend your time to hike along the U shape island to explore the exotic park of granite boulders. This island is not yet populated with the tourist, but no any facilities available in the island either. We also recommend you to stop over in the neighbor island of Kepayang, the largest island in this area. You can visit a sea turtle conservation site of just to take short relax at the simple coffee shop in the island.

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  • client1
    27 Aug 2019

    belitung image
    Saya sudah 2x kerjasama dengan membawa group ke belitung ..POKOKNYA SERVICENYA MANTAP juga crew drivernya gesit-gesit familiar + humanis ( Bpk Gito + Om Doony + Om Asep dkk ) pokoknya you are the best lah hehe...
    Ibu Santy nya responsif pokoknya TOP dech ibu kita yang satu ini xixixi.... ditambah support Bpk Kusumah juga mantul alias mantap betuuuuuul hahaha.... KOPI JANGGUT bikin saya kangen waktu itu saya cuma kabagian 1 gelas karena laris manis wkwkwk

  • client1
    29 Nov 2018

    Great time
    Had a few mishaps but it was all part of the experience and we really enjoy it. Both lilly and Doni were excellent very friendly and helpful at all times.
    And santika room is better than marriott. Bigger more and more food just lacking english abit but still better than marriott. Marriott more suited for western people as they can speak english better and have more generic western food for breakfast. Rooms much much smaller
    Hope to see you again soon

  • client1
    Lina Afrilyana
    30 Nov 2018

    Amazing trip. Thanks a lot to

    We are so happy with your superb and professional services, and impressed indeed with the beautiful Belitung island, friendly people, and delicious foods.