Berahu Hill Belitung

North West Coast
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
North West Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
21 km
Distance to Airport
33 km
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Uniqueness of Berahu Hill

Activities That Can Be Done

In Bukit Berahu you can do several activities and activities such as:

  • Enjoy the natural scenery in the form of beaches, sea, islands and shady trees.

  • Relax in some spot areas, especially in the swimming pool area with maximum support.

  • Playing sand and sea water on the shores of Pantai Proof Berahu.

  • Enjoy the food at the restaurants around the tourist area.

  • For those of you who like fishing can do it in several areas around the beach.

  • Stay at hotels and stilt houses around the beach.

  • Capture some images and natural panoramas with a camera for mementos.

  • Buying durian in Tanjung Binga Village which is a producer of durian.

Description Berahu Hill

Destination Bukit Berahu is an interesting tour because it combines the offerings of hills and beaches. With good management, the tourists who are here can experience an exciting holiday and certainly fun.

Special Berahu Hill

  • Combine a combination of hill and beach tours
  • Beautiful and beautiful natural scenery
  • Maximum and optimal relaxing spots
  • Good, complete and well-maintained facilities

The entrance ticket to the Bukit Berahu tour is fairly cheap at only Rp. 2,000 / person. Interestingly, there is a place to stay in Bukit Berahu that you can enjoy without the cost or free. The right time to come here is in the morning or evening. Because at that time you can also find panoramic sunrise and sunset and cool air.

Map of Berahu Hill

Things To Do at Berahu Hill

  • Walking adventure
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Swimming
  • Playing in the beach

It is called a boating hill because the hill which when viewed from a distance is shaped like an upside down boat. Upon arrival at the Bukit Berahu location you will be greeted by a hotel that has glass windows along the walls and a small pyramid-shaped terrace. In the upper room of the hotel which is filled with glass windows, tourists can see views of the pool, beach and sea. The hotel, which is on the Bukit Berahu, is indeed the first entrance before you go down to enjoy another dish. Once satisfied with seeing the panorama from the top of the hill, visitors can go down to the bottom of the hill to enjoy the dish pool and beach. To go down the hill, there are a number of steps that must be passed by a number of 96 steps.

Being around the pool area in the middle of the hill will make you able to relax to the fullest. The swimming pool area is very beautiful and shady. With this, the air around it will be cool. Add to this the gazebos on the right and left as well as park benches making anyone feel at home here. Going down the hill again we will find Bukit Berahu Beach. Besides the panoramic view of the beach at the bottom of the hill, you can see a row of houses on stilts. Bukit Berahu Beach itself has exotic white sand and a coastline that is not too long. On the right side of the beach bordered by large piles of rocks against the background of the fishing boats of the Kampung Bugis. There is also a view of a small coral island filled with trees that can be seen from the beach front. At night you can enjoy the atmosphere of the stars and the lights of fishing boats that are fishing.


Facilities at Berahu Hill

Fasilitas yang ada di wisata Bukit Berahu ini terbilang sudah baik. Hal ini dikarenakan hampir semua sarana dan pra-sarana umum seperti area parkir, tempat ibadah, toilet ada di sini. Selain itu di sini Anda juga bisa mendapati beberapa fasilitas lain seperti restoran, cafe, kolam renang dan juga penginapan berwujud hotel atau cottage di pinggir pantai.


Wisata Bukit Berahu ini berada di Desa Tanjung Binga, Kecamatan Sijuk, Kabupaten Belitung, Provinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung. Untuk Anda yang berangkat dari Kota Tanjung Pandan maka Anda harus menempuh perjalanan selama kurang lebih 30 menit untuk bisa sampai ke Bukit Berahu. Sedangkan bila berangkat dari Bandara H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin, wisata Bukit Berahu ini harus ditempuh dalam waktu sekitar 45 menit. Anda yang ingin menuju pantai Bukit Berahu maka dari atas puncak bukit Anda harus menuruni 96 buah undakan.

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  • client
    Margret Beck
    8 Jan 2020

    Hello, we are a familiy with 4 kids and we would like to stay for a weekend at the Bukit Berahu Cottages. Can you offer us somes cottages at the beach and an island hopping tour?