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Description Seni Gambus

With a majority ethnic Malay population and Muslims, we can find several cultures in Belitung that relate to these two ethnic elements. One such culture is gambus art. The gambus art, which originally came from the Middle East, has indeed been known by the Belitung community for a long time in various commemorations and events.

Special Seni Gambus

  • Is an art of music in Belitung which has hundreds of years old
  • Previously used as a means of spreading Islam
  • It has unique and different characteristics with a guitar
  • Tools to accompany the singing at various traditional events and also other large events

The Development of Gambus Art

Over time and the times, the gambus art in Belitung and its surroundings is quite alarming. This is because traditional musical instruments are starting to be abandoned by the younger generation of his successors. These young people prefer to use more modern and digital musical instruments. Fortunately some older generations have a concern for the preservation of gambus art. They then founded the gambus art studio and opened and invited young people to participate in preserving music and gambus art.

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Things To Do at Seni Gambus

  • Watching the show
  • Culture and tradition
  • Learning history
  • Seeing the scenary

Gambus or also called Dambus in the local language is the art of playing musical instruments which is included in the scope of hadrah and tambourine arts. The shape of the gambus itself is similar to a guitar but with different characteristics and sounds. Characteristics of gambus in general is the existence of each pair of strings that are close to one another. So if counted as a whole there will be 12 strings on this instrument. Besides the strings used are different from guitar strings. In gambus, the string used is nylon string which is a string for fishing.

Although it is not known who started using the name gambus, but clearly the art of gambus has been highly developed in Belitung since the XIX century AD. In the 19th century it was also known there were the arrival of Arab immigrants from Hadramaut, South Yemen to the Archipelago. During the spread of Islam in the Belitung area, this gambus was used by the immigrant scholars for the means of da'wah. The use of the gambus or dambus music instrument in time developed into a tool to accompany the singing and dancing in some traditional events and Islamic holidays.


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Implementation of Gambus Art

Aside from being a self-entertainment, the allotment of gambus in the Belitung area is to accompany an event. Events or activities that are usually accompanied by gambus art are art performances, wedding parties, accompaniment of Malay songs, traditional dances and others. Not infrequently also belitung gambus is played by chanting certain spells. The chanting of this dimension is done to add a sacred impression in a gambus game. To be more varied and harmonious, usually in the performing arts gambus is also accompanied by other musical instruments such as violins, drums, gongs, and tambourines. From the religious side, the playing of gambus is intended to invite the listeners to draw closer to Allah and also to follow the example of His Messenger.

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