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Our Guests Testimony 548 items found

Rossy from Jakarta @ P11847 3 Nov 2018 #1 of 548

Sangat menyenangkan! Semua sdh di kordinasikan dgn baik oleh Belitung Island. Tour guide sangat koperatif dan menyenangkan.

Preparation jg fast respon dan cukup detail, mengingat dr kami blm pernah ada yg mengunjungi belitong sebelumnya.

All the best for! Thank you for the great services :)

Ari Raharjo from Jakarta @ P11705 5 Oct 2018 #3 of 548

Belitong, tempat wisata yg nyaman. Pesawat ada, jalanan mulus, hotel nyaman dan destinasi2 wisatanya dekat2. Gak ada macet pula. Rekomended bangeeettt deh.

Puteri from Jakarta @ P11708 8 Aug 2018 #4 of 548

Hi again, I would like to take this opportunity to compliments for the services rendered from Rendi , who has been corresponding to all my queries and our excellent tour guide, Ipunk Yutdian.

All of us were satisfied with friendly, humble and polite Ipunk. He is very caring and concerned to our welfare and safety especially during the island hopping. With additional expertise in photo & videography, he took fabulous pictures and even helped to transfer all the pictures taken into the thumbdrive for our memorable souvinior.

I also realized, on the 1st day, he brought us to watch the sunset at Eco Wisata Gusong Bugis which was not in the itinerary and he used his own money to pay for the entrance fees for all of us. That was very touching !!!

We also have the chance to meet Mdm Karmila Shanty and husband at Dedaun Restaurant and truly will recommend our fellow friends to you as the tour service provider, and of course, the hardworking Ipunk - who obviously go the extra miles with sincerity in delivering his top notch service. Bravo !!!

Budhy Set from Jakarta @ P11769 30 Jun 2018 #5 of 548

Liburan bersama keluarga dengan Privat Tour dari BIC sangat mengesankan.... mulai dari penawaran paket lanjut Nego cantik sangat cepat & ter-record dgn baik menggunakan link website...
Penguasaan Tour Guide dlm handle Group besar maupun Privat mumpuni, kereeen om Ipunk.
Object Wisata tersusun rapi namun dapat disesuaikan dgn situasi & kondisi terutama Cuaca yg tdk dpt diprediksi shg rangkaian destinasi dpt berjalan baik
“Hot Button” keluarga kecil saya.... MAKAN Enak selama tour Kejadian.... klo ini sdh diprediksi krn Repeat Order hehehe
Alhamdulillah polling dari keluarga kecil kami menilai program Privat Tour kali ini diangka 9 dari 1 - 10, khawatir klo dikasih 10 terkesan Bosan gak mau kembali hahaha

BIC mantap, tambah sukses!!!..... aamiin