5 Fun Activities You Can Do on Tanjung Tinggi Beach

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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  22/03/2019
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Tanjung Tinggi beach is one of the popular beaches in Belitung. The popularity of Tanjung Tinggi Beach is not excessive. This is because here there are many interesting things found. Being here you will be amazed. This is because the 80-hectare beach has enchanting natural offerings. Even from the presented natural beauty, Tanjung Tinggi Beach was even used as a place or location for the phenomenal "Laskar Pelangi" and "The Dreamer" films. Because of the many interesting things on this beach, you can do a variety of exciting activities here. Well, here are some exciting activities that you can do on the beach in Sijuk District, Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung.

1. Photography and Selfie Photos

foto #0 Batu Lion King
Batu Lion King

First, the first exciting activity you can do at Tanjung Tinggi Beach is take a selfie. The beach which is flanked by two peninsulas, the Kelayang cape and the Pendam cape do have a very interesting panorama to be captured with a camera. Even here you can get cool and instagramable photos to post on social media. The first spot for taking selfies and getting cool pictures on Tanjung Tinggi Beach is on granite rocks. Granite rocks at Tanjung Tinggi Beach are indeed very exotic. With its large size and the highest number of beaches in Belitung, granite rocks here are so neat to be immortalized. In addition to granite rocks, another interesting spot that you can capture on Tanjung Tinggi Beach is a sunset panorama in the afternoon. Tanjung Tinggi Beach which is more facing the West makes the sunset landscape look so charming. So from here you also who like photography and selfie can make it as a photo background. The shots from the panoramic sunset at Tanjung Tinggi Beach will certainly be amazing. In addition to granite rocks and sunset panoramas, at Tanjung Tinggi beach you can also make a beach landscape spot with white sand and clear waterways here as a backdrop for photos that will also produce cool images.

2. Playing Sand and Swimming

foto #1 Bergaya di Batu Bakpao
Bergaya di Batu Bakpao

Next, exciting activities that you can do at Tanjung Tinggi Beach are playing sand and swimming. Tanjung Tinggi beach sand is indeed very tempting for anyone who comes. Because the sand in Tanjung Tinggi Beach is white and clean. In addition, Tanjung Tinggi Beach sand grains are also fairly smooth. So with all the characteristics of sand in Tanjung Tinggi Beach, you will be very happy when playing there. Not only that but on Tanjung Tinggi Beach with clear and calm waters you can also do swimming activities with fun. Tanjung Tinggi beach is known as a beach with calm waters. Although it is popular and visited by many tourists, the waters of Tanjung Tinggi Beach are still well maintained with cleanliness and clarity. Now from those two supports, you can carry out swimming activities in Tanjung Tinggi Beach comfortably and freely. But when swimming it is advisable to be careful because often found jellyfish that can attack you.

3. Snorkeling and Diving

foto #2 Kolam Renang Raksasa
Kolam Renang Raksasa

With clear waters, in Tanjung Tinggi Beach, you who like snorkeling and diving can do it optimally. Because with clear waters, the level of visibility to see the scenery under the sea will be better. In Tanjung Tinggi Beach, it's not only the clear waters that will support your snorkeling or diving activities. Because here the fish habitat and coral reefs are also still well preserved, so that when under the sea, you will be able to find a beautiful view. While in the waters of Tanjung Tinggi Beach you will be able to find groups of Atherinomorus sp fish that form artistic formations (schooling) and number in the hundreds to thousands. Not only that, in the waters of Tanjung Tinggi Beach we can also find Cymadocea and Thalassia in seagrass beds, including Halophilla laum. While in the macroalgae layer we will find Padina and Sargasum. Increasingly in the middle and depth of the waters of Tanjung Tinggi Beach, we will find massive coral and several coral reefs. Although not too long and wide, but with the coral reefs in the waters of Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Ada can do snorkeling and diving activities optimally. Some types of coral reefs that we can find in the waters of Tanjung Tinggi Beach include Acropora tumbulate corals, mushrooms, foliose, Acropora branching corals, massive corals and also bahar and softcoral roots in small amounts. To be able to find a coral reef that is better and healthier it is recommended that you dive deeper. Because if it is still in shallow waters, the existing coral reefs are less healthy because they are open or dry when low tide. With all the support in the waters of Tanjung Tinggi Beach, the snorkeling and diving activities you run will feel even more exciting.

4. Enjoy the Beauty of the Sunset

foto #3 Berfoto dan BErgaya
Berfoto dan BErgaya

Furthermore, exciting activities that you can do at Tanjung Tinggi Beach, also called Laskar Pelangi Beach, are enjoying the sunset. For you lovers of penorama sunset, you shouldn't miss it when you come to Tanjung Tinggi Beach. Because, the sunset panorama at Tanjung Tinggi Beach does indeed look so beautiful and charming. With the beach facing more towards the West, it indeed makes the sunset view on this beach so optimal. From the beauty of the sunset landscape on Tanjung Tinggi Beach then you who come here will be very unfortunate if you miss it. But to be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset views in the West horizon at Tanjung Tinggi Beach then you have to come here in the late afternoon.

5. Relaxation and Relax

foto #4 Berenang Bebas
Berenang Bebas

Finally, an exciting activity that you can do at Tanjung Tinggi Beach is relax. The beach is indeed one of the best places to unwind and tired. With its beautiful natural panorama, just looking at it will make everything bored and tired instantly disappear. Even though Tanjung Tinggi Beach is a popular beach and is visited by many tourists in Belitung, it does not mean that you cannot relax. Because the beach which is 31 km from the city of Tanjung Pandan to the north has a fairly large area of up to 80 hectares. Now from the vast area of Tanjung Tinggi Beach, you can relax in several spots. Supported by complete and qualified facilities such as restaurants, prayer rooms, and hotels make your leisure activities more optimal. Because of some of the facilities at Tanjung Tinggi Beach, your leisure activities are more complete with culinary or staying overnight if needed.

foto #5 Foto-foto Keren
Foto-foto Keren

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