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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  12/09/2018
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Indonesian people who have a long ancestral footprint indeed later present several traditions. As a tradition there are routines carried out by the local community to preserve it. In the land of Laskar Pelani Belitung, we can also find several traditions from ancestors that are still preserved until now. Some of the traditions in Belitung itself are unique and interesting to watch. From the existence of some of these unique and interesting traditions, then you who are on holiday to Belitung can make it as a spectacle so that it makes a meaningful impression. Now here are some unique and interesting traditions that are unfortunate if passed just like that.

1. Bedulang

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First, the unique and interesting tradition that we can see in Belitung is Bedulang or there is someone who calls Nganggung. Bedulang itself is a tradition of eating together in Belitung which has been rooted for a long time. In the beginning Bedulang was a tradition of eating together in the Belitung family where the mother and child who waited for the father to eat together after finishing working to mine tin. But over time, this Bedulang tradition shifted slightly. So now Bedulang is carried out on certain people and also on certain events such as traditional events or major religious events. In this Bedulang eating tradition there are a number of things that are characteristic such as a serving hood that is usually red and also certainly togetherness. In Bedulang this food activity is indeed carried out jointly by several people who are sitting cross-legged and facing each other. Now the food in the form of rice and side dishes that will be eaten will be covered with a food hood that is generally red. Another distinctive feature that can be recognized from this Bedulang tradition is when it will eat it. So in Bedulang, the one who opens the hood is the oldest person. Meanwhile, those who take food are the youngest people as a form of respect for the elderly. In this dish there are usually 6 dishes which have various side dishes where in the middle there is a bowl filled with food. For the type or menu of food served in this Bedulang varies depending on the place. And in one package this rice bed can usually be eaten for 4 people.

2. Fighting for Lawang

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If in the Betawi community in Jakarta there is a tradition of reciprocating rhymes called the Doorstop, then in Belitung we know the tradition of fighting over Lawang. Belitung people who are also included in the Malay family are already familiar with pantun. So from here then comes the tradition of fighting over Lawang. The tradition of fighting over the lawang itself is almost the same as the doorstop that is present at a wedding celebration. So when the groom's entourage comes to the bride's house, then before entering the prospective wife's house, the bridegroom's representative must clash with the bride. The difference with the Doorstop, in fighting over Lawang, the groom's representatives are required to compete with poems three times. The first pantun contest, the groom's representative does it in the prospective wife's home page. For this first rhyme itself must contain the introduction of the prospective husband and family to the prospective wife. After escaping, the groom's representative must again meet in the second post right in front of the bride's house entrance. In this second post, the pantun races that are launched are rhymes that contain greetings to homeowners. The challenge of fighting the third pantun must again be faced by the groom's entourage while in front of the bride's room. Not only in races, at every pantun contest passed by, the group of men is also required to give 'seduction money' for the smooth running of the marriage.

3. Betiong

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Next, the unique and interesting tradition that we can find in Belitung is Betiong. Betiong itself is a way to convey Malay poetry that tells the story of the past and is accompanied by traditional music. Some of the traditional musical instruments used to perform Betiong are four drums, tawak-tawak and piul (violin). This art of poetry similar to begambus is generally performed during harvest celebrations or traditional events for the night.

4. Discard Jong

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If you like going to the beach in Belitung, then don't miss the Buang Jong tradition. Jong himself has the meaning of a small ship, while throwing means throwing into the sea. From this it can be stated that Buang Jong is a sea barrel tradition by throwing jongs or small boats into the ocean. The tradition that was first carried out by the Sawang Tribe who lived in the sea was indeed rooted in the Belitung people, especially those living in the coastal area. In this jong or small boat there are some offerings that have been given a prayer and covered by a ancak (bamboo frame shaped like a house). Buang Jong's own tradition is carried out in order to ask for salvation, protection and blessing when fishing and fishing. To watch Buang Jong, you can come to Belitung between August and November. Between these months when the winds blow in the West, if you are lucky you will find the Buang Jong Festival organized by the local government. Because the Buang Jong Festival is usually held at Mudong Beach, so to be able to watch it you have to go to the beach. Overall, the Buang Jong tradition will be held for 3 days and 3 nights. Later after the peak of Buang Jong in the form of sea barrel is carried out then for the next three days the fishermen are prohibited from going to sea first.

5. Betare

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Finally, the unique and interesting tradition of the Belitung people to watch is Betare. Betare is a traditional guidance in Belitung to ask for permission or permission. Betare itself is carried out on people who are elder or have authority such as the head of the village, the head of the family or also the head of the tribe and others. By doing Betare, a person is considered to have been in compliance and civilized and dignified. But if Betare is not done then it makes someone considered uncivilized and lacking dignity. After this Betare is done, the person who is the elder will give his blessing and prayer to the person who asked for it. Not infrequently the elder person will also give a message or advice. The purpose of the Betare tradition that has been carried out for generations is itself as an attitude of respect and respect. Not only maintaining relationships between humans, it turns out that Betare is also related to other creatures and nature and spirituality to the creator. Once the importance of Betare in the traditions of the Belitung people is making who violates it, it is believed that there will be an unexpected disaster. And this belief is apparently still being understood by the Belitung people for generations.

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