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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  30/11/2019
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Snorkeling is one of the activities or activities that many tourists do when visiting sea or onshore destinations. If the waters present clear water until clearly visible the scenery below, then it will be fun and enjoyable if you then do snorkeling activities. Snorkeling which is a dreamy activity or seeing beautiful underwater panoramas while swimming is indeed impressive when done in the right place ie in clear waters. Especially if it is then supported by a beautiful underwater panorama, it will be even more special what can be felt. In Belitung itself, which is surrounded by many beaches, it also has several snorkeling spots or spots that are worth exploring. Well here are some of the best snorkeling spots in the Laskar Pelangi Country.

1. Kepayang Island Waters

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The first best spot for snorkeling in Belitung is in the waters of Kepayang Island. The biggest island of the islands in the North of Belitung waters is indeed very interesting for you who want to do snorkeling. The reason is here you will find clear waters and beautiful underwater panoramas. In addition to corals, marine life such as fish and others, you will also be able to meet while snorkeling. Not to mention the support of waves that are not large, will certainly make your snorkeling activities more leverage. Even Kepayang Island is actually the best diving spot in Belitung. This can be seen from the existence of a dive shop that is a place of sale and rental of some equipment for diving to tourists who want to do it. Another interesting thing that can be found on the island which is also called the Pig Island is the existence of tourism facilities that are so complete. Some of the tourist facilities that we can enjoy on Kepayang Island are prayer rooms, restaurants, toilets, bathrooms, outbound facilities, and lodging. Here you can also see turtles and coral reef conservation carried out by the Belitung Environmental Care Group (KPLB). The waters of the island which is in Keciput Village, Sijuk District will also leave you stunned because of the beautiful scenery with granite rocks and white sandy beaches.

2. Right side of Galangal Island

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Not far from Kepayang Island, you can also find another best snokeling spot in Belitung, Lengkuas Island. This island can be reached by boat for 30-45 minutes from Tanjung Binga or Tanjung Kelayang. A distinctive feature of the Lengkuas Island is the existence of an ancient lighthouse as high as 62 meters that has existed since the Dutch colonial era. But not only that the island which is still in Sijuk District is also known as the best snorkeling and diving spots in Belitung. With clear waters and a variety of marine bioata support, making Lengkuas Island very appropriate for snorkeling or diving. But to do this activity you have to provide the equipment yourself, because here it's not like Kepayang Island, which has a dive shop. Snorkeling and diving spots from Lengkuas Island itself are on the right side of the island.

3. The waters of Batu Garuda Island

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Next, the best snorkeling spots in Belitung can be found on Batu Garuda Island. The island, also called Bird Island, does have everything needed for maximum snorkeling and diving. In addition to its clear waters, the waters of Batu Garuda Island also have beautiful and enchanting underwater views. This uninhabited island also has another feature, namely the formation of granite rocks that form the head of the Garuda bird. From here the island which is not far from Tanjung Kelayang Beach is called Batu Garuda Island. From the serving of granite rocks that form the head of the Garuda Bird, while snorkeling, you can also take selfies to get instagramable images.

4. Batu Berlayar Island Waters

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Another uninhabited island that presents the best snorkeling spots in Belitung, Batu Berlayar Island. A unique island with granite rocks shaped like a sailboat that stretches it will indeed be very appropriate for you to snorkel. The reason is here you will find clear waters and also some marine life and corals that create a beautiful underwater panorama. In addition to ship-shaped granite rocks, here we can also find some unique granite rocks such as granite fins and shark teeth. Without residents here you will be able to snorkel calmly and comfortably. But because there are no residents, then you have to prepare your own snorkeling equipment from the point of departure.

5. Tanjung Tinggi Coastal Waters

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Furthermore, the best snorkeling spot in Belitung that you can go to is Tanjung Tinggi Beach. The beach which has an area of around 80 hectares does have a lot of offerings that can make snorkeling activities more optimal. Call it like clear waters, the beauty of the underwater scenery and the varied and varied biota. With a few things earlier you will certainly be able to feel satisfaction when snorkeling. On this famous beach, you can also find the most special dish that is granite rocks of various sizes scattered in the beach area. According to the records, granite rocks in Tanjung Tinggi Beach are the most than other beaches in Belitung. Another interesting thing that can be found from the beach in Keciput Village, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency is the complete facilities. With the popularity of Tanjung Tinggi Beach as a tourist destination in Belitung, this beach has many facilities. Especially since this beach is used as a shooting location for the film Laskar Pelangi, making the beach which is finally also called Laskar Pelangi Beach is increasingly crowded with tourists and has a variety of facilities.

6. Sand Island Waters

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Finally, the place that presents the best snorkeling spots in Belitung is Pulau Pasir. The island that can appear and sink is indeed often visited by tourists because of its uniqueness. The emergence and sinking of Sand Island itself is because this place is a gusong whose existence is affected by sea water discharge. When the tide is high, then this Sand Island will disappear and cannot be visited. However if you are able to find and come to this island, then at that time you will be able to snorkel competently. This is because around this Sand Island there are very clear waters and amazingly beautiful underwater scenery. From some of the offerings and support, then you will be able to do snorkeling activities very optimally in the waters of the Sand Island. Don't forget the clean, fine and exotic white sand that you can find on this Sand Island.

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