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POTENTIAL of Belitung's nature is not only superior in its beach panorama which has its own characteristics among the beaches in Indonesia. Some tourist sites besides the beach also have the potential to be developed. One of them is a waterfall in Burung Mandi Village, Damar, Beltim.

This location is relatively rarely visited by the surrounding community and tourists. The waterfall with a height of about 7 meters is located on a hillside that separates the village of Burung Mandi and the village of Mempayak. Located at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level (masl), this waterfall presents a challenging track.

Even though it has a challenging track, access to the location of the waterfall is not too difficult. For haiking lovers, the tracks that are presented to the location of the waterfall are very suitable. Two-wheeled vehicles can enter up to the location of the waterfall. It only takes 20 minutes also to use a motorcycle.

As for the driver of the car must travel a fair distance on foot. Visitors can enjoy the outdoors with the cool hills air. Before the location of the waterfall, visitors are welcomed by two small streams. The water in the river is still very clean.

The village planned the waterfall as an open tourist attraction. These efforts began with the process of changing the status of the forest area into community forestry. At least 200 hectares of land around the location is included in the plan.

"Our plan is already in place. Including the direct management of our community," said Kadesh Burung Mandi, Sudarsono. (*)

Route to the waterfalls of Burung Mandi Village: Jalan Raya Kelapa Kampit enters via Jalan Dam II. Passing on this red dirt road about 20 minutes using a motorcycle. (*)

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