Belitung Gangan Evokes Your Taste When Traveling in the Land of Laskar Pelangi

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BELITUNG has a beautiful panorama of white sand on the beach combined with large granite stones. However, the special features of Belitung as a tourist destination are not enough there.

In addition to beautiful panoramic views, this tin-producing island also has special special food. As an archipelago, Belitung's culinary flavor is greatly influenced by its natural conditions.

Well, predictably, seafood has become a special culinary on Belitung Island. Among a series of culinary in Belitung, gangan becomes one of the dishes that should be tried by tourists when visiting. Haven't gone to Belitung if you haven't tasted it!

Belitung's special cuisine has a unique taste, because this cuisine uses pineapple which produces a special sour taste. Gangan itself is the name of the processed food seasoning.

Gangan itself consists of many types, including sea gangan with the main ingredients of marine fish and land gangan with lake fish, to crab or even meat gangan. This is a favorite culinary for the Belitung people.

Almost in various culinary tourism destinations available, even in five-star hotels also provide it as the main menu. Not only in Belitung Regency, but also in East Belitung.

One that is highly recommended is the gangan katarap, so called because it is made from fresh catfish. The fish head is a meal for true culinary lovers.

This dish uses spices such as turmeric, onion, white bottom and hazelnut. Combined with katarap fish which has a hard skin texture, requires cooking techniques different from other fish.

Gangan has a sweet and sour taste typical of Belitung cuisine, but does not use tamarind. The sour taste is obtained from pineapple growing in Belitung. For the best taste, gangan is served while it's hot.

Before it is processed with herbs to make it into a gangan, it is better for the fish to be processed first. Namely by boiling it using low heat. Shallots, white bottom, and candlenut, traditionally pulverized so that the juice is more pronounced.

It certainly does not need to be asked again, just try it when you visit the Land of Laskar Pelangi. One of the places that provides culinary gangan is Dedaun Village in Tanjungtinggi Village, Sijuk. Enjoy the atmosphere of Belitung beach with white sand. (*)

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