These are the 6 Exciting Activities We Can Do at Kawai Head Falls

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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  20/04/2019
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Kawai Head Waterfall or also called Jurak Waterfall Insum Kawai Head is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Belitung, precisely in Aik Nangka Hamlet, Simpang Rusa Village, Membalong District, Belitung Regency. Although not as popular as the Tanjung Tinggi Beach and Tanjung Kelayang Beach, the Head of Kawai Waterfall remains so impressive to visit. The waterfall which has a height of 15 meters itself has a feature that is the texture that is rarely found in other tourist attractions in Belitung. It is this unique texture that makes Kawai Head Waterfall flow and plunge down in stages. There are at least seven levels that we can find in this Kawai Head Falls. At the location of the Kawai Head Waterfall itself we can travel with a variety of agendas and exciting activities. Well, here are some exciting and impressive activities that you can do at Kawai Heads Waterfall.

1. Bathing and Swimming

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First, the exciting and impressive activities you can do at Kawai Head Falls are bathing and swimming. Kawai Head Waterfall which has a pool below does make you able to do bathing and swimming activities. With its clear and clean water, it will certainly make these two activities very fun. In addition to fun, bathing and swimming in Kawai Head Falls will really make the body feel fresh. This is because the water in the Kawai Head Falls comes from natural sources in the mountains. Because the flow of the Kawai Head Waterfall is not too swift, it is interesting to do bathing under the waterfall.

2. Relax and Relax

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Kawai Head Waterfall which is located in a protected forest area of 10 hectares will make the surrounding air cooler. From the coolness of the air in the tourist area of the Kawai Waterfall Head you can also relax and relax optimally. Another support that makes the activities of relaxation and relaxation at the Kawai Head Falls to the maximum is the existence of a calm and comfortable atmosphere. The location of the Kawai Waterfall which is 40 minutes away from Tanjung Pandang City and is in a protected forest area will indeed make people rarely come. From here then you who come here will feel a quiet, calm and comfortable atmosphere. From the support of this calm atmosphere, in this Kawai Waterfall you will be able to relax and relax very optimally. While relaxing, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Kawai's Head Falls and the beautiful forest. With everything that is able to make this activity of relaxation and relaxation optimal, then you who come here bring boredom and fatigue, will instantly disappear and disappear both of these things.

3. Rock Climbing or Rock Climbing

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There is a unique activity that you can do in this Kawai Waterfall Head tourist area. This activity is said to be unique and different because it can be said that there are almost no waterfall tours in Belitung that can bring it. Rock climbing activities and activities can be done because there is a boulder-shaped rock that is upright. From this boulder-shaped stone, you can also optimally do rock climbing or rock climbing activities. But you who want to do rock climbing activities at Kawai Head Falls then you have to prepare all the equipment and equipment. You must prepare rock climbing equipment from home or place of departure. Because in the area of this tourist location there is no party to rent it. Do not forget to also continue to be careful and alert when you are going to do this rock climbing activities. Especially if you deliberately do rock climbing near the location of the waterfall, then this will be dangerous because of the water on the rocks that can make it slippery.

4. Camping or Camping

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For those of you who like adventure activities, then camping or camping at the Kawai Head Falls location will be the right choice. This is because here you can do camping with the support of a natural atmosphere that is so thick. Kawai Heads Waterfall itself has long been used as a camping ground by several groups and communities. To do this camping you also have to prepare equipment from home. Also make sure you take some personal medicine and first aid medicine to anticipate things that are not expected when camping. For all camping equipment, including medicines, you should prepare it from home. This is because at tourist sites or in the vicinity it is difficult to find a place that provides some of these equipment.

5. Trekking

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With an area of 10 hectares of protected forest, you can certainly do trekking activities in the tourist area of Kawai Falls Waterfall optimally. To get to the Kawai Head Falls spot itself you also have to do trekking on foot which is quite capable. Now if you arrive at the waterfall you are still not satisfied, then you can continue trekking to explore the tourist area which is very wide to be explored. When trekking in the Kawai Waterfall Head tourist area it is recommended that you do it with friends. The point is that you are advised not to be alone when trekking. This is to anticipate things that are not desirable such as getting lost or also having an accident that needs help. Some animal attacks that can endanger you also make trekking with friends highly recommended. Don't forget to bring some food and drinks while doing this trekking. The reason is, trekking activities in the tourist area of Kawai Waterfall which is broad can make you hungry and also thirsty. By bringing food and drink supplies, your hunger and thirst will soon be overcome. Bring some personal medicine and first aid is also important when doing trekking. This is to anticipate things like recurrence of illness or accident.

6. Photography

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Finally, an exciting activity that you can do at Kawai Head Falls is photography. With the beauty and charm of Kawai Head Falls and the surrounding protected forest area, you will regret not capturing them with a camera. Just make sure you bring a camera with good resolution so that your shots become more optimal. When carrying and taking photoshoot at several Kawai Falls Waterfall tourist spots, you must be careful. Especially if you are aiming for several objects around the location of the waterfall. This is because in the tourist area of Kawai Head Falls, especially in the ari falls, there will be puddles or splashes of water that can make your camera damaged if hit. So just be careful when doing photography in the Kawai Falls Waterfall tourist area.

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