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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  19/04/2020
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Keroncong has indeed become one part of the art of music in this country. One of the art of keroncong music that we can meet is the Morning Stambul in Belitung. The art of keroncong Stambul Fajar in Belitung itself was not born for a day or two, but has been around for a long time. In fact, as soon as the Stambul Fajar was made, the keroncong music had become Belitung art and culture. Then what is the Keroncong Fambul Fajar that is often displayed in some of the cultural activities of the community? Following the review.

Characteristics of the Morning Fawn Keroncong

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Keroncong Stambul Fajar has a characteristic that is the rhythmic rhythm. Meanwhile, for the lyrics or verses themselves chant 'A B A B' with beautiful words and language containing praise, advice, hope and also heart wailing. Because of the lilting rhythm with soft and calm accompaniment of music, the Keroncong Stambul Fajar is usually played at night until dawn.

One of the evening shows which then often featured the Stambul Fajar keroncong was Maras Taun. At the event, the music of Kerambong Stambul Fajar will be placed in the closing part. When Stambul Fajar entertains, those who attend will usually talk to each other (belagor) while drinking warm coffee until the morning comes. It was from this time of appearance that what made Belitung's keroncong art was called Stambul Fajar.

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History of the Morning Tree

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Regarding the first time the emergence of the Stambul Fajar orchestra, no one knows for sure. But according to Wikipedia Indonesia records, Stambul music has been known in Indonesia since the 1880s. This is evident from the existence of Keroncong Tugu in Gambir and Kemayoran. Now from this area the Belitong artists allegedly took him to his area to give birth to the Morning Stambul.

The artists then introduced Stambul Fajar until finally the art of keroncong music spread in the interior areas of Belitung Island to the mainland of the Nasik Strait. From here came a number of musical art groups spread in Belitung. One of the Stambul keroncong groups who are still faithful in preserving this music is led by Mr. Satar Sirim who is in the East Renggiang Village of Belitong. Meanwhile in the Strait of Nasik, two groups of Stambul can be found namely Stambul Fajar and Stapul Sedap Malam. For the Stambul Sedap Malam group itself, even the members have regenerated up to young people.

According to Iqbal Saputra as Chairman of the Belitung Arts Council (DKB) who had conducted research on the Kerambong Fambul Fajar on Mendanau Island, Belitung in 2018, stated that the name Keroncong Stanbul arose because of the influence of Istanbul style music. But from his research, Iqbal found that there was no relationship between Javan keroncong and Stambul Fajar keroncong.

Regeneration of Keroncong Stambul Fajar Music

Amid the increasingly rapid technology, making some people worried about the fate of the art of kerambong Fambul Fajar which is increasingly abandoned by the younger generation. Indeed there are a number of Stambul groups that are able to give birth to this young generation of keroncong music successors. But that number is not much. Fortunately in Belitung there is a Maras Taun event. With this Maras Taun, the music of Stambul in Belitung will come back to life and exist. This is because when the agenda is held, many people then witness. Some invitations to fill the event sometimes can also save the fate of some of these keroncong music groups.

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