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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  11/03/2019
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A unique game called Beripat Berengong can be seen in Belitung. The game in the form of typical Belitung martial arts is indeed so riveting. This is because when it is staged, Beripat Berengong will invite a lot of attention and public response. How not, in Berengong Berengong there is a whip fight with rattan carried out by the players. Then what is this Berongong Berong game? Come follow the review below.


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Tracing the history of art or game Berengong Berengong is indeed not known when the exact time. But there is an oral source that states that Beripat Berengong began to emerge during the Kingdom of Badau. Besides this oral source about the history of Beripat Berengong also emerged from local stories of the local community. According to the local story tells that Beripat Berengong emerged from Kelekak Gelanggang Village which is now called Mentigi Village. In this village there used to be a beautiful girl so many men wanted to propose to her. Because there are so many men who want to propose the girl, then the girl's parents submit the decision to the applicants. In the agreement the applicants then agreed to hold a martial contest which later became known as Beripat Beregong. In the martial arts competition using the rattan the rules stipulated that the beating was required on the opponent's back. From the number of rattan blows that hit the opponent's back then the man is determined as the winner and can marry the girl. But in its history it is told that no one won, because all the players who took part in this martial arts contest were equally knowledgeable.


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Tarian Belitung

From the origin of the word, Beripat Berengong comes from two terms namely Beripat (Ripat) and Berengong. Beripat (Ripat) itself means hitting or whipping with a tool, while Berengong (Gong) has a musical instrument used to accompany the game. In general, Beripat Berengong itself is a typical Belitung martial art that is indeed performed with musical accompaniment. In this game or martial art there are tools in the form of rattan that are used to attack each other or whip each other between players. Held on a stage, the Beripat Berengong show will always get the attention of residents and tourists alike. THE MEANING OF BERENGONG Is even though there is a standard scene of a hit or a whip, but in Beripat Berengong there are other meanings that can be found. Even the meaning of Beripat Berengong is contrary to the real thing witnessed by the eyes. That is, if you see Beripat Berengong directly then what comes up is a fight and revenge. But it turns out Beripat Berengong has another meaning which is to strengthen relations between villages.


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Kegiatan Budaya Belitung

To roll out Berengong Berengong is indeed not easy. Because it takes a stage where the match is called the stretcher hall. This stretching center is indeed not an ordinary stage. The reason this stretching center is a fairly high stage reaching 6-7 meters. Not only have to provide a high stage, because when the stage is finished, another big struggle emerges, namely lifting musical equipment onto the stage which is fairly heavy. Some of the musical equipment needed to hold Beripat Berengong include gongs, drums, kelinang, serunai, gamelan and tawak-tawak. To raise some of these instruments themselves should not be careless. Because to appoint and raise it, it takes permission and direction from the customary leader or heir of the gong owner.

Do not forget also a rattan with a length of 1.30 cm also needs to be prepared to roll out the Berengong Beripat. Talking about the rattan used as a weapon in Berengong Berengong martial arts, there are procedures that must be done before being used in the event. So before use, this rattan must be rubbed with water that has been given a spell or incantation. Now from here then the rattan becomes magical because it does not work or does not hurt players who are hit. But after the player returns home, the pain from the blow will usually be felt.

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Menari di Pantai Belitung


After all the preparations have been completed, people will be on the stage. In addition to the players, the people on the stage who needed to be presented were customary officials, note takers and separators. Meanwhile the players who will compete will be called by traditional elders to be asked about the origin of their house. This is done by the traditional elders so that there will be no vengeance between villages. To anticipate vengeance between villages, a rule was imposed that the Beripat Berengong players who competed were banned from the same village. After all the rules and everything are ready then the Berengong Berong game can begin.

foto #4 Budaya Belitung
Budaya Belitung


To play Berengong Beripat is usually done at night. Berengong Berengong itself begins with a shaman who tells the players to undress. After that the player is also required to wear a headband from cloth. In addition to wearing a headband, players are also required to use a cloth tied to the knee-length feet and left hand. The function of the kebat tied to the left foot and hand is to deflect a blow from the opponent. As in other games, Berengong Bonded also has a rule that is not allowed to attack the head and also the waist down. In addition, players are also prohibited from carrying out attacks by deceiving first. Self-assessment only counts when there is a rattan punch that only hits the opponent's back. Now the winner of the Berengong Bonded martial arts game is determined by the number of opponents' backs hit or hit. The more slashes or punches that hit the opponent's back then he is entitled to be the winner.

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Berengong Berengong itself turned out to be developing from time to time. As it is now, Beripat Berengong no longer needs to be carried out on the stretcher hall stage. This is because of the many difficulties and complexities that arise from the use of stretcher halls. Even in some areas, Beripat Berengong has expanded its activities and not only presents martial arts actions. But the art of Beripat Berengong in some of these places has now become a public activity such as thanksgiving, village salvation or a maras taun. But even so you don't need to worry to be able to watch the original art of Berengong Berengong. Because there are still some areas in Belitung that hold Beripat Berengong with martial arts and original games. Another thing that has changed from the art of Beripat Berengong is the holding time. Because at first Beripat Berengong was held in one full week. But now as time goes by, the implementation time of Berengong Berengong is limited in shorter time.

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