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SOME areas in Belitung bring out tourism potential. One of them is Tanjung Rusa Village, Membalong District. The village claims that the Kampak Island in the waters of the village has a very attractive tourism potential.

So far, the Sijuk region is still the belle of the island's tourism. Some of the islands there are a reference for a tour to Belitung. Among Lengkuas Island, Kepayang Island, Bird Island and several other islands.

The development of the Axial Island began to be planned by the village. The village, located in the southernmost region of the Membalong District, wants to be one of the tourist destinations in Belitung. The small island which is about 113 meters from the shoreline of the village is a valuable capital.

The island is located in the Balok Bay surrounded by mangrove forests (mangroves). Currently in the waters of the island of Axis used by the community to install floating net cages (KJA). This makes other tourism potential namely seafood cuisine.

The fishing communities in the village produce fish, shrimp and crabs that are still fresh when pulled over to the beach. This will be its own advantage Tanjung Rusa Village as one of the tourist destinations.

"Tourists can enjoy seafood taken from cages. When else can they enjoy fresh fish, shrimp and crabs that can be eaten immediately," said Head of Tanjung Rusa, Hendra.

The village has budgeted the development of the 60-hectare island in the 2015 APBDes. The first phase that will be carried out, the village will provide access to the island. (*)

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