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GIANT letter seems to be very popular in Belitung Island. As a fairly young tourist destination in Indonesia, some tourist locations use giant letters (large letters) such as Hollywood hills in the United States to mark these tourist locations.

Currently there are many places on Belitung Island that use giant letters, including "Welcome to Belitung" on Tanjung Kelayang Beach (Sijuk), "Nyiur Melambai" on Nyiur Melambai Beach, Manggar District, "Kolong Cinta" and "Bukit Pangkuan" in Kelapa Kelapa District Kampit (Beltim).

A similar article will also be made in the Tanjungpendam Beach tourist area in the near future. The plan will be displayed at the nearest tourist location to the center of Tanjungpandan to welcome visitors who have just entered the area.

In addition to the giant letter, the manager also built a small park in the giant letter area. The plan giant letter will use silver. This is an effort to make Tanjungpendam more representative for family tourists.

The head of Tanjungpendam Amusement Park UPTD Sugianto mentioned the giant letter as the identity and identification of the name of the area. Visitors can also use the giant letter as a background for taking pictures or taking selfies.

"Later the text will be equipped with lights, so that at night the lights will be lit. It can also be a place for visitors to take pictures, take selfies," said Sugiyanto.

The regional government disbursed funds from the Belitung Regency Regional Budget in 2015 amounting to Rp 149.7 million to make the giant letter. The facility is expected to attract more tourists to visit the coast to the west of Tanjungpandan.

During the Eid holiday then the number of visits reached 35,000 people. This figure is only within a period of six working days during the Idul Fitri 1436 Hijriyah holiday.

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    3 Aug 2015

    Mudah-mudahan segera terlaksana dan pantai Tanjung Pendam semakin maju