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The Superb Beach of Belitung
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BelitungIsland.COM, the first website and tour operator in Belitung, will assist you to further explore the island, with nice stories as well as realistic fact. We present complete guide to visit Belitung. We also provide a tour package service as per below table.

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There have been 20,163 tourists in 2,126 trips, decided to take holiday in Belitung joining BelitungIsland.COM Tour Package, the first and biggest licensed tour operator in Belitung:
Enjoy exotic truly white sand beaches, artistic granite boulder and blue sea at: Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Binga
Hotels equal to star **/*** beach front white sands. Full meal plus culinary tour of special Beitung dishes + snack and drink
Island hopping exploring small islands likes Lengkuas and Burung islands. Land transportation included, visit Laskar Pelangi Village
Complete itinerary with experience tour guides. Suitable for photography hunting, corporate outing or family gathering
To make your holiday in Belitung more fun, since May 2010 we provide kayak and bicycle rental as seen on beside video.
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Some visitor will join our tour package to visit Belitung, as per above schedule. Click each program to participate or getting further information about upcoming schedules, itenary and price. The price per person is for normal season on total number of registered member if all confirm to join. Some of photos and contents are contributed by below friends. We regularly post new article about tips and travel information as guide for vacation in Belitung as per below list.
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    BelitungIsland.COM is the first website specialized in providing information about Belitung island of Indonesia. Belitung is special island where natural beauty of exotic granite, white sandy beaches and small islands with combination of Indonesian malay culture are the ultimate mixture of visitors atraction, who mostly never regret after visiting Belitung. This unique source of beauty of Belitung made us put continuous effort to build this worldwide web database since year 2000 in order to not let you miss the chance to view one of the best beach in Indonesia.

    Since year 2000, we introduced the beauty of Belitung mainly to photography community. Due to rapid increase of photography community who asking the guidance and event organizer service, since 2006 we introduced our Tour Programs, as the first tour provider in Belitung, until now. We introduced the island hopping tour and promoting the sites likes Lengkuas and Burong islands, Batu Berlayar, Pulau Pasir, Surga Batu, etc. And since 2008, after booming of fenomenal launch of Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troop) novel and movie, Belitung is then becoming undoubt holiday destination for thousands of tourists every year.

    BelitungIsland.COM is then well known becoming the main Belitung's tour service provider with complete facilities such as buses and cars, safety equipment, sport facilities and more importantly our extensive experience, capacity and capability to manage your personal, family, group and corporate event, outing or holiday in Belitung.
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    • 10 Dec 2014
      Coming soon: The Rainbow Motorhome Belitung Island Adventure

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    • 27 Jul 2014
      Burung Island Aerial Video & Eid Mubarak 1435H

      The aerial view of Burung (Burong) Island one of the beautiful small island in the North West of Belitung island. The name of Burung (bird) island was taken from the giant granite rock that becoming landmark of the island. That granite shape like a head of a bird. Further information please click disini. Also, we would like to send our Eid Mubarak 1435H greetings to all of you.

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    • 23 Jun 2014
      Raibow Troops Festival II

      The biggest event Rainbow Troops Fextival II finaly happen on June 21, 2014 at Satam Cross Monument in the down town of Tanjungpandan. This event presents the art show of traditional Belitung from local art club and schools. The peak of the event presents the colocal dance of Pendulang Timah (tin miners) created by Andrea Hirata.

      The Pendulang Timah dance is based on the story Belitung tin miners in the past who working very hard in every tin mining sites, but only getting the smallest portion of the treasure from the island. This dance is presented by 700 kids from junior high scools who decorate themselves with colourful mud and body painting.

      In the evening the stage pesents the music show called Poem & Jazz. The theme of Rainbow Troops Festival this time is Poem & Jazz 3 as sequence of semilar but smaller events session 1 and 2 presented at KV Senang in Tanjungpandan down town. The top performance was conducted by the Jazz performance by Meda Kawu and Gihon Jazz Band from Jakarta, featuring Andrea Hirata. This event was getting more exciting with performance of Japanese musicion Hiroaki Kato. Several local musicions and band club also fill-in their slot with comparable quality with professional musicions from outside Belitung. This event was wathced by thousands of tourists and local people of Bangka Belitung.

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    • 9 Jun 2014
      The Rehearsal of Laskar Pelangi Festival 2014 - Poem & Jazz 3

      Festival Laskar Pelangi 2014 Puisi & Jazz 3 is coming to Tanjungpandan Belitung 21 June 2014. This video was taken on 8 June 2014 at the down town of Tanjungpandan Belitung. This is a colosal dance called "Pendulang Timah" (tin miners) created by Andrea Hirata. There are 700 young boys participate in this dance. Please note this video is not the real show yet, it is just a rehearsal. Let's come to Belitung on 21 June 2014 to watch this spectacular dance and stage show by Meda, Andrea Hirata, Gihon Jazz Band from Jakarta, variety show of Belitung artists, from day to midnight. This video credit to Azwar Hanif.

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    What's visitor said ?
    Sorry a bit late to write our testimony...
    thanks a lot to mr.Andi and team, our honeymoon become a very memorable trip, cool tourism, the foods are delicious especially the crab that makes us want to come back again, and the most surprise is when candle light dinner it is beyond our expectation, we feel we use the wrong dress..., thanks to, especially for mr.andi who always accomnay us while we are in Belitung.
    Indri Atmoko
    Indonesia, Jakarta
    Trip#P5471: 16 Jul 2012
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    Heru Desanto Gallery

    What's visitor said ?
    Indonesia, Jakarta
    Trip#p5508: 6 Jul 2012
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    Apa yang dikatakan pengunjung ?

    Special thanks to: Pak Kusuma yang sangat membantu dan baiiiik banget, bahkan sampe di jamu di rumahnya gitu lho :) semoga cottage nya berjalan dengan lancar. Oh iya pak, ditunggu paket bermalam di pulaunya. Pak Gito, Pak Hendro, Pak Ito dan Pak Rusdi (entah mereka baca atau tidak comment ini) tapi yang jelas mereka sangat ramah dan talkative dalam menjelaskan pulau belitung tersebut hehe.. mantaflah.. Dan terakhir, untuk member trip #64 yang seru, rame dan lucu; dewi, fanny, nithya, prima, ayangku delli, fitri, mas ichsan, mbak anti dan anak2nya beserta segenap crew investigasi.. jangan lupa kita akan bertemu lagi pada trip brikutnya... hahaha...

    Hisfus Syabab
    Trip#64: 30 Dec 08 - 2 Jan 09

    What's visitor said ?
    Thankss to hospitality TL and crew belitung island, our photos in the beaches of Belitung has made our friend angry because we did take them there. Next plan is to make a group with friends. Please keep Belitong beautifull yaa...please do not let garbage and graffiti hand of evil destroy those beautiful granite boulders. Before it become too late, TOURISM AWARENESS must be developed into the society in general, and especially pople of Belitung. Regards.
    ratna suryandari
    Indonesia, Bandung
    Trip#P1883: 30 Jul 2010
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