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The Superb Beach of Belitung
   Updated: 15 Mar 2014 07:31 am

BelitungIsland.COM, the first website and tour operator in Belitung, will assist you to further explore the island, with nice stories as well as realistic fact. We present complete guide to visit Belitung. We also provide a tour package service as per below table.

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There have been 17,569 tourists in 1,821 trips, decided to take holiday in Belitung joining BelitungIsland.COM Tour Package, the first and biggest licensed tour operator in Belitung:
Enjoy exotic truly white sand beaches, artistic granite boulder and blue sea at: Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Binga
Hotels equal to star **/*** beach front white sands. Full meal plus culinary tour of special Beitung dishes + snack and drink
Island hopping exploring small islands likes Lengkuas and Burung islands. Land transportation included, visit Laskar Pelangi Village
Complete itinerary with experience tour guides. Suitable for photography hunting, corporate outing or family gathering
To make your holiday in Belitung more fun, since May 2010 we provide kayak and bicycle rental as seen on beside video.
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R140410 May 2014 - 13 May 20144D 3NLaskar Pelangi TourOpen02,288,000,-
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P818028 May 2014 - 30 May 20143D 2NLighthouse PackageOpen22,480,000,-
R140629 May 2014 - 1 Jun 20144D 3NLighthouse PackageOpen23,160,000,-

)* Price valid if all participants are at CONFIRM status, for itenary with morning return flight. Check more tour schedules
Some visitor will join our tour package to visit Belitung, as per above schedule. Click each program to participate or getting further information about upcoming schedules, itenary and price. The price per person is for normal season on total number of registered member if all confirm to join. Some of photos and contents are contributed by below friends. We regularly post new article about tips and travel information as guide for vacation in Belitung as per below list.
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  • About BelitungIsland.COM
    BelitungIsland.COM is the first website specialized in providing information about Belitung island of Indonesia. Belitung is special island where natural beauty of exotic granite, white sandy beaches and small islands with combination of Indonesian malay culture are the ultimate mixture of visitors atraction, who mostly never regret after visiting Belitung. This unique source of beauty of Belitung made us put continuous effort to build this worldwide web database since year 2000 in order to not let you miss the chance to view one of the best beach in Indonesia.

    Since year 2000, we introduced the beauty of Belitung mainly to photography community. Due to rapid increase of photography community who asking the guidance and event organizer service, since 2006 we introduced our Tour Programs, as the first tour provider in Belitung, until now. We introduced the island hopping tour and promoting the sites likes Lengkuas and Burong islands, Batu Berlayar, Pulau Pasir, Surga Batu, etc. And since 2008, after booming of fenomenal launch of Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troop) novel and movie, Belitung is then becoming undoubt holiday destination for thousands of tourists every year.

    BelitungIsland.COM is then well known becoming the main Belitung's tour service provider with complete facilities such as buses and cars, safety equipment, sport facilities and more importantly our extensive experience, capacity and capability to manage your personal, family, group and corporate event, outing or holiday in Belitung.
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    To find list of updated information at BelitungIsland.COM, please check our latest update about Belitung, where some latest are listed below:

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    • 29 Mar 2014
      BelitungIsland.COM - Official Sale Agent of Belitung Highland Resort

      Are you interested to have your private holiday asset as well as making a property investment in Belitung ? Belitung Highland Resort is the most appropriate choice, placed just 5 menutes from Tanjung Tinggi beach, facing truly white sandy beach, exclusively design by senior architect Sonny Sutanto who famous with his masterpieces such as Blowfish, Rustiqu, Immigrant dan eX Lifestyle Mall in Jakarta. Belitung Highland Resort (BHR) managed by Panorama Hospitality & Management will be under brand 101 Hotel built by developer Bintang Berlian Group.

      BelitungIsland.COM is one of official sales agent in Belitung. While taking your vacation in Belitung you may also explore potential property investment in a kondotel. If you are interested please contact us at +62 812 7847 9677 or you can have consultation and field site visit with us at Kampong Dedaun restaurant which placed just several hundred meters from BHR location.

      For more information click di sini.

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    • 27 Mar 2014
      Manggar The Town of 1001 Coffee Shops

      Manggar town is second largest town in Belitung with approximately 35.000 population. Manggar is a capital of Belitung Timur regency established since 25 Februari 2003, as result of split from Belitung (West) regency.

      The people of Manggar is proudly call their town as the Town of 1001 Coffee Shops. These coffee shops are the social meeting points from people of Manggar and Belitung Timur in general from several different backgrounds. This tradition already happened since the era of Tin Mining during orde lama until order baru time span.

      Manggar also provides several nice destinations such as Serdang and Nyiur Melambai beach, Samak Hill and Bandung Lake.

      The distance between Manggar dan Tanjungpandan is about 100km. It takes about 2 hours trip from Tanjungpandan to Manggar by car. Visitor can also stay in Manggar where several quite descent hotel are available.

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    • 14 Mar 2014
      INFO EVENT: Poem & Jazz II @ KV Senang Tanjungpandan 22 Maret 2013

      The art festival of Poem & Jazz 2 will be conducted on 22 Maret 2014 at KV Senang area of Tanjungpandan Belitung. This even is promoted by the Belitung tourism society and art community of Belitung together with Literature Museum of Andrea Hirata. This event will present the performance of Tyas Jazz band, Ryo Jazz band & Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) choir, and special performance by Andrea Hirata dan Meda. All the bands are in association of free school of Literature Museum of Andrea Hirata.

      This Poem & Jazz 2 event is the continuation of previous Poem & Jazz event conducted on 24 January 2014. In addition to Andrea Hirata's team performance, the local distric of art group from East Belitung and (West) Belitung regency will also present. This event is also promoted by all local medias of Belitung.
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    • 10 Mar 2014
      Latest Video: Holiday in Belitung

      Here are the video from our tour package guest who really enjoy spending their holiday time with family in Belitung
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    • 21 Feb 2014
      Bicycle Tour in Belitung
      Belitung is well know with smooth quality of road and they are mostly empty. The local government has done good job in prioritizing the development of road to support tourism in Belitung. Belitung which only 200.000 inhabitants with the lands size 4/5 of Bali is considered as quite place. It can be seen along the road outside Tanjungpandan or Manggar city which almost empmty.

      Bicycling is the activity you can consider to enjoy the beauty of Belitung. The route along Tanjung Kelayang down to Sijuk about 10km is the route where tourists can take bicycle along the empty road beside the beach as you can see on above photo. For further information please visit Kampong Dedaun.

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    This website is aimed to promote the beauty of Belitung. Any commercial use of the pictures must be with acknowledgment from the photographer, BelitungIsland.COM or holder of its copyrights. This is a non-goverment website. If any of you interested to contribute article or pictures related to beaches and islands of Belitung, we are welcome. The Tour Program is managed by PT. Sashi Anugrah Raya in Belitung. To send us email please click here. (ReNew.18.06.06).
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    Dear Belitung Island,
    We want to thank you for introducing us to the wonderful Belitung island.
    We are very impressed with your efficiency.
    Most of all, we want to thank Bang Gito for being the best tour guide weve ever had. Its hard to imagine having anyone better.
    Bang Gito went above and beyond, literally, for us.

    Weve been telling our friends about your service and also Bang Gitos name.

    Here is one of the wonderful photos shot by Bang Gito.

    Bang Gito, terima kasih banyak!
    Hans Kam
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    Heru Desanto Gallery

    What's visitor said ?
    Indonesia, Jakarta
    Trip#p5508: 6 Jul 2012
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    What's visitor said ?

    "Do you know how far is heaven? Well, it's just 45 minutes away from Jakarta.."

    Well, that the tag line that I think suitable for Belitung island... Really unique panorama where giant granite boulders spreading in all beaches, soft white sands, blue and calm open sea, exotically small islands likes Lengkuas with lighthouse (+ snorkeling).. Hmmm feel likes in heaven..!!

    Guided by Bang Gojing and Bang Lebon from, all 11 of us got "the best & unforgettable holiday ever" 4 days 3 nights feel too short..

    Galuhafiar Puratmaja
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Trip#P09901: 27-30 Jul 2009

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    "Dear Kusuma,Hendro and Rusdi i want to say again thank you very much for the great time i have with my mother, brother and wife on your beautiful island. The second time i visit Belitung Island, the first time with PT VOITH PAPER was already great, but you was able to give us a better time and i only can say i come again and for all you read this comment, FORGET BALI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

    Timon Gabel
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Trip#572: 5-8 Dec 2008

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    What's visitor said ?

    ...for the food two thumbs up...absolutely satisfied especially the crab...once again thank you very much for belitungisland team (mr.kusumah & mr.hendro)...for you who want to take pre wedding photo we suggest to go to will never regret...last words for belitungisland team....i'll be back...

    lihat hasil foto

    Mey & Alfian
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Trip#P09671: 25-27 May 2009