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Inilah Tari Men Sahang Lah Mirah

Belitung does not have beautiful nature with its charming beaches and is a favorite tourist spot. But Belitung also has a wealth of art and culture that is so interesting to explore. One form of cultural richness in Belitung that we need to know is dance. This dance in Belitung is indeed very unique and impressive. Some of the dances that we can find in Belitung themselves include Sepen dance, Measles dance, Sekapur Sirih dance, Pendulang Timah dance, Beripat dance and Men Sahang Lah Mirah dance. The last dance, Men Sahang Lah Mirah Dance, will be discussed in the following discussion.

Men Sahang Lah Mirah Dances That Deserve Joy When Harvesting

The Men Sahang Lah Mirah dance itself


Inilah Stambul Fajar, Seni Musik Keroncong dari Belitung

Keroncong has indeed become one part of the art of music in this country. One of the art of keroncong music that we can meet is the Morning Stambul in Belitung. The art of keroncong Stambul Fajar in Belitung itself was not born for a day or two, but has been around for a long time. In fact, as soon as the Stambul Fajar was made, the keroncong music had become Belitung art and culture. Then what is the Keroncong Fambul Fajar that is often displayed in some of the cultural activities of the community? Following the review.

Characteristics of the Morning Fawn Keroncong

Keroncong Stambul Fajar has a characteristic that is the rhythmic rhythm. Meanwhile, for the lyrics or verses themselves cha


Mengenal 3 Senjata Tradisional Masyarakat Belitung Tempo Dulu

Like other regions, Belitung certainly also has special characteristics. The uniqueness of Belitung itself can not only be seen from its natural state with beautiful beaches or its earthy content which is rich in tin. But the traditional weapons, we can also find a unique and unique characteristics. Because they are traditional weapons, from these weapons we will also find a long story and history in the past. Then what traditional weapons can be found in the Belitung community? Following the review.

1. Parang Badau

Named Parang Badau because this weapon does have a long history of the Kingdom of Badau which stood in the 13th century. When the Badau Kingdom was led by the king with the tit