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Ari Hans Simaela
Photo Contributor
23 May 2020

About Fotographer

In this photo edition of the contributors we introduce the works of Ari Hans Simaela. Ari Hans visited Belitung on 6-9 November 2012, a rather risky time to hunt for photos in Belitung because it had entered the rainy season. But Belitung seems to be giving an exception to Ari Hans, the weather is quite friendly and the photos shown show this is mainly supported by classy photography techniques.

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More Info About Ari Hans Simaela

Ari Hans's colorful works and intelligent shooting angles make us interested in offering Ari Hans to be one of the photo contributors at With the hope that Ari Hans' works can be used as a reference for other photographers who want to capture the beauty of Belitung.

It is said that in the photography community "you are not yet a landscape photographer if you have never tried photo hunting in Belitung". Here are a few sentences from Ari Hans for readers:

First of all, I would like to thank for its excellent service during my trip on #P 5702. My guide, Mr. Donne Skiny, really understands my desire to enjoy a vacation in Belitung with my wife, but still can satisfy the hobby of photography.

My job is as an Advocate in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and I am the first time to Belitung. Belitung is a paradise for lovers of landscape photography. I really enjoyed every hunting that I did accompanied by my wife, Diana and our guide, mas Donne Skinny. I really hope to return to Belitung again.

My advice to friends who like to take photos to Belitung, prepare your photo equipment: Cameras, tripods, CPL filters and ND / GND don't forget anything. Bring enough memory cards because there are so many good spots in Belitung that you have to capture. Don't regret it because the memory card is full on the first day of photo hunting in Belitung.

Greetings from me in the city of Surabaya

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  • client
    20 Mar 2013

    Belitung cuantik tenan rek :)

  • client
    10 Mar 2013

    The beauty of my belitung, my hometown, please take care of its beauty

  • client
    10 Mar 2013

    The beauty of my hometown. To long the diagram to keep it beautiful

  • client
    R Ridwan
    6 Jan 2013

    Looking at this photo it looks like the sea water is fresh to the minimum, incredible views, please keep this beauty in Belitung :)