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South Coast
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South Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
70 km
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70 km
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Uniqueness of Penyabong Beach


This is a beach with many granite rocks and white sand bay likes Tanjung Tinggi. Most above of pictures taken from Baru Lubang. Local fisherman use Batu Lubang also as their fishery port. The unique thing of Batu Lubang is the big granite boulder as big as a hill as you can see from one of above picture. Batu Lubang can be reach from Tanjungpandan by car, it will take about one hour trip with 70km distance. Please note no infrastructure available in this place, but if you are lucky, there are some simple traditional restaurant similar to the one in Tanjung Tinggi. But, you must buy the fish directly from fisherman and ask the restaurant to cook for you. It could be a nice experience.

Description Penyabong Beach

Penyabong beach is place in Membalong area in the South of Belitung. Membalong is the name of distric in South West of Belitung island, while Membalong village is the name of distric capital. This area also called Belantu, an area with slightly different language than the rest of Belitung areas.

Special Penyabong Beach

  • Granite beach at South coast of the island
  • Batu Baginde, a twin hills formed by a single granite rocks
  • White sand beach between two granite peninsula
  • Teluk Gembira, beach and port to Seliu island


Teluk Gembira is actually a sea port for Seliu island. But, this place is also becoming holiday destination from some people in Membalong. The beach is white sands and there are some big granite rocks surrounding. In front of Teluk Gembira you can see Seliu Island. Seliu is second most populated island surrounding Belitung after Mendanau island. The village in Seliu is nice with most of village covered by white sands, and this is a combination of fisherman and farmer villange. Seliu is famous as produces of dry fish, dry coconut, manggo and emping (chip). Teluk Gembira can be reach one hour from Tanjungpandan, about 5 km from Batu Lubang. The boat trip to Seliu will take about 30 minute.


This area is placed in Tanjung Kiras, a village between Tanjung Batu Lubang and Teluk Gembira. Batu Beginde is actually a clif of very big granite rock. You can see it very fantastic during your boat trip to Seliu island. While Mega Mendung is also a beach just down a high land, about 3km away from Batu Beginde. Both of this place only visited during weekend or Lebaran holiday. There are no any shops of house surrounding this place.

Map of Penyabong Beach

Things To Do at Penyabong Beach

  • Seeing the scenary
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Adventure around the area
  • Playing in the beach

Belantu was becoming different since these areas was not becoming target of tin mining exploitation. That cause development in this area slightly lag than others. But, after booming of pepper price in late 1990s followed by palm oil plantation and re-born of tin mining in early 2000, the living standard for some family has been improved and becoming more balance with other areas in Belitung.

Membalong has not yet becoming common tourist destination. We only recommend this place for truly backpacker visitor or landscape photographers who do not expect decent and well equipped infrastructure.


Facilities at Penyabong Beach

Near to Penyabong beach there is a hotel and resort named Arumdalu. This resort is very exclusively design with a private swimming pool in every bungalow. With high class tropical design, this place offer a premium price, so this place will not be crowd with people, the perfect place for you who want to hide away.


Penyabong beach in Membalong can be reach within 1.5 hours from capital town Tanjung Pandan with distance about 80km. Since the public transportation for tourist is not yet available, you must rent a car to reach this place.

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