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Uniqueness of Peramun Hill

General Geology of Peramun Hill

Amongst the tourists attractions of Belitung is the rich variety of Granite boulders formed by structure of big boulders in harmony likes purposely built by human. In general those structures and granite boulders itself are strong even though there are obsolescence in some part of them.

Granite is a frozen rock originally came from magmatic material from eruption of volcano, usually formed a batholit which is giant frozen rocks with its dimention can be as mach as in kilometres range. Since it was form inside earth, the crystallisation process was slow and form a rough surface of the rock.

The granites that emerged at Peramun Hill, Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang form similar physical from by its bright color, including acid frozen rock with silicon contain above 66% as a result of magmatic process of granitic. The rocks in this area categorise Tanjung Pandan ( TrTg) granite formation and part of oldest plutonic that intrusive sediments during Trias era about 220-245 millions years ago (Baharuddin, sidarto, 1995, Peta Geologi Lembar Belitung).

The emerge of granite boulders to the ground surface can geologically explained from appearance of frozen granite boulders into the surface from kilomaters deep. It is categorised as frozen rocks that form a batholit. Caused by tectonic activities those materials suffered from elevation effect, and some suffer cracks and broken. As result of this tectonic process the underground granites then emerged into the earth surface. During the lifting up process, the granite form suffered from deformation form cracks and brooked. After very long process of millions of years the granite boulders appears as a separate boulders. Even though they were a solid form a large granite deep inside the earth before.

General Morphology of Peramun Hill

Morphology of Peramun Hill is based on form of natural field, slope of the hill and spread of rocks and formation of river flows. Based on those, Peramun Hill is a rough relief hill areas. This morphology unit forms a stiff surface of the hill. The slope of hillside usually about 17-30 degree ( 30-50 degree) and presence at the height of 110-150m above sea level. The river that flows form a rectangular and parallel flow that is permanent and some with periodic flows. It is formed by granite boulders of Tanjungpandan.

Description Peramun Hill

Peramun is a name of hill located at Selumar village, at district of Sijuk, Belitung regency. Peramun Hill is a tourist destination and conservation site managed by a community named ARSEL. There are many interesting attraction in this place such as the beauty of tropical forest, flora information, fauna and also the history and legend.

Special Peramun Hill

  • Natural habitate of Tarsius
  • Explore tropical forest by trekking
  • Granite boulder on the hill
  • Photo spot and touris attraction

At the +90 meter above sea level there are two boulderd with almost equal size, likes placed by someone near one each other. These two boulders usually called twin rocks. The myth that related to these boulders are [anyone who can touch the two boulders by stretching thier two hands, for them who already have a family they will be given harmony and for anyone who still searching for couple will mett the love one soon]. To reach twin boulders the management of Peramun Hill has made a special track that can be reached by 30 minutes walking from the parking area. The beautiful scenery of Sijuk sea down until Sungai Padang can be clearly seen from this spot.

The strategic location of Peramun Hill in the middle of golden triangle of tourism development zone of Belitung which are Tanjungpandan town, HAS Hanandjoedin airport, and Tanjung Kelayang made Peramun Hill becoming a strategic location for local community to develop community based tourism as alternative to maritime tourism. This attraction provide variety of destination that avoid visitor from boring is only see maritme related tourism spots.

[Written by Arsel Community]

Map of Peramun Hill

Things To Do at Peramun Hill

  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Photography hunting
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Seeing the scenary

General Information
Georaphical Information

Selumar village loaced at Sijuk district of Belitung regency part of Bangka Belitung province of Indonesia. The size of the area is 93,50Km2, height 22 m above sea level. It placed among those areas:

- Tanjung Tinggi at the North
- Kacang Butor, Buluh Tumbang on the South
- Sijuk, Pelepak Putih on the East
- Air Seru village at the West

Selumar Village is one among ten villages of Sijuk district. The distance to Selumar village are as follwing:

- Center of district government of Sijuk + 5 Km
- Center city of Tanjungpandan + 20 Km
- Hanandjoedin airport + 10 Km
- Tanjung Tinggi beach + 8 Km

Natural Beauty

Selumar village is rich with natural resources such as tin, clay and kaolin and decorated with beautifull view of hills and historic sites ex tin mining during Dutch colony. Peramun Hill and the area of ex Dutch colony tin mining site, is the tourist destination currently developed by people from Air Selumar village.

Administration Area

Air Selumar village is headed by a head of village supported by village secretary and village administrators. To establish control function of village government, there is a group of people form Badan Permusyaratan Desa (BPD) headed by chief of BPD that consist of 10 members. With area size of 93.50km2, Air Selumar village consist of 4 dusun headed by dusun chief. There are total 18 Rukun Tetangga (RT) in Selumar village.

Citizen and Workers

Number of Air Selumar village in 2015 was 2,736 people consit of 1,397 male and 1,339 female, with population density 29 people per square kilometers. Majority people of Air Selumar work in plantation sector and traditional fishery industry.

Peramun Hill

Gunong Peramoen ( Pramoen Rocky Hill, Geologische Kaart van Billiton,1909) or people of surrounding the area called Gunong Peramun, is a hill with the highest summit about +129 above sea level high formed by a granite boulders. In Belitung people called Gunong (mountain) in every high land even though it is just maximum 500m high above sea level.

At the top of the hill there are structure of granite boulders with interesting formation and size such as: twin rocks, batu dinosaurus, etc, mostly big. At the South West of Peramun Hill there is another hill called Gunong Kabal, slightly lower than Peramun Hill. Alongside Peramun Hill there are granite outcrops with variety form and size that make this area called Gunong 1001 Singkapan Granit (Hill of 1001 Granite Formation). The canopy coverage of trees alongside the hill is almost 100%.

Gunong Peramun (Peramun Hill) by government administration is part of Selumar village, Sijuk district, Belitung regency of Bangka Belitung province. It is lacted at 21km from capital Tanjungpandan. Peramun Hill is part of forestry industry zone of Batu Itam - Air Gelarak that currently included as Hutan Kemasyarakatan (HKM) (local society forest) with permit category are usage of local environment, managed by Arsel community based on legal permit No. 627/Menhut-II/2013 from Forestry Minister about allocation of working area for Arsel Community with the area size of 115 hectares and IUPHKm based on Regency head od Belitung letter No. 522/866/KEP/DPK/2013 business permit for Community Forest for Arsel Community in the area of 115 hectares. This area is directly adjacent to (aman Keanekaragaman Hayati ( TAMAN KEHATI ) [Life Variety Park] with area size 16,25 hectares own by local government of Belitung regency managed by Environmental Body of Belitung Regency based on head of regency decision letter No620/032/KEP/I/2013 date 18 January 2013..

Naming of Peramun was caming from the work peramu of ramu (brew), that taken from local tradition where Peramun hill area had been treated as a place to grow local herbs for traditional medicine. This place is protected by local tradition. The formation of granite boulders as result of tectonic activities form holes and tunnels that becoming a living place for bat, and Seriti bird, even some of those hole were used for temporary living camp during colonial era, named Kubok Peramun

(Kampong Peramun) is a prove that Gunong Peramun was used for living place proven by trees that living in the area such as manggis, lansat, ketepan and etc that can be easily found near the cave or granite holes. The strategic location of Peramun Hill, was used as surveillance site for pirates ships and Dutch ships in the Northern sea of Belitung as enterance point from South China sea and Natuna island.


Access to Peramun Hill

Tourism Concept of Peramun Hill


The Geotourism that is created in the area of Peramun Hill is a track of mountain bike with strating points of hill top (twin rocks) heading to Langkang Hill drive accross Ara forest hill of Bulin trees aged hundreds of years, then drive across pathway of TAMAN KEHATI Belitung with total distance of 1.8km. Ara bulin valley is
a water reservoir on the hill that never dry even though during long dry season, beautiful and fresh a good spot for photography.

Geotourism offered at Peramun Hill is a Geological Tracking. The first pathway is adventure by walking (hiking) along granite boulders at Ara Bulin valley until Langkang hill, walking across Dinosaurs cave, Kelayang cave, Bat cave, Monkey cave and passing by a tunnel of giant granite and Bulin trees that living in this place for hundreds of years.

Nature Tourism

Variety of living creatures and the beauty of Peramun hill can be experienced directly by taking a walk up until the top of the hill +128 meters above sea level, that can be reached within 40 minutes. Walking amongst formation of granite boulders in variety of sizes amongst big trees of bulin can be a unique unforgotten experience. From the top of the hill the beautiful nature of this area can be freely enjoyed, Lengkuas island, South China Sea, the sea of Tanjung Binga, seas of Sijuk and Sungai Padang are visible widely. From the top, visitor can see sunrise down to sunset.

Research Tourism

Peramun term was originated from the word of [peramun] or [ramu] and until now the Peramun Hill is still used as the source of helbal medicine by local community. Other the its natural beauty, Peramun hill is also rich with natural source of herbs medicine that has been used by locals for many generations. The variety of local plants in local names called [acam-acam, bedare pute, pasak bumi, upak apik, berebat, jengkering] are amongst the herbs that are grown in Peramun hill. The visitor of research tourist will be guided by our experience local guide that having deep knowledge about the herbs in this area.

Night Tour (Tarsius Watching)

Tarsius (Tarsius Bangkanus Saltator) or local people called as [Pelilean], is a rare animal who lives in Beramun hill forests. Conservation of wild tarsius has been developed since last 2 years (2015), where the mapping of habitat and population identification were done by self volunteers of locals. For a naight tour interests, wathing tarsius in the wild at night can be done in 4 locations. You will be guided by a professional and experience tour guide.

The Story and Legend of Peramun Hill

Because of its strategic location, during time of both Dutch and Japan colony, Peramun Hill was used as surveillance site to observe arrival of the ship from the South China Sea at the North. The natural cave formed by granite boulders were used as camp by locals as an escape places from the colonial government. This can be proven by existence of local fruits plants such as [ketapan, manggis] and etc, surrounding the cave that used by local people of Selumar where during that time called [Kubok Peramun].

Development of culture from time to time are also influences people of Selumar village. A kind of traditional magic knowledge during animism culture become common at thta time. During this time Peramun Hill was a center of that supernatural power, proven by traditional offerings in the cave of Peramun hill. This tradition is still maintained until now to some extent.

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