Marang Bulo Belitung

Seliu Island
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
Seliu Island
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
70 km
Distance to Airport
71 km
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Description Marang Bulo

Exotic beaches on Belitung Island are not only in Tanjung Tinggi, Batu Belayar or Kelayang Tanjung which are already popular. But far from the location of these beaches, precisely on the Seliu Island, Membalong District, you can enjoy a beach that is also very beautiful named Marang Bulo Beach.

Special Marang Bulo

  • One of the most beautiful and exotic beaches on Seliu Island
  • The sea water is so clear that you can see fish on the seabed
  • There is white sand combined with beautiful granite rocks
  • The atmosphere is calm and peaceful so as to make relaxing so maximum

The best time to go to Marang Bulo Beach is in the afternoon and during the mango fruit harvest season. In the afternoon you can enjoy a beautiful and beautiful sunset panorama. Meanwhile, during the harvest season, you can buy this fruit as a souvenir at a low price.

Map of Marang Bulo

Things To Do at Marang Bulo

  • Swimming
  • Playing in the beach
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Drinking and relaxing

As one of the tourist destinations on Seliu Island, Marang Bulo Beach is a hidden gem that has an incomparable charm. How not, Marang Bulo Beach which is 7 km from the Seliu Island pier does indeed have a lot of dishes that spoil the eyes. First, Marang Bulo Beach has very clean and clear sea water. Secondly, on this beach we can find exotic white sand and also some beautiful looking granite rocks. Third, Marang Bulo Beach has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Especially if you come here in the afternoon, you can also feel the romantic atmosphere because of the beautiful sunset panorama.
The specialty of Marang Bulo Beach is the water which is really clear. Even so clear the water at Marang Bulo Beach you can see fish swimming in the sea floor with the naked eye. The fish at Marang Bulo Beach itself are many and look interesting because some of them are colorful ornamental fish. Around Marang Bulo Beach, we can also see some shady trees that you can use to shelter underneath. Marang Bulo Beach also has a unique coastline because it is winding. Interesting scenery you can also get when the sea water at this beach is high tide. Because when the tide of sea water granite rocks that are on the shoreline look like floating.


Facilities at Marang Bulo

Because it is located far from the city center and on a small island, the facilities at Marang Bulo Beach are still minimal. Therefore you who will come here are advised to bring equipment and supplies of food and drinks from the place of departure.

Access to Marang Bulo

Marang Bulo Beach is located on Seliu Island, Membalong District, Belitung Regency. Because it is on Seliu Island, to get to Marang Bulo Beach you need to cross by boat or boat. The crossing itself can start from Gembira Bay, 63 km from Tanjung Pandan City. The crossing time from Gembira Bay to Seliu Island itself ranges from 15-20 minutes. Arriving at the Seliu Island pier, you will have to travel overland as far as 7 km to arrive at Marang Bulo Beach.

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