Tanjung Binga Belitung

North West Coast
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North West Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
19 km
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33 km
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Uniqueness of Tanjung Binga

From restaurant, you can walk down to the cottages and beach by passing quite long stairs. Its quite high, not recommended for old person. The cottages is built by just several meters from bay. Sands is white and there as some boulders, not as big and artistic as Tanjung Tinggi. Wave is very calm and water is shallow. Swimming in the beach is not that common in here. In front of beach there are 2 islands, one of them can be reach by walk due to shallow water. The other unique panorama is traditional fisherman yacht, hundreds of them spreading in along Tanjung Binga penisula.

Description Tanjung Binga

Tanjung Binga is the name of a village placed at North of Belitung island. This place is becoming interesting because of the beauty of beach and island surrounding and also the traditional culture of local fisherman. Here, you can find pictures of Tanjung Binga.

Special Tanjung Binga

  • Traditional fishery village
  • Exotic Bukit Berahu beach
  • Sunset view from the port
  • Durian fruit during the season

If you take a look to the sea, you will find there are at least 5 small islands spreading on the sea. It is clear to see by your eyes that, all islands are white sands and many corners of the island decorated with granite boulders. Interested to go there ? Yes, lets call the people surrounding and ask them for boat rental. It will cost you less than USD 35,- for several hours journey to the island. One of the island is Lengkuas. You can see clearly a lighthouse on Lengkuas from this port. Please be careful, the boat is for fisherman, not a tourist ship.

Map of Tanjung Binga

Things To Do at Tanjung Binga

  • Playing in the beach
  • Culture and tradition
  • Photography hunting
  • Fine dining service

Tanjung Binga is actually a village 22km North of Tanjungpandan and 8km West of Tanjung Tinggi. This is a fishery port and most residence work as fisherman. If your favourite dish is grill fish, please make sure to be in Tanjung Binga in the morning around 7.00. This is time where fisherman back from fishing. You can select whatever fish you would like to buy and grill at the hotel later on. Why you must do that ? I tell you the taste of fish that totally fresh and just come out from sea, is very much delicious than the one that has been in refrigerator for several hours.

Other than fish, favourite place to visit is Bukit Berahu. It is a resort and restaurant, placed on the hill facing open sea. Panorama is nice, also beach, full white sands even though the boulders are not as big and pretty as Tanjung Tinggi. The restaurant will serve you a decent food likes ordinary restaurant in the city, likes Jakarta. From restaurant you can view open sea, so you can enjoy your meal in a nice panorama beside you. The restaurant also has nice and clean swimming pool. Lets jump in if you feel weather is too hot, especially during middle of the day.


Facilities at Tanjung Binga

Beach and Tanjung Binga village can be access from Tanjung Pandan capital town with 20km distance with 30 minutes trip.


Let's leave Bukit Berahu and back to fishery port of Tanjung Binga. Along the way, don't forget to look around, because homes along the village may sell durian fruit. There are thousands of durian tree growing in yard of every house in Tanjung Binga. Durian will produce fruit once a year, so you may not find it in every time.

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Comments Tanjung Binga

  • client
    11 May 2013

    happy to be in charge of d belitung, hopefully I can surround this "paradise"

  • client
    Yuli Salim
    2 Apr 2013

    I miss belitong, not in sangke my island is very beautiful. thanks to people who make web about belitong, so can treat this longing.

  • client
    4 Nov 2012

    i LOVE MY BELITUNG AND PANORAMANY And Friendly People ... Let's keep the beauty together ... And for tourists Come visit to Belitung .. !!

  • client
    Indra Indra
    28 Oct 2012

    I served in Belitung Th.1999 until 2004. Belitung, a beach full of charm. The population is so friendly. If you don't go to Belitung, you will regret it

  • client
    pack long_asak
    9 Aug 2012

    Tanjung Binga is my hometown that is unforgettable even though it is far far overseas, for friends please take a trip to Tanjung Binga, bring along fishing rods and diving equipment, God willing, do not disappoint, please you go there if you still be anxious

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