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Asep Irwan Gunawan
North West Coast
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Uniqueness of Batu Garuda

Being on Batu Garuda Island, we can do a variety of interesting activities to do. Some interesting activities that can be done on Batu Garuda Island include:

  • Take a boat to Batu Garuda Island.

  • Enjoy the beautiful, natural and enchanting panorama of Batu Garuda Island.

  • To the granite rocks, one of which is the head of an eagle.

  • Take pictures with the background of the eagle's head which is unique and interesting.

  • With a calm and not too crowded situation, you can relax on Garuda Rock Island optimally.

  • Play clean and exotic white sand.

  • Sunbathing on the edge of the island while relaxing enjoying the beautiful natural atmosphere.

  • In the afternoon we can watch the beautiful and amazing sunset views.

  • Swim and play clear sea water and calm waves while maintaining vigilance.

Description Batu Garuda

In addition to the extraordinary charm of its beaches, Belitung also has unique and interesting granite boulders. Granite rocks scattered on the island of Belitung are fantastic, because they have various shapes and large sizes. Because of the privileges of these rocks then the places that have them become tourist destinations. One such place is Batu Garuda Island.

Special Batu Garuda

  • There are unique granite rocks with the shape of the eagle's head
  • Granite rock in the form of an eagle's head is in the middle of the waters
  • There is clean and exotic white sand
  • There is clear water with little waves

There is no tariff to pay to enter and enjoy the Batu Garuda Island tour. You only need to prepare funds for rental by boat or boat. Don't forget to bid on the price or tariff of the boat or boat from the price set by the boat owner. When going here, the object that you should not forget to bring is a camera. Because it would be very unfortunate if you miss the photography activities to capture the uniqueness of Garuda. And one important thing to remember is that during your adventure on Batu Garuda Island, you are required to keep clean and environmentally friendly.

Map of Batu Garuda

Things To Do at Batu Garuda

  • Sailing in the area
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Photography hunting
  • Drinking and relaxing

Named Garuda Stone Island because here there is a unique rock that looks like an eagle. Do not think that the granite rock form of this island is formed by humans. Because, this rock is formed naturally or naturally. If viewed from a distance it will already be seen the form of granite rocks that resemble eagle (head of eagle). This is because the granite rock that forms the head of the eagle is large and high soaring.

Although what is seen from the granite rocks that resemble the eagle is only part of his head, but its uniqueness still makes many people interested in coming to him. Because granite rocks that resemble garuda birds are in the middle of the waters or the sea, the area here is then called the Garuda Stone Island. In addition to the name of Batu Garuda Island there is also someone who calls this island by the name of Bird Island or Garuda Island. The area of ​​Batu Garuda Island itself is fairly small because it is only around 50 square meters. But even though it is not extensive, it is still the specialty of Batu Garuda Island that always seizes the attention of tourists who come to Belitung.

When judging from local folklore it is stated that the stone which has existed since the megalithic era has mystical power. Another history says that there used to be an eagle that bathed and soaked in the waters of Belitung for a long time until it was petrified until now by heading west (qibla). Although it looks like a stone stacking or stratified, but the existence of this rock Garuda is very sturdy and is considered earthquake resistant at any time.

Because the main dish on Batu Garuda Island is the unique granite rock, the activities that become tourists' favorite come are taking pictures. When immortalizing yourself on Batu Garuda Island with the background of the eagle's head, it will produce special and instagramable images. But you need to know that Garuda Stone Island not only has a unique granite rock dish. But because it is in the middle of the waters then on Batu Garuda Island, we will also be able to find other interesting things such as clean white sand and fine water and clear water. So from here you can not only take pictures, but on this Batu Garuda Island we can also have fun playing exotic white sand or swimming on the edge of the island.

With the waves that are not too big and the clear water will certainly make the activities of playing water on the island of Batu Garuda will feel very impressive. The beauty of Batu Garuda Island itself is not only we can enjoy in the morning, afternoon and evening. But at night we can also find the beauty of Batu Garuda Island because of the colorful light from solar power installed by the Regional Government of Belitung.


Facilities at Batu Garuda

Regarding the facilities available at Batu Garuda Island tourism object is still not good. In addition to being offshore, Batu Garuda Island, which only has a small area, makes it difficult for the government to provide infrastructure. But you don't need to worry if you want to get qualified facilities. Because Batu Garuda Island is located not far from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, which already has various complete facilities. Not only public tourism facilities and infrastructure such as parking areas and toilets. But at Tanjung Kelayang Beach only 10 minutes away from Batu Garuda Island, we can find places to eat and also lodging for overnight. But if you plan to linger on Batu Garuda Island, it is advisable to bring food and beverage supplies that you can buy first at places around the Tajung Kelayang Beach.

Access to Batu Garuda

Batu Garuda Island is located in the waters of Belitung, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency, Bangka-Belitung Islands Province. To get here you can reach it from Tanjungpandan City to Tanjung Kelayang Beach first. The trip from Tanjungpandan City to Tanjung Kelayang Beach is about 30 minutes. Regarding road access from Tanjungpandan City to Tanjung Kelayang Beach, it is already considered good because it has been paved. Arriving at Tanjung Kelayang Beach you have to continue the journey by using a boat or boat. The trip from Tanjung Kelayang Beach to Batu Garuda Island itself only takes about 10 minutes.

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