Pangkuan Hill Belitung

Kelapa Kampit
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Kelapa Kampit
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
32 km
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43 km
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Uniqueness of Pangkuan Hill

As a hill area, Bukitpangkuan, has a view that is quite beautiful and enchanting. When looking at the East, the atmosphere of the mountains with the background of Lake Parit Kemang covering an area of 60 hectares, provides its own beauty value. In the morning, Sunrise is clearly visible with its reflection from the lake.
When looking towards the West, the sharp mountain as the highest mountain looks like a vast expanse of green forest. Sunset in the late evening, also makes another charm. The sky was like being carved with blue clouds walking slowly.

Description Pangkuan Hill

Bukit Pangkuan, agro-tourism in the Mentawak Village in Kelapa Kampit. Initially, the fruit plantation area included durian, mango, rambutan, longan, starfruit, guava, palm and soursop. Besides fruits, wood plants are also developed: Sengon (albasia) and Mahogany. All of them are in an area of 120 hectares and have been planted in stages since 2001.

Special Pangkuan Hill

  • Agro tourism on the hill
  • Means of playing and outbound
  • Good location for group activities
  • Close to Open Pit, a former tin mine

Bukitpangkuan began to be developed as a tourist area since the end of 2012, with the construction of various tourist facilities, in the form of a main building made of wood with bamboo walls. Various games of the Guts, like Flying Fox along the 205 m is one of the longest Flying Fox, after Flying Fox I Pantai Park, Pacitan, 450 m.
Not only Flying Fox, there are also various games that test adrenaline; Haigrope with 12 tracks at an average height of 15 m. Trompolin, and Giant Swing, giant swings that invite extraordinary sensations. You are dropped from a height of 15 meters freely then stuck in a swing. And also ATV motorbikes, where visitors are challenged to drive on sharp winding dirt roads, in an off road atmosphere.

Map of Pangkuan Hill

Things To Do at Pangkuan Hill

  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Enjoy traditional cuisines
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Photography hunting

Bukitpangkuan is a hill area with a height of 200 m above sea level. Average temperatures range from 22-28 degrees during the day. And in the range of 15-20 at night, with a relatively high level of rainfall. The air is still very clean without pollution, comfortable atmosphere, cool with a gentle breeze.
Reaching Bukitpangkuan is not difficult. The distance is only 40 minutes from Hanandjoeddin Airport, or approximately 55 minutes from Tanjongpandan City. Can be reached by various vehicles, the asphalt road is relatively smooth and has no holes.


Facilities at Pangkuan Hill

Come to Bukitpangkuan, don't worry about starving. At the Grand Nek Resto, Belitong has provided a variety of special food menus. Main menu, Belitong simpor leaf boiled noodles, Tekwan, Fish Meatballs, Beef Meatballs, empek empek, dumplings, Bukitpangkuan fried rice. Especially for tekwan, fish meatballs, empek empek, mackerel fish raw materials. And various other light menus that can be ordered along with Bukitpangkuan key orange ice.
Do you want to eat heavy? also available complete. There are manganese fish head gangan and pineapple vegetable round fish. Pineapple vegetable coriander chicken, grilled chicken fish chicken (jubong), curry, the following fried, and squid with a variety of dishes. Certainly less complete, if the meal is not prepared a tantalizing sauce. Lemongrass sauce and shallots fried chili paste ready to make Susana eat more hungrily.

Access to Pangkuan Hill

Because it is close to Hanandjoeddin Airport, Bukitpangkuan is very suitable as a starting point for exploring tourist objects in East Belitung. Thus, leaving at dawn from home and have not had time to eat breakfast, Bukitpangkuan, is a very appropriate location. Breakfast while enjoying the natural atmosphere of the mountains which is still shrouded in morning dew. As an additional menu, boiled and fried cassava, boiled ketelah, homemade market cakes, and Bukitpangkuan tea and coffee are prepared free of charge.

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