Wangi Hijau Belitung

East Belitung
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
East Belitung
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
32 km
Distance to Airport
24 km
Enterance fee
IDR 10,000

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Description Wangi Hijau

When you are in Belitung, you can indeed find beautiful natural dishes and still be so natural. Now from the natural treats, making Belitung potential very qualified to be developed as natural tourism is getting bigger. From there then emerged a new natural tourism destination in East Belitung developed by a private party named Wangi Hijau.

Special Wangi Hijau

  • Is a tourist attraction that is managed by a private party
  • Presenting a variety of interesting tourist offerings to be traced
  • There are several fruit plantations (agro-tourism) that you can go to
  • Has complete and good facilities

To enter this Green Fragrant tour you only need to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000 / person. For those of you who are really interested in coming to Green Fragrance, don't forget to know the opening hours of this tour which is 8.00 WIB until 17.00 WIB every day. Because the road to Wangi Hijau is not good enough, you can't help but have to deal with it by carrying a tough vehicle. Tips so that you can be satisfied vacationing at Green Fragrance is to come when after the rainy season. This is because if you come during the long dry season that is running, then you will not be able to see the charm of the beautiful Angel Falls in Green Fragrance. During your stay and activities at Green Fragrance, you are required to preserve nature and the environment around it. Because it is still new, Green Fragrance makes many people curious to come to it. Well, this is where the Green Fragrance is now visited by many tourists, especially on holidays. Well, those of you who don't like crowded atmosphere, then you should avoid holidays to be free in Green Fragrance.

Map of Wangi Hijau

Things To Do at Wangi Hijau

  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Enjoy romantic ambience
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Walking adventure

From the large natural potential in Belitung then the Culture and Tourism Office (Disbudpar) of East Belitung Regency continues to encourage the private sector to participate in developing the tourism sector by investing. From there emerged a new tourist destination that has emerged in East Belitung from the involvement of a private party named Wangi Hijau. With the opening of the Green Wangi tourism object, it is hoped that this will also have a positive impact on the economy of the surrounding communities in particular and the people of East Belitung Regency in general.
Founded by PT. Sukma Alam Tourism, this Green Wangi destination will be very interesting for you to visit while on vacation in Belitung, especially East Belitung. The founder of Wangi Hijau himself, Tony Wijaya, stated that this destination was built by presenting a variety of offerings to make visitors feel at home and satisfied. From the large variety of offerings, Green Fragrance will be very appropriate as a vacation destination with family.
The Green Fragrance Destination which is categorized as agro-tourism itself is located in Nyuruk Village, Dendang District, East Belitung Regency. But strangely even though it is categorized as agrotourism and indeed there are fruit plantations, but visitors who come here cannot do fruit picking activities. You at Wangi Hijau can only buy the fruit directly at a set price. While picking the fruit is done directly by the management of Green Fragrance. The most interesting fruit that we can find and buy here is fragrant, sweet and truly fragrant coconut pandan like pandanus. Coconut pandanus in Green Fragrance itself comes from the country of Thailand. We can buy this coconut pandanus at a price of Rp. 25,000 per one fruit. In addition we can also enjoy coconut pandanus which has been served in the form of drinks.
Not only panda coconut fruit, but here we can also find some other fruit plantations such as Thailand guava, durian muntong, honey pineapple and others. Even though you can't pick fruit, it doesn't mean you can't do anything at Wangi Hijau. Because, as stated by its founder Tony Wijaya, there are a variety of offerings that can be enjoyed by visitors of Wangi Hijau. Some of the treats at Green Wangi include swimming pools, mini zoo, waterfalls, monastery sak san miaw, playgrounds and fruit plantations.
Another interesting treat that you can enjoy at Green Fragrance is a waterfall called Angel Falls. Angel Falls is indeed very beautiful with a combination of natural scenery and surrounding rocks. Although the charm is so charming, the waterfall that is not too high has a deep pool. In fact, the depth of the pond at Bidadari Falls makes visitors are advised not to jump into the pond, especially if you cannot swim. The manager of Wangi Hijau itself indeed forbids visitors from bathing and swimming in waterfalls with the aim of preserving nature and local wisdom.
One more thing to look out for while in Angel Falls is the surrounding slippery rocks. So when treading rocks around a waterfall, you must be careful. Angel Waterfall itself has clean and clear water. Unfortunately the waterfall's water discharge is not fixed, because it only exists and is large during the rainy season. So you who want to visit Bidadari Waterfall in Green Fragrance must avoid the dry season so that you can enjoy its charm.
To get to Angel Falls which is in the area behind the Green Wangi itself you have to reach it by passing the stairs about 200 meters. But your trip to this waterfall will not feel pleasant, because on the way you can find beautiful natural scenery with shady trees and cool air. For those of you who really want to swim, then you can go to a swimming pool that has been provided for adults and children.
Other spots that you can visit at this Green Fragrance attraction are a mini zoo, a playground or a children's playground and also the Sak San Mia Temple. Even though there is a monastery, you of other religions do not need to worry if you want to worship. Because the manager of Green Fragrance here also provides a place of worship for Islam, Christianity and others. After tired of doing activities here and there until the stomach becomes rumbling then you can rest in the restaurant while eating fun. Some of the menus served at Wangi Hijau restaurants are various such as freshwater fish and sea fish. Whereas the main menu at Wangi Hijau is cork curry and catfish.


Facilities at Wangi Hijau

Talking about the facilities or supporting facilities and infrastructures that exist in Green Fragrance is fairly complete and good. So you don't need to worry about the presence of facilities at Wangi Hijau destinations. Complete and good facilities at Green Wangi is because this attraction is fairly new and is also well managed and maintained by its manager namely PT. Sukma Alam Tourism. Some tourism support facilities that we can find and enjoy at this Green Wangi destination include parking areas, rest areas, places of worship, food stalls and toilets. Meanwhile, tourist facilities and pre-existing facilities in Green Fragrance is also fairly complete. Call it like a swimming pool, playground for children and also a mini zoo. With all the facilities that are presented by the Green Fragrance attractions certainly make you should not need to hesitate anymore to come here. From this good facility, you as a visitor must also be able to protect it by not destroying it while in Wangi Hijau.

Access to Wangi Hijau

You can visit this Green Fragrance tourist destination in Jalan Dendang, Nyuruk Village, Dendang District, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands. To get here you can take the Badau-Dendang road from Tanjungpandan City. If you depart from Manggar City, the middle road through Manggar-Tanjungpandan-Simpang Badau - Dendang will be the access you must pass. The distance from Tanjungpandan City to Wangi Hijau is 34.2 km which can be reached in about 42 minutes. Meanwhile, the distance from Manggar to Wangi Hijau is 73.4 km which can be reached in approximately 1 hour 12 minutes. Whereas you depart and arrive from HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport, the distance to Wangi Hijau is 24.2 km and you can travel in about 29 minutes. But before leaving, there are things you need to pay attention to and pay close attention to road conditions. Because the state of the road to Green Fragrance is somewhat not good alias damaged.

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