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South East Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
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83 km
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Uniqueness of Punai Beach

When this article is created there is still no available public transportation to reach this place. Tanjung Kelumpang is the farest village from capital town Tanjung Pandan with still minimum facilities. The only way to reach this place is by rental car.

Description Punai Beach

Pantai Punai is the name of beach in South East of Belitung in the village of Tanjung Kelumpang. Pantai Punai may becoming your interesting destination, especially if you are Indonesian and likes a little bit adventure trip. This place is in the South East of the island, in exact opposite corner with Tanjung Binga.

Special Punai Beach

  • Punai island can be reach by walking during low tide
  • White sandy beach with pine trees
  • Variery of local Tanjung Kelumpang seafood cuisine
  • Always calm sea along the year

This place is still very quite during the day, with limited visitors during weekend. The majority of visitor coming from neighours villages of Tanjung Kelumpang. This is usually used for special show or ceremony of traditional local events by local authorithy.

During festive season of Lebaran, this place can be extremely crowded. Visitors from neighbour villanges will visit this place to see the local malay music show or music show by artists from Jakarta. If you wish to find a quite and empty beach, we do not recommend to visit this place during that lebaran festive season.

Map of Punai Beach

Things To Do at Punai Beach

  • Swimming
  • Playing in the beach
  • Adventure around the area
  • Enjoy traditional cuisines

Pantai Punai is placed in Tanjung Kelumpang village. You will spend 1.5-2 hours journey by car from Tanjungpandan. It is good if you are interested to see remote part of Belitung. The nearest town is Gantung, for about 35km distance in the North. This place is totally not developed yet.

Beach in Pantai Punai is white sands and there are some corner complemented by granite boulder. It is not as nice as Tanjung Tinggi. This place is totally quite, except during weekend you may see some visitor. In front of beach there is a small island called Pulau Punai. If sea water surface decreased, you can walk to the island. This Tanjung Kelumpang area was main producer of coconut. This village is actually coconut tree plantation, including Pantai Punai. It makes a bit different than other beach, even though the view will not as good as Tanjung Tinggi.

There are not that many granite boulders in Punai Beach, but not far from this place there a place called Pulau Pandan. It is about 1km away from Punai Beach. Pulau Pandan is a small island formed by giants granite boulders with just less than 100m away from shore of mainland. During low tide, visitor can just walk to the island. In this island, if you take locals with you they will show a small well on the granite boulder that they claim never dry in all seasons. Another interesting item is the is a carve on the granite form like a big rope all along the surface of the granite.


Facilities at Punai Beach


Based on my experience, special activity in Pantai Punai is the fish. Trust me, taste of fish totally nice, much different than other place in Belitung. Please note, the best fish is only if it's catch using tools called siro.

Siro is a trap, built by fisherman down from beach to sea for about 100m length and wide. The trap will guide fish to come into a cage and fishes won't be able to escape from cage. Fisherman comes to visit siro every morning. So, my suggestion, please pre-arrange your trip to make sure you arrive in Tanjung Kelumpang in the morning and you can join fisherman to catch the fish from cage. It is likes taking a fish from an aquarium. You just select whatever fish, crab, calamari that you like. This way of catching fish will guarantee its fresh and taste. Please make sure you do not spend more time, let's grill or ask your travel guide to make gangan soup from that fish. For sure, the taste will never been forgotten.

To facilitate visitor to who want to stay in this beach, local government built 5 units of cottages. The cottages is managed by local authority, you can contact people surrounding if you are interested to stay. The facilities provided in the cottages is still very minimum.

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    31 Oct 2012

  • client
    13 May 2012

    Punai Beach is currently being built. facilities and infrastructure between them. .5 units of restaurants, 3 units of bungalows, 2 units of stage entertainment, 1 unit of toilet, 1 unit of rinse and changing rooms, 1 unit of prayer room, 1 unit of coast guard post, 1 unit of tourist hall, and several units of shelter, development will continue continues, in 2012 God willing, will be built Tourism DED on the island of steering the campang, for more clearly please come to the coast of punai. .utk culinary was already available, eating fresh seafood.

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    d belitung beach is amazing beautiful ....

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