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Uniqueness of Batu Satam

The formation of the Satam Stone does not just appear. But the stone appeared because of natural events, namely the fall of the meteor. Based on a scientific record it was found that about 700 thousand years ago there was a meter that fell into several countries such as Czechoslovakia, Arabia, Australia and Indonesia. Especially for meteorites that have fallen to Indonesia, namely on Belitung Island, these meteors react with layers of earth containing tin mines which are abundant in Belitung. Now from the reaction of this meteor with tin then produces a black stone called Satam.

Description Batu Satam

Belitung Island does have a million endless charms to explore. In addition to its exotic beaches, culture and special food, on this island known as the Laskar Pelangi country you can also find a beautiful gemstone named Batu Satam.

Special Batu Satam

  • There is only one in Indonesia and in the World
  • It is a meteorite that falls and is mixed with lead
  • So the icon of Tanjung Pandan City, the capital of Belitung Regency
  • Has many uses or benefits

Batu Satam itself has characteristics or characteristics that are different from other stones. From its shape, Batu Satam consists of several types, there are oval, round and some are irregular in shape because it has been split or broken. Satam stone that has split or broken itself is often called suiseki. Meanwhile, the characteristics of Batu Satam can be recognized from its surface which has scratches that are carved naturally and rubbed through underwater currents. Batu Satam will usually be encountered at depths of soil layers with a depth of between 50 meters with various content such as tin, aluminum, iron and silicate.

Map of Batu Satam

Things To Do at Batu Satam

  • Learning history
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Learning history
  • Photography hunting

Satam Stone is classified as a rare stone. Because of its scarcity, not a few people, especially stone lovers, hunt for this beautiful and unique stone. The stone which is black and has a distinctive vein itself also has other names namely Billitonit and Taktite. Because Batu Satam is indeed only found on the island of Belitung, then this stone was later designated as an icon of the capital city of Belitung namely Tanjung Pandan. Besides these two names, Satam Stone is also often called Meteorite Stone, Sand Gall or Upil Naga.

The emergence of the term Billitonit from Batu Satam is due to research and naming conducted by a Dutch scientist named Ir. N. Wing Easton who examined Batu Satam in 1922. Meanwhile the term Tactite arose because of research on Batu Satam conducted by other scientists. In addition, Batu Satam has also been studied and tested by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Padjadjaran University and the Mineral and Environmental Chemistry Laboratory.


Facilities at Batu Satam

With the beauty that is owned, stones derived from meteors are often used or made as jewelry. Therefore, if you go to Belitung Island, you will find Batu Satam souvenirs in the form of rings, pendants, earrings and so on. But Batu Satam does not only presume beauty and beauty. Because some people believe that this Batu Satam has a special power. Some of the forces believed by some people from Batu Satam are counteracting black magic, warding off jinn and demonic interference, warding off witchcraft and grievance, warding off evil and wicked magic and other supernatural powers. Some even believe that the Batu Satam is able to neutralize the negative aura and emit a positive aura in a person.

Access to Batu Satam

The emergence of Batu Satam itself was first discovered in 1973 on Belitung Island. At that time an ethnic Chinese tin miner accidentally discovered Batu Satam in Buding Village, Kelapa Kampit District. When this special stone was found at a depth of 50 meters. Because the inventor at that time was named Sa Tam, the beautiful stone was named Satam. The unique name Satam has a meaning where Sa means sand and Tam means bile. So literally, Satam means sand bile.

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