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Description Burung Mandi

Burung Mandi, is a name of a mountain in North East of Belitung, about 18km West of second regency capital, Manggar. Burung Mandi is the main holiday destination for people of Manggar. Burung Mandi has been a holiday destination since Dutch colony start established tin mining facility in Damar, the nearest village.

Special Burung Mandi

  • White sand at the foot of Burung Mandi hill
  • Dewi Kwan Im temple
  • Colourful katir fishing boat
  • Mempaya Lake


There are hundreds of lake in East Belitung, but Mempaya is one of the widest. This lake is place in opposite side of Burung Mandi mountain from the beach. The view is nice, with Burung Mandi mountain as background. Please note, this Mempaya lake has not yet have any tourist facility. I only recommend this place for fotographer's visitor.


This is considered as the biggest Kong Fu Chu temple in Belitung, built on the edge of hill at Burung Mandi mountain. From this place, you can view far open sea of Burung Mandi area. In every February this place may becoming pack by visitors who pray during celebration of Chinese New Year. Eventhough this is a religious place, it always open for any visitor.


It is another beach, just at the edge of the mountain. There are no that much white sands, but the granite boulder and terrain is unique. This place was built by former first Head Belitung Timur Regency, Mr.Basuki T Purnama in 2004. Visitor can find decent restaurant facility, toilet, bathroom and there 2 bungalows built just at the edge of the beach for viewing. Bukit Batu is just 2km away from Burung Mandi beach.

Map of Burung Mandi

Things To Do at Burung Mandi

  • Playing in the beach
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Adventure around the area

Just in the background of the beach there is Burung Mandi mountain. This make this beach different, since this is the only holiday destination beach having mountain in the back. The distance of Burung Mandi to airport is approximately 70km, can be reach by one hour. There is no hotel surrounding, nearest city is Manggar, just 18km away.


Facilities at Burung Mandi

If you traveling to Burung Mandi area, I suggest to take take it during morning expecially if you expect to see the sunset, because you will never find nice sunset in this place due to all beaches facing East. Most of traveler come to Burung Mandi at the same time of visiting Manggar, the second city in Belitung. Manggar was center of tin mining activity built by Dutch. There are some nice place in Manggar such as Samak Hill dan Serdang Beach. You can find some hotel and nice restaurant in Manggar.

Access to Burung Mandi

Burung Mandi beach. This is a white sands beach as ordinary beaches in Belitung, but you will not find any granite boulder in Burung Mandi beach except just white sands along and hundreds of big Pine trees in all across the edge of the bay. The length of the beach is about one kilometers and white sands area quite wide with slithly slope. This could be a nice place to place beach volly bay. Burung Mandi is also a fishery port of fisherman of the near village, you will see several unique kater wood yacht of the fishermans.

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  • client
    23 Sep 2014

    want to go there again

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    16 Jun 2013

    Dak d sangke belitong mun viewed from the eye of the lens ,,, amazing country laskar pelangi ne ,, yukkk bro friends play to belitung island ...

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    14 Nov 2012

    see ttG @the beach burong maNd so miss with the beach ... pngeN play the rest again with tman2 ,,, because keinDahan pantain tag is not forgotten, what ap again at night haRi ... I LOVE BIRD BATH

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    Tiara Anggraini
    10 Nov 2012

    The beauty that is not inferior to other islands. I love Belitong

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    17 Oct 2012

    Belitong is beautiful ... I want to go back there

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