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West Coast
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Rustam Effendie
West Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
32 km
Distance to Airport
43 km
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Uniqueness of Leebong Island

The trip to Leebong island will take about 20 minutes from Pegantungan port. The sea wave usually calm the trip will pass nice view of mangrove forest. The size of the island is about 37 hectare consist of shallow beach, white sands, clean sea water, no rock neiher the coral. The distance fromt he beach to the sea when low tide is about 300m, and the beach area covered with mangrove is about 60%. Arriving at Leebong island the visitor will arrive at wooden port about 300m long.

Description Leebong Island

Leebong (Lelebong) island is an island placed in West Coast of Belitung. It is an island specially prepared for tourist and adventurer in a non ordinary location. If the tourists island usually placed in the North West coast, this island is place in West Coast about 70km South of Lengkuas island.

Special Leebong Island

  • Private island with good facilities
  • Sand banks with facilities built on the banks
  • Kayaking, jetski, bicycle
  • Good for private island event

Surrounding the port you will see large are of mangrove forest alongside the port. From this place you take about 300m walk to the main area where you can see several wooden buildings covered with leaf roof, that make a stong island ambience. This center place faces the white sandy beach where the sport facilities such as kayak, standing pedal kayak, water bicycle, etc.

Map of Leebong Island

Things To Do at Leebong Island

  • Sailing in the area
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Photography hunting
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Photography hunting
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature

This island is equipped with watersport facilities such as kayak, standing kayak (Stand-Up Paddleboarding), jet skil, banana boat, etc. When this article is created, the restaurant and cottages are still under contruction.

Leebong can be reached by renting a car (if not taking a tour) to 32km South of Tanjung Pandan to Pegantungan area. The road are wide and smooth. Not far from this place there is a main port of Belitung in Tanjung Batu. Your destination is not to Tanjung Batu port, instead to the other port called Pegantungan. Before you decide to take this trip please contact the island management earlier to make sure the boat will be available when you arrive at the port.

From the port you can rent a boat that will cost IDR 1,5 millions for maximum 15 passangers. This boat tental price inclusive the ticket to the island complex including usage of facilities such as kayak/kano , stand up paddle, water bicyce, ordinary bicycle, gazebo , sun lounger and umbrella hourse. Meanwhile the following additional facilities subject to extra charge such as: Banana boat (max 5 pax ) IDR 50,000/ pax / 15 minutes, jet ski 250,000/ 15 minutes, cottage + tenda + faciities IDR 200,000/pax min 10 pax (current max capacity 50 pax). This price is vaied when this article is created on September 2015 and can be change time to time.


Facilities at Leebong Island

The main activities are photo hunting, sigh seeing, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking , land cycling, water cycling , stand up paddle , jet ski. The visitor can view the sunrise depan cottage and sunset from the port. Not far from the cottages you can continue your trip by boat to visit the sand bank (sand island) with the nice view surrounding.

Access to Leebong Island

Arround Leebong island area there are several other island such as Rengit isalnd (15 -20 menutes), Mentarak island (20 menutes), Ruk island (20 minutes), Betangan island (15 - 20 minutes), Baguk island and Mengkokong island. Unfortunately all of those islands are covered by mangrove, it is hard to land to those places.

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Comments Leebong Island

  • client
    Vidy Agustarini
    12 Mar 2017

    While on the island of Leebong, my friends and I stayed in tents to get a more adventurous atmosphere. It turns out that in the tent there are already 2 coolers and 1 electric mosquito repellent. For the bathroom of course we have to use with other guests (sharing bathroom) but it turns out it is beyond than our expectation. The bathroom is clean, well-maintained, soap and shampoo are also available, wow, you should try it if you stay here, choose a tent. Many activities, good food, and he cried at night we were given the opportunity to fly lanterns. Exciting!! Unfortunately we are too tired to do "nyuluh" activities looking for fish / small fish at the beach at night. If asked whether you want to go back or not? the answer MUST BE BEHIND !! This island can be categorized as a "Friendly Island for kids as well". The beach is sloping and long, white sand with almost no coral makes children save to be left playing here. View? Definitely breathtaking view!

  • client
    Hasan Basri
    19 Sep 2015

    I've never been to Lebong Island, it looks like it's delicious, I have seen MTMA on TransTV. Belitung is indeed amazing, there are still almost 200 unexplored small islands.