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West Belitung
HAS Hananjoeddin
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Uniqueness of Sail Belitung

This event in year 2011 was aimed to promote the tourisn potential of Wakatobi that famous with their underwater beauty with Belitung that famous with the beauty of its beaches, granites and islands. The main event conducted in Belitung 5-12 October 2011 at Tanjung Kelayang Belitung opening by Vice President of Indonesia Budhiyono with some ministers.

Description Sail Belitung

Sail Wakatobi - Belitong 2011 is an event where hundreds of yacht from multi nationals sail from Darwin Australia and stop by in Nusantara island of Indonesia then finish in Singapore. Sail Wakatobi - Belitong 2011 is part of yearly Sail Indonesia event.

Special Sail Belitung

  • Yearly event of Sail Indonesia
  • Hundreds of yachts from multiple countries
  • Art and culture events during the periods
  • Good time so socialize with the sailors

Map of Sail Belitung

Things To Do at Sail Belitung

  • Photography hunting
  • Sailing in the area
  • Watching the show
  • Gathering with friends

The event is started with departure of hundreds of yacht from Darwin Australia on 23 July 2011. The yachts will then enter Indonesian islands via Saumaki and continued to Banda, Ambon, Wakatobi, Makassar, Lombok, Bali, Karimum Jawa, Kumai, last stop over in Belitung on 11 Oktober 2011, before leaving to Singapore.


Facilities at Sail Belitung

There are several side events conducted during this time such as: fishing boat parade, jetski parade from Jakarta to Belitung, record breaking chess play under water, national champhionship of Barongsai, social service of floating hospital, and some more events.
BelitungIsland.COM presents the photos during the event of Sail Wakatobi - Belitong in this page.

Since then, every year around October there are always yachts stop over in Belitung even though there is no special big event like this. The stop over is not only in West Belitung but also in East Belitung. The local government of Belitung is having an ambition to build a Marina port in Manggar that enable Belitung becoming a place to store yacht for long term and becoming a trigger to grow tourism in this part of the island.

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  • client
    24 Dec 2011

    who doesn't know belitung with the Laskar Pelangi public relations, .... and it proves to be very effective in raising the name of belitung, ... there are still many things to be improved ... belitung is not only selling beaches, ... talking about beaches there are still many that good throughout Indonesia, ... it means that all sectors that support Belitung as DTW must be improved and no less important the quality of human resources must be qualified ... don't forget we hope that the fare tickets for Jakarta Belitung and vice versa are not too expensive, .... 236 Nm with a price of up to 600 thousand really fantastic ... this homework for competent officials, ... then for senior officials of the Pacific Islands try to explore Route JKT - Singapore Transit Belitung ...

  • client
    10 Dec 2011

    @Ika: let's save, it's easy to just join the tour package, all that's left is to carry a backpack. Follow the Public Trip which is crowded just for cheap.

  • client
    10 Dec 2011

    Kereeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn When can wa go there :)

    • agent1
      10 Dec 2011

      @Ika: let's save, it's easy to just join the tour package, all that's left is to carry a backpack. Follow the Public Trip which is crowded just for cheap.