Pulau Keran Belitung

North Coast
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
North Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Manggar
40 km
Distance to Airport
50 km
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Uniqueness of Pulau Keran

On this island you can do a variety of interesting activities and activities such as:

  • Swim with clear and pleasant sea water.
  • Play the long white sand beach freely.
  • Enjoy the natural scenery around the island which is very beautiful and exotic.
  • Trekking explores the entire area of Pulau Keran.
  • For those of you who like fishing can do it here optimally.
  • Snorkeling and diving with stunning underwater panoramas.
  • Seeing the cultivation of pearl oysters carried out by local residents.

Description Pulau Keran

The offerings of exotic islands in Belitung are already well-known in the ears of tourists. With clear sea water and natural atmosphere makes the islands in Belitung always spoil the eyes. One of the islands that you can also make a holiday destination in Belitung is Pulau Keran. On this island you will find many interesting and fascinating things.

Special Pulau Keran

  • Have long white sand and clear sea water
  • There is a hill formed by a pile of iron stones
  • There is a spectacle of cultured pearl oysters
  • There are graves of ancient ships hundreds of years old in the sea around the island

The best time to tour this Keran Island is between August and November. This is because in those months you can find dolphins that appear around the island. In addition, in this island you are also required to preserve the cleanliness of the island and the beach which is still natural and beautiful.

Map of Pulau Keran

Things To Do at Pulau Keran

  • Walking adventure
  • Playing in the beach
  • Snorkeling on the coral
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature

With clear water and a long white sand beach makes Pulau Keran so exotic. With clear and clear water, tourists can swim with fun. Not only that with the rocks where fish live makes you able to snorkel to the maximum. In addition to serving water and beach sand, on this island you can also find a hill formed by a pile of iron stones. This iron rock hill itself is in the middle of the sea in front of the solid-looking tap island. You yourself can go to this hill and head to the top to watch the blue of the sea and the beautiful pile of coral.
For those of you who like fishing, this island also has fishing spots that really allow you to get fish. In addition, on this island you can also see and know the cultivation of pearl oysters by local residents. If you have diving equipment, in this area of Pulau Keran, you can also find beautiful underwater scenery and ancient ship graves that existed from the 6th century to the 18th century. With all the charm, beauty and natural beauty that is on the island of this tap then you can relax with a maximum until all the saturation and fatigue disappears.


Facilities at Pulau Keran

Existing facilities in Pulau Keran are fairly good. This is because here we can find several facilities and pre-facilities such as tables, chairs, toilets, camping ground (camping ground) as well as rentals for camping, snorkeling and other activities.

Access to Pulau Keran

Access to Location

Pulau Keran is located in Buding Village, Kelapa Kampit District, East Belitung Regency. To go to Pulau Keran you have to cross in a fishing boat from Sungai Buding Pier. The crossing trip with a distance of 17 km itself is usually taken in between 45 to 1 hour.

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