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East Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
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Uniqueness of Serdang Beach


Katir boat is a type of small and slim boat with bamboo arm at both sides to balance the baot. In the past, this boat is made from a solid giant tree, bot now some of them made from fibre glass. This boat is painted with many different colour, it seems the owner want to make their boat unique that others. In the past, this boat is only powered by wind using its sail, but now it also powered by small engine. The fisherman use the boat for fishing, and each katir can fit only 1-2 persons. Since this boat is quite light, the fisherman park the boat by take it up to the land along the beach instead of on the water. This makes the Serdang beach becoming colourful. Every year there is Katir race sail event (without engine).

Description Serdang Beach

Serdang Beach is one of beautiful beach in Manggar town, the capital of Belitung Timur (East Belitung) regency. This beach faces East cost of Belitung fronting wide South China sea. This cause the waves are slightly bigger that other beaches in Belitung that well know by its calm waves. Serdang beach is close to the center of Mangar town.

Special Serdang Beach

  • Long white sand beach at Manggar town
  • Katir, wooden and colourfull fishing canoe
  • Beach with sea pine trees along the shore
  • Culinary tourism at tradisional restaurants along the beach

Last but not leas is the famous Literary Museum of Andrea Hirata at Gantong village 20km South of Manggar with destination Sekolah Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops School), Pice dam at Lenggang river and the Literary museum. Meanwhile at the West of Manggar on the way to Tanjungpandan, visitor can stop by at Burung Mandi and Bukit Batu beaches.

Map of Serdang Beach

Things To Do at Serdang Beach

  • Playing in the beach
  • Photography hunting
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Enjoy traditional cuisines

This place is famous as 1001 Coffee Shops town. The distance from Tanjungpandan is about 90km (90 minutes by car) and about 75km (70 minutes by car) from HAS Hananjoedin airport.


The length of the beach is approximately 500m, a low slope countour and soft sands at the bottom of the sea. This cause the span of the sands quite wide. This is a windy beach cause slightly bigger wave compare to other beaches, cause the sea water not as clean as other beaches.


Along the beach there are hundreds of pine tree. These trees produce unique sounds as they blow by the wind. Under the tree, hundreds of colourful Katir boat park along the beach.


Facilities at Serdang Beach

Beside the Serdang beach there are several other interesting destinations in Belitung Timur, so your 90 minutes trip from Tanjungpandan wont be wasted. For the coffee lover, you must try Manggar special mix coffee that makes this town called 1001 Coffee Shops town. The visitor can stop by at Vega Restaurant with its artistic a ship looks building facing a calm gulf of Manggar. In this place there is a yacht port in case you want to rent fibre glass boat for sea tour.

Another interesting destination is Bukit Samak, a hill that face wide open sea with a nice restaurant on the top. From this restaurant visitor can enjoy nice view of wide open sea. Meanwhile at the foot of the hill visitor can see Nyiur Melambai Beach a second tourist beach in Manggar town. This place is good for sport activity, Kite Surfing.


The local government started to build this place as tourist destination since couple of years ago. Along the land facing the beach there many small traditional restaurants that serve variety of Belitungs famous dishes. Please also do not forget to try the special mixed of Manggar coffee that famous since tin mining activities during colonial era.

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