Pantai Sengaran Belitung

North Coast
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
North Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Manggar
38 km
Distance to Airport
53 km
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Uniqueness of Pantai Sengaran

Activities and activities that you can do at Searing Beach include:

  • Swim optimally with the support of clear and shallow sea water.
  • With the support of a quiet and calm atmosphere, you can relax to the maximum to eliminate boredom and fatigue.
  • Play white and exotic sand beach.
  • Enjoy the panoramic sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon.
  • Along the Searing Beach area until you can find awake mangrove forest.
  • Fishing in the area around the beach for those of you who like to do it.
  • Document all beautiful panoramas and all your activities with the camera while you are at Searing Beach.

Description Pantai Sengaran

If you like and enjoy nature tourism which is still very beautiful and natural in East Belitung then you can come to Searing Beach. Searing Beach in Kelapa Kampit Subdistrict is indeed classified as virgin beach because it has not been much touched. Of course coming here will make tourists feel peace and tranquility.

Special Pantai Sengaran

  • The sea water is clear and shallow to the maximum for swimming
  • There is a white sand beach that is white and clean
  • Have a calm and peaceful atmosphere
  • Virgin beach status with meaningful nature and naturalness

There is no tariff you need to pay to enter and enjoy Searing Beach tours. When you are at the beach and you go to the mangrove forest, you must be extra vigilant, because in the forest there are pengunggunya, which are estuarine crocodiles. Therefore it is recommended that you better see from a distance the mangrove forest or better still not approach it.

Map of Pantai Sengaran

Things To Do at Pantai Sengaran

  • Swimming
  • Playing in the beach
  • Enjoy the lonelyness
  • Drinking and relaxing

Searing Beach has a lot of offerings that are very appropriate for you who love beach tourism. With the support of crystal clear sea water and also clean white sand, Sengar Beach is very supportive for a beach tour. Besides the clear sea water and clean white sand, another interesting thing from Searing Beach is the existence of green space in the form of mangrove forests. Unfortunately, mangrove forests or also called mangrove forests on the beach is somewhat scary. This is because in the mangrove forest there are waiters, which are ferocious estuarine crocodiles. Interestingly, even though there are crocodiles, there are still many residents here who make it a place to earn a fortune.
The specialty of Searing Beach is its naturalness and beauty, which is still maintained and its peaceful atmosphere. With its status as a virgin beach, making Searing Beach look charming and exotic. The name Pantai Sengar itself is not yet well known to tourists. From the not yet many tourists who come make you able to relax to the maximum. In addition to being able to relax at its optimum level, at Searing Beach you can also feel a private beach like you have yourself. Shallow beach conditions can also make you swim freely at this beach. Searing Beach, which is directly opposite the South China Sea, is usually visited by many visitors during the afternoon and also on holidays.


Facilities at Pantai Sengaran

Because it is not yet widely known, the facilities at Searing Beach are still minimal. Therefore you who will come here are advised to bring equipment and supplies of food and drinks from the place of departure.

Access to Pantai Sengaran

Sangaran Beach is located in Mayang Village, Kelapa Kampit District, East Belitung Regency. Because the road to this beach has been paved, its access will be easy for you to pass by any vehicle. From the center of Kelapa Kampit City itself, you can reach Searing Beach in about 30 minutes. While from HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport, you need approximately 1 hour to get to Searing Beach.

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