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East Belitung
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
East Belitung
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Manggar
38 km
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78 km
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Uniqueness of Gunong Lumut

In Gunong Lumut, you can do several activities and activities such as:

  • Trekking to the top of the mountain which has an altitude of 175 meters above sea level.
  • Seeing a stretch of moss that looks like a stretch of green carpet.
  • Enjoy the beautiful natural beauty from the top of the mountain.
  • Relax optimally while eliminating saturation and fatigue.
  • Take pictures with a variety of backgrounds such as natural scenery and selfie spots.
  • Hammocking and also visit the viewing post.
  • If you are adventurous, you can camp or camp with friends.

Description Gunong Lumut

In addition to Bukit Samak and Bukit Berahu, on Belitong Island you can also visit another high altitude tour namely Lumut Mountain. The tourism object of Gunung or Gunong Lumut or also called Bukit Lumut itself is located in Limbongan Village, Gantung District, East Belitung Regency. By coming here you will be able to feel a pleasant natural atmosphere.

Special Gunong Lumut

  • Is a mountain or hill filled with moss covering an area of 3 hectares
  • Have many beautiful views from the top of the hill
  • There are some interesting photo spots
  • The atmosphere is still natural and beautiful with the support of 18 hectares of forest

No tariff is applied for entering the Gunong Lumut area. You are only encouraged to maintain the cleanliness and sustainability of the mountain while you are here. Because the journey to the top of this mountain must be taken by trekking on foot, then you must ensure that your body is in a fit and fit condition when you leave.

Map of Gunong Lumut

Things To Do at Gunong Lumut

  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Walking adventure
  • Drinking and relaxing
  • Enjoy the height

Named Gunung or Gunong Lumut in the local language because here a lot of moss that can be found. With a height of 175 meters above sea level, Gunong Lumut itself has an attraction that spoil the eyes and soul. Because of the many interesting things in Lumut Gunong, in February 2017, the local government opened the area for tourism. Moss panorama as the name suggests you can find this mountain at the summit. Moss is not only a lot here but also has a variety of thicknesses. And not only the charm of the moss that you can see here, because the offerings of natural scenery around the mountain also look beautiful. The air in this mountain region also feels cool to make the atmosphere feel more comfortable.
In Gunong Lumut, the nuance is still very natural and beautiful. In addition to being relatively untouched, the presence of the forest here has increasingly created the impression of naturalness. The forest in the Gunong Lumut area itself has a total area of 18 hectares. Of the area of 18 hectares, 3 hectares of which are moss area. To enjoy all the natural panoramic offerings from the top of the mountain moss, there is a viewing post or a platform that will be able to make tourists more free to enjoy the scenery. In addition, here are also some interesting photo spots to visit and use as a photo background. Spot photos here include stone arrangements that make up the love logo, wooden viewing post and also hammocking.


Facilities at Gunong Lumut

Facilities that can be found and enjoyed here include hammocking, viewing post and photo spots. For other things like lodging, you have to go to Manggar to get a place to stay overnight.

Access to Gunong Lumut

Gunong Limbong itself is located in the Village of Limbongan, Gantung District, East Belitung Regency. The road to Mount itself is full of exciting adventures. Trekking to the mountain will begin with the village footpath. After that the trip will enter the forest with the condition of the road that starts up to the top of the mountain.

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