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Asep Irwan Gunawan
East Belitung
HAS Hananjoeddin
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45 km
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Uniqueness of Museum Buding

Some of the activities and activities that you can do at the Istiqomah Buding Museum include:

  • Look at some of the historic Istiqomah Buding Museum collections.
  • With the help of a guide or caretaker, you can listen to stories and stories from this museum as well as some relics that are in the museum.
  • Browse the museum area while looking at the collection.
  • Doing photo or video documentation for mementos.

Description Museum Buding

Before the Kata Museum in Gantung District, the Istiqomah Buding Museum was the only museum in East Belitung. The museum which holds many objects from the Buding Kingdom is very interesting to visit to add references to your knowledge of the history of Belitung.

Special Museum Buding

  • Is the oldest museum in East Belitung
  • There are many collections from the Buding Kingdom
  • There is an old mosque dome that is estimated to be 4 centuries old
  • Large collection of unique and interesting weapons

If the museum is closed, you can go directly to the museum caretaker's house, Aris Bahar. Aris Bahar's house is only about 1.6 km to the east of the museum. During your stay at the Istiqomah Buding Museum, you are expected to maintain your attitude and speech. Be polite and don't say dirty things. Because according to the caretaker said Aris Bahar, several cases of people who behave disrespectfully or say dirty things in this museum then get karma.

Map of Museum Buding

Things To Do at Museum Buding

  • Learning history
  • Adventure around the area
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Ancient sites

The museum which is located in a building similar to a house has a lot of valuable historical relics. Some of the collections from the Istiqomah Buding Museum or the Buding Museum are sharp weapons such as swords, spears, machetes, keris, badik, and also weapons in the form of hilt deer antlers. In addition to the unique weapons in the form of deer antlers, in this museum you can also find unique weapons namely machetes from the 5th century and long swords with carvings.

In addition to the weapons collection, the Istiqomah Buding Museum also has several other collections such as a very old gong (kempul). There is also a fruit container made of brass and also an old wooden part of the mosque which was behind the kempul earlier. One interesting collection at the Istiqomah Buding Museum is the dome of the mosque which is estimated to be around 4 centuries old. Here there really was an ancient mosque that is considered the oldest mosque in Belitung. Unfortunately now the mosque has been replaced with a new mosque that is next to the museum. Another collection of the Istiqomah Buding Museum is the Dutch Kepeng currency and some Royal Buding clothes and also some household equipment.


Facilities at Museum Buding

Although it is a very historic museum with some collections of ancient artifacts, unfortunately the maintenance and maintenance is not good. From this situation, the facilities in this museum are not very good either.

Access to Museum Buding

Istiqomah Buding Museum is located in Buding Village, Kelapa Kampit District, East Belitung. The access road to the museum itself is fairly good because it is on the edge of the airport road - Manggar. From here you can get here by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. The time needed to arrive at the Istiqomah Buding Museum from Manggar City is around 54 minutes. Meanwhile, from HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport, you only need 30 minutes to get to the Istiqomah Buding Museum.

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