Kelapa Kampit Belitung

East Belitung
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
East Belitung
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Manggar
45 km
Distance to Airport
31 km
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Uniqueness of Kelapa Kampit

Activities and activities that you can do in Kota Kelapa Kampit include:

  • Browse every corner of Kota Kelapa Kampit by driving or walking.
  • Visit Open Pit which is a tin mining site in Kelapa Kampit.
  • With the help of a guide or tour guide, you can listen to the story or history of tin mining in Kelapa Kampit, which has existed since the Dutch colonial period.
  • Visit Pangkuan Hill which has a beautiful scenic spot.
  • Visiting beautiful and exotic Searing Beach.
  • Documenting various interesting sights and all activities while in Kelapa Kampit.

Description Kelapa Kampit

Coconut Kampit is the name of the region as well as the name of the District in East Belitung Regency. Kampit City is one of the areas that cannot be separated from the history of mining on Belitung Island. So visiting this city will be able to make your vacation on Belitung Island more memorable.

Special Kelapa Kampit

  • It has a tree legend coinciding with its naming history
  • There is the historic Mount Kik Karak in the story of the mine in Belitung
  • There is an enchanting tin mining tour (Open-Pit)
  • There are other interesting tours namely Searing Beach, Pangkuan Hill and Kampit Chief Temple

To be more optimal and more optimal while on vacation in Kelapa Kampit, you should prepare a guide or tour guide. With this guide, you can listen to the story and history of the legendary tin mining in this city.

Map of Kelapa Kampit

Things To Do at Kelapa Kampit

  • Adventure around the area
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Learning history
  • Photography hunting

According to a local story or story, the name Kampit Coconut is believed to originate from a Coconut Tree that grows coincided. Coincide in the Belitong language itself is bedampit or kampit. From here then comes the word Kampit Coconut. The head coincide is said to grow in a Kik Karak Mountain which is already famous in this area. Gunung Kik Karak which is a tin mine site is thought to be a grave or tomb of a grandfather. Kik itself in the local language means grandfather. The tin mine which is located at Gunung Kik Karak Kelapa Kampit is classified or categorized as a deep mine. And mine-in itself in Indonesia is the biggest one after the Rat mine which does have a small scale.

In a note, data is obtained that Mount Kik Karak in Kelapa Kampit is capable of producing 2,000 tons of tin mining per year. From the large potential of mines in the city of Kelapa Kampit, mining tours then emerged called Open-Pit. In addition to tin mining tours (Open-Pit), in the City of Kelapa Kampit, you can also find several other tourist destinations such as Searing Beach, Pangkuan Hill, Kampit Kelapa Temple and Kampit Kelapa Market. This Kampit Coconut has seven villages namely Mentawak, Buding, Cendil, Senyubuk, renewal and Mayang. For the livelihood of the community, Kampit Kelapa is a tin miner, oil palm plantation worker and fisherman.


Facilities at Kelapa Kampit

As a representative city as a mining tourism city, Kelapa Kampit has also improved a lot to renew all existing facilities. Therefore any public facility in Kelapa Kampit today will be easy to find.

Access to Kelapa Kampit

You can reach Kelapa Kampit in East Belitung Regency from Manggar City, which takes around 54 minutes. While from HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport you need a 33-minute journey to arrive at Kelapa Kampit. While you are departing from the City of Tanjung Pandan then the trip to Kelapa Kampit will take approximately 42 minutes. Access road to Kelapa Kampit itself is good and can be passed by all types of vehicles.

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