The Mashur Belitung

South Coast
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Rustam Effendie
South Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjungpandan
73 km
Distance to Airport
60 km
Enterance fee
IDR 20,000

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Uniqueness of The Mashur

The Mashur is a tourist beach on the South coast of Belitung that offers a neatly arranged beach atmosphere with quite good facilities. This beach is a private beach, where facilities are built for every visitor to enjoy.
White sand beaches with shady trees, artistic granite on the beach and at sea, small mangrove debts, jetties, blue sea views and restaurant facilities, toilets and even lodging make this place as the most organized beach destination in the South Belitung regency.

Description The Mashur

Only takes 90 minutes from downtown Tanjung Pandan to the south, precisely in the district of Membalong, you will arrive at the village of Tanjung Rusa. This village is a bustling village in the district of Membalong. Located on the waterfront facing East. Tanjung Rusa village is located in the Balok Bay, a large bay just south of the island of Belitung.

Special The Mashur

  • Rock formations such as deer make the name of this village
  • Clean organized beach with complete facilities
  • Dock to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach and boat ride
  • Fresh seafood cuisine is available at this place

In addition to enjoying the beach, the owner also built a restaurant with good quality and typical Belitung architecture. There is also a vacation home and several bungalows that can be used as a place to stay. Clean toilets are also available in this place.
Near the entrance there was a small bush which was overgrown with fruit trees and green pastures. While on the north side there is a small mangrive forest that can be used as a place to see the unique mangrove life.

Map of The Mashur

Things To Do at The Mashur

  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Enjoy traditional cuisines
  • Playing in the beach
  • Seeing the scenary

The Mashur is located on a peninsula on the coast of the village of Tanjung Rusa, not far from the village's fishing port. In this place there are many granite stones, one of which is called deer stone, because according to the community around the shape of a stone like a deer. This stone is likely to make the name of this area Tanjung deer.
The name The Mashur is taken from the name of the owner of this place. To advance the village of Tanjung Rusa into a tourist destination, the owner arranges this beach to become a tourist destination. The landscape of the beach is made in such a way that visitors can relax in various angles with many resting chairs under shady trees, while enjoying white sand beaches, artistic granite rocks and blue sea.
Because this place is a privately owned beach and various facilities have been built, each visitor will be charged an entrance ticket. The entrance ticket is actually a voucher that can be used to pay for drinks at the restaurant. While the restaurant provides a menu of fresh seafood typical of Belitung.


Facilities at The Mashur

The most prominent part of this place is the concrete pier that rises to the middle of the sea for about 100 meters. At the end of this pier there are boats and facilities for breeding fish. The owner also has facilities in the middle of the sea, which visitors may enjoy with prior arrangements.
From this pier the view along the beach with a row of artistic granite stones can be enjoyed by the end. If you like fishing for small fish, from this pier you can throw a fishing line to catch small fish for recreation.

Access to The Mashur

Around The Mashur there are fishing villages that you can also visit to learn about the life of local fishermen. There are many fishing boats around the beach of The Mashur. If you are lucky, fresh fish is available for you to buy directly from fishermen to be cooked on the beach.
While off the coast, not far from the pier there is an island that is quite large, called the island of the ax. The island is inhabited by fishermen of Bugis descent. Around the island there are many cages to breed fish and shrimp.

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Comments The Mashur

  • client
    Alsa R.
    15 Dec 2018

    From the video, this island is really cool, I think, like Phiphi island in Phuket. The stones are also unique there are perched but not falling. If you go to Belitung again, you will definitely go to this island.

  • client
    Silvana Iskandar
    28 Nov 2018

    Gusong Bugis Beach is really suitable for seeing the sunset, because the Gusong Bugis Coast line is leaning more west than Tanjungpendam so when we see the sunset it feels so close and amazing.