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Uniqueness of Eggplant Creative Village

The Bukit Tebalu Simpor Laki natural tourist area in the tourist village of Terong covers 144 ha which consists of very dense and natural forest, consisting of very exotic granite rocks. With a super beautiful view with two kinds of scenery, namely on the East side with views of the stretch of Belitung Island which is lush green and on the West side with views of the open sea and Lengkuas Island which is very suitable for interesting photo spots. When you go up to the top of the hill, you will immediately feel tired during the climb because you are treated to nature with a very beautiful view. Another uniqueness of Tebalu Hill is that it consists of four hills with different heights, while the lowest is 140 masl and the highest is 165 masl.
The Bukit Tebalu area is very suitable for hiking spots with different mileage according to the requests of the visiting tourists, a very comfortable campsite with the availability of clear springs, research places for various flora and fauna because here also lives. Tarsier mammals, monkeys, mouse deer and deer. There are also many herbal medicinal plants growing, the bulian tree as one of the rare and highly protected woody plants.
In Tebalu Hill there are also several caves from the Japanese era, one of which is under the top of Bukit Tebalu II and there is also a religious tourism area which consists of several dozen old tombs located at the foot of Bukit Tebalu III. Oh yes, there is information that almost forgot that each hill has a name, where Hill I is called Bukit Tebalu Pak Derasat, hill II is called Bukit Tebalu Payak, hill III is called Bukit Tebalu Bulang and hill IV is called Bukit Tebalu Kemang Ijau. Want to know more about Bukit Tebalu? Let's explore the Enchantment of the Eggplant Creative Tourism Village.
The tourist area of Aik Rusa Berehun is an area that uses the former under the people's tin mining. From the beginning, in the form of a slum and neglected and barren area, it has now been transformed into a culinary tourism location, bathing place, water games, a place for performing arts and traditional Belitung culture and a performance place for the Gambus Ombak Swinging Orchestra. What is unique for culinary offerings and eating bedulang at the Aik Rusa Berehun location is that all the spices are freshly mixed when the guest orders them right away, all the spices are ground in the traditional way and use traditional tools too. And the culinary here also does not use artificial flavors but simply use sugar and salt, so that the taste is truly original.
This culinary menu can be ordered directly before the arrival of guests to the location so that it can be served fresh and warm, such as gangan, chicken / squid cooked in coriander, sauteed kale / ginjer, fish satay, stir-fried fish, etc. It also includes typical Belitung cakes such as jungkong cake, ruk-rukuk cake, pengan talam gale, korket, banana limping and so on.

Description Eggplant Creative Village

Terong is a village that is strategically located on the northern coast crossing route of Belitung Island and the tourism route of Tanjungpandan, Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Tinggi. With a distance of only 10 km from downtown Tanjungpandan and a travel time of 10-15 minutes is a super convenience to reach this Terong Creative Tourism Village.

Special Eggplant Creative Village

  • Learn about village community activities in Belitung
  • Natural lakes and rivers in the village of Terong
  • Exploring mangroves and fishing
  • Looking for shellfish, harvest vegetable garden

This HKm Mangrove community is the youngest community that has just been formed in the Terong Creative Tourism Village, to be precise in early 2016 whose members consist of creative young people who have a vision for the future to jointly grow and develop to advance Belitung tourism and the Terong Creative Tourism Village. . Currently the tour packages that are often carried out by this community are tourist attractions looking for KEREMIS or NGEREMIS on a sloping and very wide and white sandy beach which is very safe and comfortable to do various other activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, playing jungkong boats or various games which is usually done in other tourist places.
Night tours are also often carried out on this sloping beach in accordance with local wisdom or community habits such as NYULO activities (looking for shrimp, fish and crabs) traditionally using a stick, ambong or jerry can (a place to put the catch from the sea), lighting using a petromak. or flashlights, MUKAT night activities, NYUNGKOR activities (looking for shrimp with special tools) which are pushed while walking with sea water level as high as an adult's calf.
Especially for the making of mangrove tracking will be carried out in 2018 to come. This is because the status of the mangrove forest in Terong Village is included in the coastal protected forest area (HLP), so it requires a special permit from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry. And Alhamdulillah, on February 22, 2017, it was verified, which means that the permit is ready to officially issue.
Another package activity that will be carried out in 2017 is a package of planting mangrove seeds as part of educational tours to instill awareness of the importance of preserving nature. Through this tourism program, natural sustainability will be more explored and will be more awake.

Map of Eggplant Creative Village

Things To Do at Eggplant Creative Village

  • Culture and tradition
  • Adventure around the area
  • Enjoy traditional cuisines
  • Playing in the beach
  • Adventure around the area
  • Enjoy traditional cuisines
  • Playing in the beach

With a land area of 16,000 km consisting of dense forest areas, very exotic hills called Tebalu Hill, which stands firmly as a symbol of the pride of a village that is developing its tourism. Coupled with the existence of several tributaries that cut through the dense forest and become a comfortable residence for various flora and fauna. Likewise, the existence of mangrove forests which cover more than 400 ha which is still well preserved as a breeding ground for a variety of biodiversity and marine life such as shrimp, fish and mangrove crabs.
Having a very sloping and wide sea beach is an extraordinary gift with very clean white sand. Various activities and attractions of the tourist village become an interesting and unique show for tourists visiting this Terong tourist village. The very beautiful sunset view makes it an attractive and beautiful photo spot.
With a population of only 2498 people with a productive age reaching 65% of the total, this is a potential community empowerment which is ideal to continue to be developed in the future in the context of developing a sustainable tourism village.
With this maximum productive age, it will eventually facilitate the formation of community communities to manage the potential of their village. Which in the end makes it easier in terms of management according to the potential of the village based on local wisdom and where they live per-hamlet or per-RT (Rukun Tetangga). And the collaboration between these exotic natural resources (SDA) and the availability of potential human resources (HR) has made Terong Village a fast growing and developing village.


Facilities at Eggplant Creative Village

Art and Culture Community (Gambus Music Orchestra and Belitung traditional dance)
Especially for the Gambus Music Orchestra, it is one of the mainstays of performances that are often displayed when guests visit the tourism village of Terong which is collaborated with traditional Belitung dances by the Aik Rusa Berehun dance studio. What is even more cool is that the Aik Rusa Berehun dance studio has created its own special dance from Terong Tourism Village. The dances created by this dance studio are called Tempurong Dance, Nanam Sahang Dance (pepper) and Ngeletik Dance (a dance that describes how to make traditional cooking oil with old coconut ingredients).
So what are you waiting for, let's enjoy the charm of the Eggplant Creative Tourism Village with all its uniqueness. The hospitality of the people, the original culinary taste with experienced chefs from Mak Pong and local ingredients that are guaranteed quality.

Access to Eggplant Creative Village

This agro-tourism community consists of active community farmer groups that have been formed since 2008. Along with the development of Belitung tourism and the birth of the Eggplant Creative Tourism Village, this farmer group is truly productive because it continues to be sustainable and never stops activities. Its members consist of 99.99% of creative young people who are highly dedicated to mutual progress. So that they are no longer awkward to receive tourist visits who carry out tour package activities in the agro-tourism. The warm welcome and the atmosphere of the garden which is very thick in the style of Belitung, is very unique for tourists outside the Belitung area and for local Belitung. It is suitable for students and students as well as the general public who have a special interest in traveling. Contains educational elements and strengthens a strong sense of brotherhood.
This agro-tourism is also equipped with a garden-style Mushallah so that the tourism activities continue but the obligations as religious people, especially Islam, are also not neglected.

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