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Beng Harianto
Photo Contributor
23 May 2020

About Fotographer

Our contributor this time is Beng Harianto. Beng came to Belitung specifically for photo hunting and entrusted this trip to BelitungIsland.COM through the 4D3N Photographer program which took place on 20-23 August 2009. Luckily, the Belitung weather really supports the friendly blue sky and clouds during sunrise and sunset . The photos on this gallery give an illustration of how beautiful Belitung was when Beng arrived, of course, combined with the defiance of his photography techniques.

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More Info About Beng Harianto

Based on our observation, there is something different from Beng Harianto's photos compared to most Belitung photos in general. Beng can get a unique angle taken by other photographers.

This can be seen in the photo of the "lion of Belitung" taken in the "New Photographic Heaven" area that we have just discovered, and other photos such as "sky surrounded by granite" and "children jumping into the kaolin mining lake". The contribution of photographs from Beng Harianto will enrich the collection of Belitung photographs at BelitungIsland.COM. The unique angle of taking photographs of Belitung landscapes contributes new ideas to other photographers who also want to try their expertise in landscape lighting techniques in Belitung. This photo contribution is also useful for tourists who are still doubtful about the beauty of the view of Belitung.

The photos displayed in this gallery are the work of Beng Harianto, which he dedicated to supporting Belitung becoming more trusted as a tourist destination that indeed promises "Superb Beach" views. If you want to contact Beng Harianto, you can send a message through us by filling out this form or through his Facebook page. All copyrights of these photos are owned by Beng Harianto, all uses for personal or commercial needs must be with the permission of the person concerned before use.

Placement of these photos in BelitungIsland.COM is as a form of support for Beng Harianto to the Belitung community in developing its tourism industry, while maintaining the authenticity of the beauty of Belitung beaches according to our tagline "Belitung Superb Beach: Keep It Un-Spoiled".

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    3 Mar 2011

    subhanalah .... the beauty of God's greatness ...

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    Wing Yung
    5 Sep 2010

    Jo kite same2, protect the nature and culture of Belitong ...

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    4 Jun 2010

    Subhanallah ... the magical stone ...

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    30 May 2010

    want to go there

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    Abror el Suhel
    6 May 2010

    Beautiful ..... very top momentx

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