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South Belitung
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
South Belitung
HAS Hananjoeddin
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51 km
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Uniqueness of Gunung Kubing

Some of the activities and activities that you can do at Gunung Kubing include:

  • Trekking to the top of the mountain and the headwaters of the river.
  • Bathing and soaking in a pond or lake naturally with matchless freshness.
  • Relax and relax yourself with all available support to the maximum.
  • See beautiful and exotic small waterfalls.
  • Enjoy the natural scenery of the beautiful Kubing Mountain.
  • Doing photography activities that will produce cool pictures.

Description Gunung Kubing

Nature tourism always provides exciting and fun things to explore and explore. One of the interesting natural attractions that you can go to in Belitung Regency is Gunung Kubing. Serving on Mount Kubing will make your vacation more complete after heading to the beaches in Belitung.

Special Gunung Kubing

  • New natural tourism which is still not much touched
  • There are natural baths with clear water
  • Soak with a beautiful view of scenery
  • A great place for relaxing and relaxation

One important note that you need to remember during a tour of Mount Kubing is the cleanliness and preservation of the mountain area. Because it is very prone to damage, tourists are required to maintain the cleanliness and preservation of the mountain area. The preservation of Mount Kubing is indeed very important for the survival of the entire community around the village. In fact, because it is so important, the rules for the prohibition of camping or camping are imposed here, which do allow forest fires.

Map of Gunung Kubing

Things To Do at Gunung Kubing

  • Walking adventure
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Swimming
  • Drinking and relaxing

Kubing Mountain is the right tour for you who like adventure activities (adventure). With an altitude of 325 meters above sea level, Mount Kubing or Bukit Kubing will present many interesting things. The mountain area combined with the forest makes the atmosphere here feels cool and beautiful. You will be able to breathe fresh air. In addition to dense forests, in the tourist area of Mount Kubing you can also find a waterfall and natural baths with clear water. In the natural baths you can soak and swim with unmatched fresh sensation. When bathing in the baths, you can relax while watching the views of the valley and the surrounding hills that are breathtaking.
Mount Kubing nature tourism is fairly new in Belitung Regency. Because it is relatively new, you will find a lot of beauty and naturalness in the area that hasn't been touched yet. In the river that runs in this mountain, you can find the upstream part that is hollow and filled with water to create a kind of pond. Now in the upstream part of which is the source of the spring and the first time the water comes, you can soak. The natural baths in the upper reaches of the river have indeed become one of the things that lured tourists to come. From this upstream part, the water will move to the foot of the mountain and create a small waterfall. The trees around the bathing area itself seem to grow dense. With all these presentations, Kubing Mountain can be called the most qualified relaxation spot.


Facilities at Gunung Kubing

Because there is no further involvement of the Regional Government, this has an effect on the existence of its facilities which are still minimal. Facilities that can be found in the tourist area of Mount Kubing is only a place to change clothes. The existence of a place to change clothes itself is already a concern because it is not maintained.

Access to Gunung Kubing

Kubing Mountain is located in Perpat Village, Membalong District, Belitung Regency, Bangka-Belitung Province. To get to Kubing Mountain, you have to go through many paths or potholes. Damage to the road to Mount Kubing is due to many wooden trucks that pass the mountain area so that the burden damage the road. But fortunately the width of the road can still be passed by two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels. Arriving at the parking location, you should be prepared to climb the mountain on foot for approximately 10-15 minutes.

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