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Asep Irwan Gunawan
Tanjung Pandan
HAS Hananjoeddin
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Uniqueness of Museum Timah

In this Tin Museum several activities and activities such as:
- Look around the museum building and also the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum collection in the form of mining objects or equipment.
- Look at museum collections that are royal relics, treasures, ancient objects from foreign lands and also preserved ancient and rare animals.
- With the help of a guide, we can listen to stories or stories of the past from tin mining on Belitung Island.
- See mockups that explain how tin mining was done in the past.
- Watching the Tin Inscription which is on the front page of the museum and made on June 23, 1923.

Description Museum Timah

As an island that has always been known as a producer of tin mining, making Belitung has a story and a deep history. Even though the tin company (PT. Timah) has not operated or disbanded for a long time, the tin mining track record in Belitung is still attached to the hearts of the people. Well for those of you who want to know the history of tin mining can come to the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum.

Special Museum Timah

  • Keep a collection of objects of tin mining equipment
  • There are some interesting royal and treasure collections
  • Found a collection of ancient and rare animals are preserved
  • There is a collection of Japanese samurai relics dating from 1514

The entrance fee to the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum is very affordable and pocket friendly which is Rp. 2,000 per person. With this cheap rate, of course you do not need to hesitate to come to the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum. Also pay attention to the opening hours of the museum, which are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. WIB every day.

Map of Museum Timah

Things To Do at Museum Timah

  • Learning history
  • Adventure around the area
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Photography hunting

The appearance of the museum itself was conceived by DR. Osberger, a Belgian geologist in 1963. At that time, DR. Osberger who also works for PT. Timah, Tbk, wants all the stories of tin mining in Belitung to be told in the future. Therefore, it was triggered to establish a place like a museum that stores objects related to the history of timas mining in Belitung.
After the death of DR. Osberger, the forerunner of the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum, was taken over by the local government. Before it was called the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum, the museum was named the Geology Museum. On the idea of the Minister of Basic Industry and Mining at the time Dr. Chaerul Saleh, then the name of the Geology Museum was changed to Tanjungpandan Museum. Not only that the initial location of the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum will actually be placed in the Kampit Kelapa area. But given its distance from the city center and also difficult access, making Ir. MEA Apitule who is the Managing Director of the Belitung Tin Mining moved the museum to Tanjungpandan.
The Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum itself stands on the land of the former building of the former office of NV Billiton Maatschappij, which was once used as the residence of the Belitung Tin Mining Head in the Dutch era. When the museum has been managed by the Regional Government there are several things that are done to make people interested in coming. Some things the Regional Government did at the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum was to add a collection of musuem with historical objects from the kingdoms that had been frozen on Belitung Island. Not only adding to the museum's collection, in the vast back area of the museum, the Regional Government also created a mini zoo with a diverse collection of unique animals from Belitung Island.
Entering the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum area, we can find various interesting collections for us to watch and learn. As the name implies, the main collection in this museum is a collection of tin mining objects such as a variety of equipment used to mine tin, including dredges. In addition there are also mine replicas and collections of mineral stones and metal ore such as lead, calcite, nickel ore, quartz, kawi, hematite, siderite, garnierite, pyrite, radio tunit and others. The famous Satam Stone can also be found in this museum.
Not only collections related to tin mining, but in this museum we can also find collections of old ceramics from China and Thailand such as bowls, jugs and others. Some of the old everyday equipment can also be found fruit containers, jewelry containers, rectangular trays, bokor (bukor) and others we can find. For the royal collection that we can find in this museum include a variety of sharp weapons and cannons, royal stamp, ancient ung, the gravestone of Grave KA Rahad (Depati Cakraningrat VIII), the founder of Tanjungpandan City and also a keris. Some of the treasure collections found under sea waters such as gold bars and ceramics from the Tang Dynasty can also be found.
Another collection from the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum is the preserved Arapaima Fish, which is still alive, Berekong, a type of monitor lizard with finer skin and crocodile and large turtle preserves. Not only that Dimetrodon skull collection and elephant ivory found in a Tin mine in Belitung can also be found in this museum. The most unique and interesting collection as well as the oldest that we can find at the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum is a Japanese samurai dating from 1514.


Facilities at Museum Timah

Regarding the facilities that will support museum exploration activities, there is no doubt. Because in Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum, there are several infrastructures that we can find such as parking areas, toilets, stalls, play ground and also a small zoo that collects several animals such as poultry, crocodiles, and pythons behind the museum. For those of you who want to eat food in restaurants or spend the night around the museum also do not need to worry because there are several restaurant and lodging options to go. The existence of restaurants and inns that are easily found is due to the location of the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum in the city of Tanjung Pandan.

Access to Museum Timah

You can find the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum on Jalan Melati No. 41 A, Kecamatan Parit, Belitung Regency, Bangka-Belitung Province. The exact location of this museum is in front of the Tanjungpandan City Regional General Hospital (RSUD). The museum is also not far from the Tanjungpendam Beach attraction, known as the old town. To reach the Tanjung Pendam Tin Museum itself is very easy. This is because the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum is located not far from the center of Tanjung Pandan City, which is only 1 km away. Meanwhile from HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport,
You only need about 26 minutes to get to Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum. Because it is located in the city of Tanjungpandan, the access road to the museum is fairly easy. Not only that there will be many modes of transportation that we can find to go to this museum.

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