Kampoeng Ahok Belitung

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Asep Irwan Gunawan
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
71 km
Distance to Airport
60 km
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Uniqueness of Kampoeng Ahok

In this Ahok village, tourists can do some interesting activities such as:

  • Go around Kampung Ahok and see some interesting places and buildings to explore.
  • Visit Ahok's house which is made as closely as possible with Ahok's residence in the past.
  • Look at some rooms and also some photos in Ahok's house.
  • Heading to the stage house in front of Ahok's house for a culinary tour with typical Belitung menus.
  • Shop for some Belitung Timur UKM products on stilts to be used as souvenirs or souvenirs.
  • Go to Batik Simpor Studio Studio to look around batik, shop for batik or participate in making batik.
  • Document your activities and some interesting things in Kampong Ahok with a camera for mementos.

Description Kampoeng Ahok

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok has indeed become a controversial figure. However it is undeniable that the popularity of the man born in East Belitung, 29 June 1966 is indeed strong. This is because Ahok once occupied the number one seat in the Capital City of Jakarta by serving as Governor of DKI Jakarta. From here, the village of Ahok was built as a new destination in East Belitung.

Special Kampoeng Ahok

  • It was the birth place of Ahok's place since childhood
  • There are many stories and stories about Ahok that can be obtained
  • There is a batik gallery that can be visited to explore batik or join batik
  • Shop for a variety of typical Belitung products and culinary special menus at home on stilts

To visit and enter the village of Ahok there is no tariff that you need to pay. With the exemption of entry fees this should make you no longer need to hesitate to come. Even though it is free, you are required to maintain cleanliness and order while in Kampung Ahok. If you come here during the holiday season you have to prepare for the noise of the travelers. So those of you who want to be more free to move in Kampung Ahok, try to come here at times other than holidays.

Map of Kampoeng Ahok

Things To Do at Kampoeng Ahok

  • Adventure around the area
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Learning history
  • Enjoy culinary

Ahok village itself is an integrated tour of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama's hometown. Because it is integrated, here we can find several places or buildings. The first building we can find is Ahok's House which is a replica of Ahok's residence that was built by his mother, Buniarti Ningsih (70) since 1965. Ahok's own house was repaired or renovated sebaknya three times. The last renovation was done in 2009 ago. Before becoming tangible as it is today, Ahok's own house was a stilt house. Although it has become a tourist attraction but when the New Year and Chinese New Year arrive, the Ahok family will gather here to celebrate both moments. At that time, in his hometown, Ahok's family was chatting with each other and eating. Compared to other houses in the vicinity, the Ahok family home itself looks different. Ahok House itself has two levels and consists of five rooms. When many tourists visit their hometown in East Belitung making the atmosphere here is always crowded. By visiting this destination, there will be many interesting stories and experiences that you can get about Ahok from childhood to adulthood.

After being greeted with the words Ahok Village and white sand on the front page, we can enter Ahok's house. In Ahok's house, we will find several things, such as the caricature of Ahok, which was rewarded by the community, picture frames for Ahok's family, President Joko Widodo and Basuri (his younger brother). In the living room of Ahok's house, we will find a family room with a flat-screen television and a maroon sofa set. In the middle of the house we can also find a table filled with Belitung special snacks such as chips, cookies and cookies. Near the couch itself we can find a mini bar with several display bottles of drinks. Meanwhile behind the house, we can find four bird cages and several bicycles parked neatly. Moving to the stage house in front of Ahok's house, we can also find many things. Interestingly, at this stage house we can have a culinary tour with a number of typical Belitung dishes. With the concept of a lesehan mat, certainly the culinary moment of lunch at the stage house will be impressive. Besides culinary, at this stage house you can also shop for a variety of East Belitung UKM products as souvenirs. Some East Belitung UKM products that we can buy for souvenirs include handicraft souvenirs, cakes and also various types of snacks and dry food. Towards the side yard of Ahok's house, we can find the Simpor Batik Studio which is a gallery and also a batik studio. In this Simpor Batik Studio we can look at some batik collections, buy batik as souvenirs and join batik.


Facilities at Kampoeng Ahok

Regarding the facilities or infrastructure in the village of Ahok, this is fairly good and should not be doubted. This is because Ahok Village is an integrated tourist area that has several places or buildings. So here we will be able to find several facilities such as parking areas, toilets, places to eat, places to shop for souvenirs and also a studio where to make batik. In addition, because the village of Ahok is located in the center of Gantung District, there are several other public facilities such as restaurants, lodging, shops, health clinics and post offices that can be found.

Access to Kampoeng Ahok

You can visit Kampong Ahok on Jalan Bujang Railway Number 22, Gantung Village, Gantung District, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Province. To go to Ahok Village, you need about 1 hour and 6 minutes from HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport. Meanwhile you depart from Tanjungpandan City, the time needed to get to Kampung Ahok is about 1 hour 19 minutes. Meanwhile from the Capital City of East Belitung, Manggar, you can reach Kampung Ahok in about 27 minutes. Regarding the access road to Kampung Ahok is fairly good. This is because the road to here, both from the distant city of Tanjungpandan, has been smoothly paved. Not only that the road here is almost difficult to find congestion. From the state of access roads that are qualified then your trip to Kampung Ahok will be smooth and enjoyable. The location of Kampung Ahok itself is quite strategic for the purpose of vacationing or traveling. Because not far from Kamung Ahok, we can find other attractions such as Laskar Pelangi Elementary School, Andrea Hirata Kata Museum, Pice Dam and the Conch House. From the existence of other tourist objects, your vacation activities to Ahok Village will not be in vain because there are many other destinations that can be addressed.

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