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6. Dynasty Restaurant

If you are bored with the gangan menu, then you can come to Dynasti Restaurant which is on Jln. Dr. Susilo Tanjung Pandan Belitung. In this restaurant you can get a variety of typical Chinese food, especially seafood. Some seafood menus that you can order are stuffed crab, squid, capcay stuffed with shrimp and fish ball soup. Even though it has a Chinese name, many people claim that all the food here is halal. The food served at Dynasti Restaurant generally has large portions for the average person. So if you usually eat small portions, you should come here with your partner or friend or family member so you can save by eating together.

7. Kong Djie Coffee

Next, a culinary place that you can enjoy on Belitung Island is Kong Djie Coffee. Belitung Island is famous for its people's tradition of drinking coffee. So it is not surprising that there are so many coffee shops that can be found on Belitung Island. One of the coffee shops that you can visit in Tanjung Pandan City is Kong Djie Coffee. This shop, which is located precisely at the Siburik intersection, Jalan Gegedek, Belitung Regency, is very legendary. This is because this shop has been around since 1943, two years before Indonesia became independent. The founder of Kong Djie Coffee himself is a Chinese man named Ho Kong Djie. Even though it has survived for decades, Kong Djie Coffee still provides a coffee atmosphere in the shop as it has always been. So don't imagine that you are drinking coffee at Kong Djie Coffee like you would at a famous cafe. But here you will drink coffee in a simple place filled with the typical chatter of true coffee connoisseurs. The coffee offered at Kong Djie Coffee itself is bitter black coffee. So if you are a true coffee fan then Kong Djie Coffee will be the right and perfect choice.

8. Ake Coffee Shop

The next coffee option that you can choose is Warung Kopi Ake. This coffee shop is also considered legendary. He is even older than Kong Djie Coffee. Because Warung Kopi Ake has existed and been established since 1922. This Warung Kopi or coffee shop, which was first founded by Abok, has been passed down from generation to generation until now it is managed by his grandson, Ake. This coffee shop in the Kafe Senang Tanjung Pandan area also has a simple coffee shop concept. But coffee shops like this are really popular with the people of Belitung. When drinking coffee at Warung Kopi Ake, you can also enjoy the chatter of local people who can hang out for a long time. This coffee shop, which is open from morning until night, is never empty of visitors. Because Warung Kopi Ake is a regular coffee shop, the coffee served here is strong black coffee. The tools used to make your own coffee, such as kettles and drinking containers, are still traditional. With all these offerings, Warung Kopi Ake will be the right place for those of you who are big fans of coffee.

Description Culinary Center

Vacationing and traveling to Belitung Island will be incomplete if you don't also enjoy its culinary offerings. With the distinctive flavors presented by a variety of typical Belitung culinary delights, your holiday on Belitung Island will be even more complete and impressive.

Special Culinary Center

  • There are various culinary places that you can visit
  • There are various special menus that you can enjoy
  • There is a legendary culinary delight that has existed since the Dutch era
  • There is a culinary place located in a tourist attraction

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Things To Do at Culinary Center

  • Enjoy culinary
  • Fine dining service
  • Enjoy traditional cuisines
  • Enjoy the coffes
  • Fine dining service
  • Enjoy traditional cuisines
  • Enjoy the coffes

1. Kampong Dedaun

First, the culinary place you can visit while on holiday on Belitung Island is Kampong Dedaun. With an open restaurant concept and design, here you will experience an impressive dining sensation. This is because Kampong Dedaun has an exotic beach with white sand and clear water. The menu or culinary offerings offered by Kampong Dedaun are quite varied. From traditional Indonesian menus to typical beach menus, namely seafood, you can enjoy them at Kampong Dedaun. At night you can have a barbecue party accompanied by a bonfire and musical accompaniment. So by culinary delights in Kampong Dedaun you will be able to get a lot of things from entertainment and natural beauty.

2. RM. Timpo Duluk

The second culinary place or culinary center on Belitung Island that you can visit is the Timpo Duluk Restaurant. At this restaurant you can enjoy a variety of delicious and typical Belitung dishes such as beef gangan, fish gangan, coriander chicken, bebulus fish, sere sambal, fish satay, stir-fried and fresh vegetables. Interestingly at RM. In Timpo Duluk, you can also feel the sensation of old times. This is because here the room is decorated with various knick-knacks, accessories for kitchen furniture, agricultural tools and old school fishing equipment such as coconut shell spoons, terompah, ambung, rice baskets, caping hats, tampa and so on. Not only old school knick-knacks, but here you can also find the Belitong Malay Traditional House which is indeed an RM place. Timpo Duluk. In fact, because the traditional RM house buildings are so unique and historic. Timpo Duluk means this building is protected by the Belitung Regency government. RM. Timpo Duluk itself is considered a legendary culinary place that has been around since 1918. If you are interested, you can come to RM. Timpo Duluk is at the address Jalan Lettu Mad Daud No. 22, Kampung Parit, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. Also pay attention to the opening hours, namely from 11.00 WIB - 22.00 WIB. The telephone number you can call is 0719-9223242.

3. RM Fega

Next, the culinary place you can visit is in East Belitung Regency, namely in Manggar City, East Belitung Regency. This culinary place called Rumah Makan (RM) Fega itself not only offers a variety of delicious Belitung culinary specialties. But RM Fega also provides a comfortable and enjoyable dining atmosphere. This is because RM Fega is located next to a cool lake. Supported by a gentle breeze and a beautiful garden, the culinary sensation at RM Fega is even more memorable. With several things at the culinary center located at Jl. Gen. Sudirman, Baru, Manggar and near the Tugu Negeri 1001 Warung Kopi roundabout, this place will also be an optimal resting spot. Some of the culinary delights and food menus that can be enjoyed at RM Fega include fish gangan, peanut sauce chicken satay, crispy kale, fried shrimp with flour, grilled round fish and so on.

4. Mie Belitung Atep

The Belitung Noodle menu will also be something interesting and should not be missed when visiting Laskar Pelangi Island. So, you can find this delicious Belitung Noodle menu at the Mie Belitung Atep shop which is located at Jl. Sriwijaya No. 27 Tanjung Pandan Belitung. At this shop you can enjoy the main dish, Mie Belitung, which is yellow noodles drenched in sweet and thick shrimp broth. The noodles, which are usually eaten at breakfast, will be accompanied by other ingredients such as pieces of tofu, a mixture of shrimp, chips, bean sprouts and cucumber. Once you are satisfied with Mie Belitong, complete your culinary meal at the Mie Belitong Atep shop by enjoying a typical Belitong drink, namely key lime ice.

5. Kepayang Island Restaurant

We can often find culinary places in tourist destinations. Well, one of the culinary centers in a tourist attraction is the Kepayang Island Restaurant. Kepayang Island is indeed popular and known to many people as a tourist destination. In island tour packages held by several travel agents in Belitung, the organizers usually invite tourists to have lunch at the Kepayang Island Restaurant. On this uninhabited island you can eat at the Kepayang Island Restaurant while enjoying the natural panorama of Kepayang Island. Some of the menus served at this restaurant are gangan and various seafood. Meanwhile, for drinks, you can enjoy delicious young coconuts typical of the beach.


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