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Mark Sanarko
Photo Contributor
23 May 2020

About Fotographer

I am Markus Sanarko. This is my first visit to Belitung, trip # R1218. Actually I wanted to take the photography package at first, but because it was closed and I was leaving with my family, so I took the Lighthouse package which was still open at that time.

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I work in IT and only in the past 18 months has a new hobby, photography. Most of the photos I make are portrait & macro. By going to Belitung, I use this opportunity to try Landscape & Travel Photography for the first time. Just take as many photos as possible, to learn with a variety of shooting modes (from Auto to Manual) also testing photo taking with 2 filters, CPL and ND8.

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  • client
    R Ridwan
    6 Jan 2013

    This photo is so cool, the Belitung Sea is truly matchless, the biggest swimming pool in Indonesia :)

  • client
    11 Nov 2012

    cool, boss, where is that?

  • client
    6 Oct 2012

    totally awsome, wishing to visit this lovely island someday, nice photos