Pantai Siantu Belitung

North Coast
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
North Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
33 km
Distance to Airport
36 km
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Uniqueness of Pantai Siantu

On this Siantu Beach you can do some interesting activities and activities such as:

  • Enjoy the atmosphere of the beach which is still calm and peaceful because it is not too crowded.
  • Relax while sunbathing on the beach to get rid of fatigue and fatigue.
  • See and explore the unique Lava Bantal rocks originating from ancient volcanic eruptions under the sea.
  • Playing with exotic beach sand because it has a pink texture at certain times.
  • Documenting various panoramas and all activities with a camera while in Siantu Beach.
  • Trekking along the Siantu Beach area or crossing to Siantu Island.

Description Pantai Siantu

One more unique beach that you can find in the northern part of Belitung Island. The beach, which became known as Siantu Beach, is indeed unique, because it has rocks that originate from ancient underwater volcanoes. Because of the existence of these rocks this beach area will soon be determined to be a geopark area.

Special Pantai Siantu

  • Have a rock which is a Lava Pillow from ancient volcanic eruptions under the sea
  • The beach sand is pink in certain circumstances
  • There is a kind of tree dish ketapang and also Siantu Island
  • There is a story about a ghost from a local community story

You can drive a two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle to arrive at this Siantu Beach. However, because the terrain is quite heavy then if you want to come here by car it is recommended to use a four wheel drive car (4 WD or 4 X 4).

Map of Pantai Siantu

Things To Do at Pantai Siantu

  • Playing in the beach
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Drinking and relaxing
  • Photography hunting

In addition to the uniqueness of the rock, this beach has a local story. The local story on this beach is a story about the existence of spirits or ghosts that inhabit the beach and the island in front of it. Because of this ghost story, there weren't many people who dared to come here before. But since the 1930s since there was a man named Kik Ilap who ventured to open a garden, then slowly this beach began to be visited by many people. Initially the people who came to Siantu Beach were only to tether a boat, but over time the beach that has Siantu Island in front of it was visited by visitors for tourism purposes.
The beach, which has many ketapang-like trees, is now beginning to be visited by scientists for research purposes. As mentioned earlier that this Siantu Beach area does have rocks originating from eruptions or eruptions of ancient underwater volcanoes. The rocks on this beach are not granite rocks like most of the other Belitung beaches. But the rock here is a Siava Lava Pillow which is predicted to be 200 to 300 million years old. This unique rock is on Siantu Beach with a length of about 5 km. In addition to Lava Bantal rocks, this beach also has another uniqueness in the sand which is textured in pink or pink. However, this color texture can only be seen when the tide and the sun continue to illuminate the beach sand.


Facilities at Pantai Siantu

Existing facilities at Siantu Beach tour are not yet fully maximized. Then you who will come here are expected to bring supplies and supplies of food and drink from the place of departure or from the city.

Access to Pantai Siantu

Siantu Beach is located in Kelik Hamlet, Sijok Village, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency. To get to this beach you have to pass the path that is located in this small forest. The aspla road itself ended when there was a village about 6 km away before arriving at Siantu Beach.

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